Thursday 28 January 2021

Tarot card of the month: February 2021, The Hermit


Introspection, Searching, Guidance, Solitude

Element: Earth

Planet :Virgo but the number 9 is Mars energy as in aggression

Virgo represents, Wisdom, Prudence, Reflection and Consideration, Health and Hygiene

The Hermit or wise man holding up his lantern as he seeks enlightenment. The lantern stands for reason, his cloak is for protection and also  self possession.

His staff represents everlasting forces of nature, strength and comfort ( to lean on in hard times).

The hermit is a wise man and a beacon of light and guidance to others. He is a completeness of the journey of life. 

Notice the number 9 at the top of the card, it is a male number, aggression, completeness, initiation , courage, conflict, originality, initiative, penetration and action.

Mars energy in a negative way or naivete. 

The Hermit card also relates to Virgo.

The white under the Hermits feet is for purity, the black squiggle at his foot is a snake as in the Kundalini energy that rises up the spine from the base chakra. 

February kicks off with education, school terms etc for the year. I get a feeling of making up for lost time in this sense. This card also shows us we are looking for answers in what is actually happening next to us world wide. My strong connection here is to education and health.

These are important factors for people in everyday life. Some schools in the northern hemisphere will be closed for a few more weeks. Unlike the southern hemisphere which are open. I feel higher education will be seeing changes including TAFE's in Australia. This could be about class sizes and alternative solutions on a temporary basis. By mid year things will be much better. 

I feel a different shift is happening now to move us forward, whether it's the new vaccines or society moving forward mentally and emotionally. Life is about to change again. Answers will not be forthcoming to many over their questions. in particular, health related issues. We still need to strike a balance with these coming changes.

I see Joe Biden in some difficulty in February, this could be due to election promises and being unable to fulfil some of them. I don't think it is entirely his fault. Some Democrat voters are watching this and are not happy. They are wondering what is going on.

Some Democrat voters are wondering how Biden will handle China in the current political climate. Here I feel he will be very tactful and skip around issues but very important decisions that are in the USA's best interests he will hold his ground. He doesn't want to upset China, but he doesn't want to put the USA in harms way either.  

In Australia I see people becoming even more lax, in their living style as they no longer worry about Covid. They just carry on as normal.

I don't actually see any real danger with the virus in Australia, just cases here and there, but nothing like what it has been. So that is good news.

The government is still very cautious in Australia though, but this is to do with overseas arrivals and containing the chance of infection spread to the public. 

I see a boost to education, nothing real exciting though, it looks like the much talked about easier access to studies. Education is prominent in the news this month. Take into consideration the broad term meaning of the word though. As in enlightenment and seeking answers. That is basically what the Hermit card is about. Revelations, finding what's lost. Pondering the subconscious.

Conflict is likely this month also as that is the energy of the number 9 in this card as it is Mars energy.  This does include China as it ups the stakes yet again with Taiwan and it's neighbours. The USA is  not going to take any punitive action though. They are just waiting and watching at present. Any involvement from the USA in a hostile manner would not be them striking first and I do not see that happening in the next two or three years. 

Possible hold up in the roll out of the vaccines in some states. This could be due to problems obtaining the quantities or logistics.

Update Friday 29 January 2021  Sunday 31 January 2021

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