Saturday 30 January 2021

Flower petal dream

 I had a rather interesting dream last week, and I would like to share what I remember of this dream. It was a nice sunny day in the dream and both my husband and I were on a train with several carriages, there weren’t any roofs on the carriages, which was unusual. We were the only passengers on the train from what I could see. But we were enjoying the journey and I had a nice parasol with me. 

I suddenly became aware of lots of people standing along the railway embankment stretching for miles. They all looked Indian, and they were smiling and waving to us and offering their blessings. We smiled and waved back. I noticed during this train ride, people were showering us with flower petals. Marigold and white rose petals, I think there was some other type of flower petals too. I noticed a small bridge up ahead of us and people were lined up across the bridge and on the other side of the bridge too. Everyone was happy and smiling at us and again, showering us with petals. My husband and I got out of the train at a railway station and we got into an autonomous car. Now that felt weird. My husband lay down to have a sleep in the car and I panicked at first until I realised we were safe. 

The dream felt really nice, and we appreciated the lovely gestures from the people giving us their love and blessings.This seems to be a very positive spiritual message, however I can’t, at this stage, find anything relevant on the internet. So I have to rely on my feelings in the dream and what the individual flowers and colours mean. The parasol is similar to the symbolic meaning of an umbrella, spiritual protection. 

The white rose petals are a positive spiritual meaning too. Orange is a joyous and abundant colour, it also represents strong emotions. I take this dream to be a good omen as over the past couple of months, almost every night I have been having positive spiritual dreams. I have had so much worry in my life of late, and  this is spirit letting me know not to give up. Not that I have a choice. However it is a reminder that positive forces are protecting and guiding me forward. Yeah, and often have to dumb it down for me, 不不 

I am now more receptive to receiving goodness and abundance in my life, in order to help others. After 58 years of struggling, I am now entering a new phase in my life. Part of this is by going back to basics to something that was accidentally forgotten on my spiritual journey. Now is the time to focus deeply on it, from here on in, and not deviate from this vital and crucial intention for the rest of my life.

Thursday 28 January 2021

Google may pull search engine from Australia

I hope this settles down soon. We get so used to this service.

Meme: The Burns unit

 This is in lieu of me posting anything for Burns’s night. I have been a tad busy of late. Not to mention backing up everything that I want to keep from this blog, so that I can transfer it to the new one. That won’t be any time soon though. And if the shit storm between the Australian government and Google keeps up ,you may need to use a different search engine. Just type in my name and you will find me 不不 Just like a bad smell, I won’t go away 不不不

Tarot card of the month: February 2021, The Hermit


Introspection, Searching, Guidance, Solitude

Element: Earth

Planet :Virgo but the number 9 is Mars energy as in aggression

Virgo represents, Wisdom, Prudence, Reflection and Consideration, Health and Hygiene

The Hermit or wise man holding up his lantern as he seeks enlightenment. The lantern stands for reason, his cloak is for protection and also  self possession.

His staff represents everlasting forces of nature, strength and comfort ( to lean on in hard times).

The hermit is a wise man and a beacon of light and guidance to others. He is a completeness of the journey of life. 

Notice the number 9 at the top of the card, it is a male number, aggression, completeness, initiation , courage, conflict, originality, initiative, penetration and action.

Mars energy in a negative way or naivete. 

The Hermit card also relates to Virgo.

The white under the Hermits feet is for purity, the black squiggle at his foot is a snake as in the Kundalini energy that rises up the spine from the base chakra. 

February kicks off with education, school terms etc for the year. I get a feeling of making up for lost time in this sense. This card also shows us we are looking for answers in what is actually happening next to us world wide. My strong connection here is to education and health.

These are important factors for people in everyday life. Some schools in the northern hemisphere will be closed for a few more weeks. Unlike the southern hemisphere which are open. I feel higher education will be seeing changes including TAFE's in Australia. This could be about class sizes and alternative solutions on a temporary basis. By mid year things will be much better. 

I feel a different shift is happening now to move us forward, whether it's the new vaccines or society moving forward mentally and emotionally. Life is about to change again. Answers will not be forthcoming to many over their questions. in particular, health related issues. We still need to strike a balance with these coming changes.

I see Joe Biden in some difficulty in February, this could be due to election promises and being unable to fulfil some of them. I don't think it is entirely his fault. Some Democrat voters are watching this and are not happy. They are wondering what is going on.

