Thursday 7 January 2021

ABC : How did pro-Donald Trump protesters get into Washington DC's heavily guarded Capitol building?

This is just wrong!  What the hell do they hope to achieve by doing this. I don’t care what side people are on, this is just wrong. When people act like this anything can happen. This should never have been allowed to occur. 

Remember my warning back in 2015 on A1R psychic radio? This is just shocking to see this play out. Don’t take sides in this, keep right away from this. Keep your families safe and keep out of riots, protests etc if you know what is good for you. Ordinary people do not need this in their lives and add the chance of getting ill from covid into the risks too. 

America has changed now, there is no going back. What comes next is anyone’s guess in the new America.  People need to stop and think about what they really expect and want in the new America.