Thursday 25 March 2010

Sudden Vision that I had

Last Thursday morning I was driving to the shops, when suddenly I had a vision. In a split second I saw a coffin draped with the Australian flag. It was gone in the blink of an eye. I shuddered and wondered what all that was about, as you do. Then to my shock a few days later I went to read my e-mails and read Google news.  I saw the news item of 2 Australian Pilots killed in Darwin at 10am on Monday at the RAAF base.
You can see this item on ABC

I don't get visions too often but when I do I make a note of the date and the time. I like to keep record of these things.

Thursday 11 March 2010


Butterflies or as I like to call them flying flowers, one of nature's most beautiful gifts to the world. They are not just pretty to look at they also have a spiritual meaning. Some people believe that they are the soul of a loved one that has come to say "Hello", after they have passed over.
More and more people are experiencing this nowadays and quite openly talk about it. I have started a collection of Butterfly brooches about 3 years ago. I just seem to be attracted to them and dragonfly brooches.
I am glad to see that there is a resurgence of costume jewellery. I just love to wear these pretty butterflies as often as I can. People often comment on them.

I tell people who are interested in knowing, the butterfly is a symbol of re-birth, renewal, transformation or transcendence. Other spiritual messengers are birds that may come to your window or door. You will know at the time by instinct when you have a visit from a loved one in spirit, no matter what form they choose to come and visit you. Just have faith that this little messenger  is who you think it is. The first person that comes to mind is the correct one. They are visiting you to let you know that they love you and to let you know that they are happy where they are surrounded by love.

Monday 1 March 2010

The Green Man

The Green man is an ancient pagan deity of the seasons. Popular in Celtic culture as well as other cultures. Not a lot of information is found on the Green man. He is thought to be the rebirth of spring every year, where all new life begins. Buildings often have carvings of the Green man but no-one really knows the full reason for this deity to be carved on buildings other than as a blessing an protection.

In Britain there are spring festivals that have variations of the Green Man which vary a little in each region. He is also part of the May Queen celebrations. In recent times Pagans enjoy celebrating the ancient seasonal traditions.

The foliage around his face is usually Oak leaves and Acorns, Ivy, Mistletoe and Holly.
The meaning of the Oak tree in Celtic tradition is wisdom, strength, prophecy and divination.
Ivy is for eternal life, faith (fidelity) Ivy also represents female energy.
Mistletoe is for protection, love and visionary ability.
Holly is for dream magic, wisdom and courage and healing of subtle bodies. Holly also represents male energy.
The Green man is sometimes associated with Jack-in-the Green in English pagan festivals.

UPDATE:  It is a while since this blog post was written, but I have more information to share about the Green Man/Pan. The answer to who the Green Man/Pan really is, is something that I had no idea about at the time. After extensive reading and many authors later, I believe that this character is none other than En-Ki. It is just one of many names that he is disguised under all over the planet.  This is basically the same deal with all our mythical characters. It kind of detracts from the wonderful mythology stories when all is exposed by the light of truth. Nothing is ever what it seems to be on the surface. And that my friends is the whole story of human existence in a nut shell.

I strongly recommend that people read the  Wes Penre Papers, to get the full low down on all of our world history, and mythology. Do be prepared for startling revelations. I think the human race is long over due for the truth. After that we can create our own world and reality as per the individuals desires. You are what you think you are, as we are all creating our own reality as we think, speak and act.