Some Democrat voters are wondering how Biden will handle China in the current political climate. Here I feel he will be very tactful and skip around issues but very important decisions that are in the USA's best interests he will hold his ground. He doesn't want to upset China, but he doesn't want to put the USA in harms way either.  

In Australia I see people becoming even more lax, in their living style as they no longer worry about Covid. They just carry on as normal.

I don't actually see any real danger with the virus in Australia, just cases here and there, but nothing like what it has been. So that is good news.

The government is still very cautious in Australia though, but this is to do with overseas arrivals and containing the chance of infection spread to the public. 

I see a boost to education, nothing real exciting though, it looks like the much talked about easier access to studies. Education is prominent in the news this month. Take into consideration the broad term meaning of the word though. As in enlightenment and seeking answers. That is basically what the Hermit card is about. Revelations, finding what's lost. Pondering the subconscious.

Conflict is likely this month also as that is the energy of the number 9 in this card as it is Mars energy.  This does include China as it ups the stakes yet again with Taiwan and it's neighbours. The USA is  not going to take any punitive action though. They are just waiting and watching at present. Any involvement from the USA in a hostile manner would not be them striking first and I do not see that happening in the next two or three years. 

Possible hold up in the roll out of the vaccines in some states. This could be due to problems obtaining the quantities or logistics.

Update Friday 29 January 2021  Sunday 31 January 2021

Vaccines Sunday 31 January 2021

Monday 25 January 2021

Scottish leader promises to hold ‘legal’ independence vote

I think this is a rather bad idea to be honest and I feel it is a reckless act. It could put Scotland in a very bad situation economically given the current economic situation. Keeping the UK strong together makes more sense. United we stand, divided we fall. 

Since independence Scotland has not been the same great nation it once was. It makes me very sad to see this. 

Only time will tell, and this could not come at a worse time either. The world is in a depression, so this is not a wise move. Who will look after the poor, hungry and the homeless? Get rid of the Kranky (a popular Scottish husband and wife comedy act called the Kranky’s) Nicola Sturgeon.

Below is a blurb on who the Krankies are. You have to be Scottish to get their humour 不不

Wes Penre: Video 241 Q and A session 65

If you prefer to read the article rather than listen to the video, just click the download. I prefer doing that than watching the video.

Sunday 24 January 2021

Tuesday 19 January 2021

Bible quote

Luke 8.17,  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” 

Sunday 17 January 2021

This blog may have to close as I have technical issues that may not be resolved.

 The master of disaster strikes again! Not being a tech savvy person but needing to remove my old email address from this blog has caused all hell to break out for me. I don't use my original email address  at all and want to delete it. However because I used it to create this blog I had avoided closing it for many years. Yesterday I made a decision to close the email account and add a new email address as my admin and author's email for this blog. That turned out to be a disaster.

Looks like I will have to create a whole new blog. I have used this on since 2009, so to move everything to a new blog is one giant pain in the arse. I can't see any other way around this. So I will update this current blog with a link to a new blog when I am ready. I am not sure how long this will take me , but  I don't see what else I can do.

Golden rule here folks is if it ain't broken don't try to fix it. I am a pretty slow learner ha ha ha.

Please keep checking up on this blog on a regular basis for further updates. 

New update: I will have to post the new blog name on my Facebook account and Instagram 

the reason being is my current blog needs to be deleted as does my original email address, D’oh!

I will post a warning notice. If you miss it then you will have to do a goo search or go to my website and scroll down to the bottom and there is a little purple box next to contact Alex. It says visit website ( that is the link to my blog which will take you in to my new one).

One other thing to mention is, I have taken a copy of the original blog posts with the date on them; to prove they are originally published on the old blog and have the date of original post. 


Saturday 16 January 2021


Not sure what to make of this to be honest. One thing I have been thinking about over the past few days is, this whole goddess/Sophia V's the Demiurge Aka God, Archons etc is what if it is basically they are both sides of the one coin. I have trouble accepting the goddess stuff because this is a world of duality and that being said, we are expected to take sides. I won't take sides, I prefer to trust my higher self and wait and see what I discover in the afterlife.

At present I am reading a book on the Templers, which discusses the importance of John the Baptist and the black Madonna. It makes me pull back and start thinking who's side are all these individual really on. Because I wont be drawn to any side. Choosing sides could be a big mistake, time will tell, so be cautious and listen only to your higher self until you feel you know better. It is best to be cautious than be sorry.  


Wednesday 13 January 2021

Tuesday 12 January 2021

Live from your heart

 With all the stuff going on in the US  right now, I feel that this is a time to live from your heart more than ever. If you can’t be kind to others then leave them alone, don’t add to the worlds burdens.

Show compassion, show kindness and tolerance to everyone, because one day you may be depending on love and compassion yourself. A little love and kindness goes a long way. 

You don’t have to take sides with anyone, you don’t have to have an opinion, just live from your heart. Keep it simple and honest, and from the heart. It’s the only way to live in peace. 

Monday 11 January 2021

Class action on Tresemme keratin hair smoothing shampoo

Wow, this is scary stuff. But this is sold world wide including Australia, I expect other countries have been informed. I have used this product. But due to having eczema and other autoimmune issues I can only use natural shampoos', conditioners and skin products.

There are several hair  products sold under other names so just be careful of which products you buy. I am looking at my hair and skin products at present, mine seem safe as I can only use products without sulphates, parabens etc.   This is from 2011

ABC: Drones count koalas faster and cheaper than manual spotting methods

Great use of modern technology, and everyone loves our Aussie fur babies. 

Annual lamb advert targets Scott Morrison, border closures

Much as I enjoy the yearly lamb adverts for their good humour, one thing to point out here is, the man in his underwear, is in fact an Australian surf lifesaver wearing Speedos, an iconic brand of Australian swimwear, the background is the beach implying he is a surf lifesaver and he is wearing the surf lifesaver cap, which helps people identify him. Every Australian citizen knows a surf lifesaver on sight. I swear journalists are so dumbed  down these days.

If this is an actual Australian journalist then he should be ashamed of himself. Speedos are not bloody underwear. Look at the picture of the surf lifesaver for heaven’s sake. 

Sunday 10 January 2021

Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer

A good healthy diet to follow. I read something elsewhere about fried tomatoes are also good. I love fried tomatoes, especially with French toast and black pepper, yummy. Processed foods are not good for our bodies anyway, so it is best to avoid them as much as possible. 

BBC Hunt for fake vaccine fraudster who injected woman, 92, in Surbiton

This is very frightening, so many old people that live alone that could possibly be at risk. Just when you think people can’t sink low enough, when it comes to abuse of the elderly.

Saturday 9 January 2021

I went outside today


Yeah, just been out to the shops and it was very people’s too, with loud music arrrgh! Got my stuff and right back home, ahhh nice. Now time for a glass of wine and a quiet afternoon. 

Thursday 7 January 2021

ABC : How did pro-Donald Trump protesters get into Washington DC's heavily guarded Capitol building?

This is just wrong!  What the hell do they hope to achieve by doing this. I don’t care what side people are on, this is just wrong. When people act like this anything can happen. This should never have been allowed to occur. 

Remember my warning back in 2015 on A1R psychic radio? This is just shocking to see this play out. Don’t take sides in this, keep right away from this. Keep your families safe and keep out of riots, protests etc if you know what is good for you. Ordinary people do not need this in their lives and add the chance of getting ill from covid into the risks too. 

America has changed now, there is no going back. What comes next is anyone’s guess in the new America.  People need to stop and think about what they really expect and want in the new America.

URGENT HEADS UP: My website is down

 Hi peeps

Just letting you know my website has been down since yesterday. I only found out when a client tried to make a booking. I have informed my website hosts. by email yesterday. As of 10.20 am today I still have no reply from them. I have tried to phone them and no answer. I did ring the 1800 number and tried every option and no response. I will keep trying to contact them and I am sure thousands of their customers are already trying to contact them for an answer.

In the mean time to make an booking with me either go on to my Facebook page, send me an email at or phone me on 0474 286 636. Leave a text message if you cannot reach me. 

I have difficulty understanding people when they rattle off their phone number. Which sometimes makes it almost impossible to return the phone call especially if you have your number showing private. 

Thank you for understanding, have a great day everyone



My website is back up again. Mind you not a peep out of the website hosts. Same thing happened last year and I pay in advance.  No reply from them via email, messenger or phone.  


I just received an apologetic email from one of the technical guys and he advised me that some of the overseas staff were still on leave, (lucky things ) So he managed to get the server that covers my website fixed. I am so grateful to have this all sorted as it has been a busy and hectic past couple of days. All is well that ends well, as they say.


Wednesday 6 January 2021

Los Angeles issues blunt letter do not treat dying patients

Heart-breaking stuff. With everything that is going on in the world at present I find it so overwhelming, so much suffering, it’s unbelievable. Where will it lead us next? 

Wes Penre: Video 239 Q and A session

You can read the Q and A here in written format or to listen to the video click the link below.

I thought this old post from 2013 would be a good one to revisit. I actually came across the printed version in my file cabinet yesterday. Funny that I came across it and then Wes Posts this Q and A.

You will find many writers supporting this in recent years.

Monday 4 January 2021

British doctors are noticing a trend of covid causing a life threatening and rare condition in children

This is heart-breaking, it’s only the second article that I have seen on this, but both articles say children get a rash and other horrible symptoms. I hope they all recover from this. I wonder how many more children and teenagers are affected or will be affected. 

Can’t fix stupid


Going shopping


Animals hugging humans

Animals hugging humans. We need a dose of animals right now, some warm and fuzzy stuff.

Credit toYouTube Maniaia Life 2018

Laboratory leak is the most credible origin of coronavirus pandemic top US official says

I said this at the start that it was  from a laboratory, same as SARS. Nuff said! But the US have their hand in this too, they are known to have scientists working in Wuhan laboratories. 

Sunday 3 January 2021

Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell's homes vandalised after increased COVID payments not approved,-pelosi-homes-vandalised-after-covid-increase-fails/13028614

WHY?  Why would anyone want to stop the $2k? People are  in desperate need of this money. That is an absolutely wicked thing to do. What goes around comes around. No, I don’t condone this vandalism either! I must clarify that in case anyone mistakes of assuming that I condone this vandalism.

Nearly 100 private security guards dismissed, stood down over protocol breaches including sleeping on the job

This is absolutely sickening to see. Lazy government is where the buck stops. Is it any wonder this is happening? Government personnel should be used only. Military, police, and whom ever else under the control of the government should be the only people used.  That way  if there are any screw ups we know who to hold accountable. 

If there were police or military personnel guarding the quarantined people there is no way in hell they would fall asleep at the post and no excuses either.  They would be severely punished, but  there is no deterrent for a mere security guard. We are taking about a bloody pandemic here not a cold. How many more screw ups does it take to get proper security done by responsible and actually accountable people? 

There have been some very questionable individuals doing security detail in the quarantine hotels, as we have already seen in the media over the past nine months. The longer this goes on we could end up like in the deplorable situation like the UK, USA and Europe are in. The premiers of each state and territory need to be accountable for not being firm enough on the public as well. This virus is not going to disappear anytime soon, but it will be harder to control if the public can’t be kept under control to stop the spread. People just can’t be trusted,  as we are shown in the news every day. If the public want this virus stopped then they had better knuckle under and do as they are told or suffer the consequences. 

On a personal level and because of selfish morons I still can’t see my father. Thanks to the Avalon beach outbreak and it’s subsequent spread, my only chance at seeing my father at Christmas was canceled, just like the last one in July or August last year due to people not doing the right thing.  I have only seen him three times this past year. And to drive for three hours, to only stay half an hour, as that is all he can cope with, due to his health.  

My dad has not set foot outside his nursing home since February last year, firstly with the bushfires and then covid . How bloody unfair is that? I am way beyond angry with people. I don’t know when I will see him again. He could pass away before I see him all thanks to selfish bastards. 

Actually I stopped face to face readings permanently, back in January 2020 for security reasons and health reasons because of selfish people, that gave no thought to my families welfare. 

This just reaffirms my belief that people are very selfish when it comes to not caring about other peoples health and safety. Hell, there have been people trying to get into Victoria via Canberra this week. No though of the laws, rules or public health and safety, go figure.


Saturday 2 January 2021

UK prepares emergency 'Nightingale' coronavirus hospitals and closes London primary school

This is an utter disgrace that a nation like Britain can be in such a bad situation, due to bad management by the government. This has been allowed to happen over many months and should never have gotten so badly out of control and there should have been a more firm handling of the public that refuse to comply.

The government needs to be held accountable for this carelessness, it is unacceptable for a nation like Britain or the US to be in such a state, given they both have the best doctors and scientists in the world. The first thing they should have done should have been shut the borders like Australia and New Zealand.

Poor medical staff, stretched to the max and working in hellish situations. It must be terrifying for the medical personnel as well as the poor souls that get this wretched virus.