Thursday 30 August 2018

Card Of The Month, September: The Queen Of Cups

As I shuffle the cards and select the Queen of cups, I hear the word Auspicious. Hmmm is this an omen of what is to come? I prefer to see it as a positive omen, especially for individuals. September is a cheery  month bursting with the joys of spring in Australia.
Winter comes to an end. The equinox falls on 23rd September and this is proper spring time full of excitement and new life.

In this months tarot card what I do see is change, it is time for change re birth and renewal of energy. Canberra is in a mix of energy of change, though not for the better. Yes, it is still stale energy being rehashed unfortunately. But we must keep hopeful, I do feel a sweeping change will come whether we like it or not though. The sweep has not quite started yet only preparing getting underway. So watch out Australia we are going into election mode, think carefully over the situation, as what you decide you get.

Now to bring the card down to every one on a personal level. Clearing out  clutter to make way for new useful changes in our lives. More inspiration and invigoration as we follow our instincts. There is a motherly feeling in this card's energy. I am being drawn to the water in the card, and the feeling is go with the flow of life do not fight it. Listen to your intuition before doing anything major, such as buying a house or starting a family.

Commitment is also important so finish what you start. Family responsibilities are indicated here some may have to take care of elderly relatives or friends this month. I do feel trips to hospital for some. This feels like minor issues but hospitals being busy coping with the little accidents or tummy bugs. Frustrations at long waits to being attended to at the hospital are indicated, so take a kindle or iPad with you to keep your self amused while you wait.

I do see people out buying household items as the bag the end of season bargains so shops will do a good trade, this helps the economy too. All up it is not too bad a month, just be careful and try to avoid accidents.

I hope everyone has a lovely spring time and gets out doors for a good doze of sunshine.


Alex xxx

Monday 27 August 2018

Did You Know ?

I sure did, the thing is why don't the under educated know? Oh that's right they are sheep, some even have a degree. Go figure how someone with a university degree can swallow all the crap from MSM.

This information is verifiable and had been proven time and time again., the same deal with vaccines, and too many people on the planet BS and not enough food which is an outright lie.

Europeans are not stupid for a start, they knew the dangers of fluoride as far back as the 1930's. Fluoride is banned in Europe.

You will find links on my blog about the five under ground oceans and lakes. Google this information, it is right there at your finger tips.

Why is it that the English speaking nations are so far behind in basic education in comparison to non English speaking Western nations?

Did you know about the genocide on Anglo Saxons? Go look that up, it includes Celtic people too. Don't  you think that is strange? Do you know why? I do!

You may want to start thinking about your life expectancy over the next 30 years while you are at it. Not to forget the control over your money, I kid you not.

Sunday 26 August 2018

The Kalergi Plan Is But A Satanic Plan

Spawn of Satan are the words that come to mind with this "thing."
He is partly responsible for what is sweeping Europe and the Western world right now.
This is a Satanic/Freemason /Cabal agenda make no mistake about that, snow flakes have embraced this plan with glee.

Did you know the term" Snow Flake" was used as a derogatory word in the UK back in the 60s and 70s? It was a put down of white people. Did you ever watch the sit com" Love they neighbour"? I did, I actually love the show, it was very well done and the actors I have much respect for.

The destruction of the Western world and its allies has been planned  way back in the 18th century. Now after two world wars and world depressions, and the loss of industry from the Western world, the reality is hitting home to any one with a brain. The only people that are monitoring the train wreck and are paying attention to this and see the end is at hand.
One would have to be living under a rock and in denial to not see what is happening.

This is a planned genocide that is taking place and the weak minded, gutless and under educated refuse to see this monstrosity. But they will have to live with it and the AI take over. Karma is a desert best served cold and they will have that desert.

People that have followed my blog since the beginning will notice many documents removed over a few year around this subject. Why? Because it is a hot potato that's why.

Under educated people jump to the wrong conclusions, because they have been brain washed or indoctrinated by the Marxist Satanic 1% that shape your reality to respond that way. The 1% do so because the under educated and the willfully ignorant allow this.

These under educated people then intimidate those that are aware of the reality and try to discredit them. This is a classic problem, reaction solution mind game, as old as the hills to make you fall in to line, think of communist nations and the tactics employed by their rulers and carried out by the masses on each other. This is the exact same formula. It reminds me of that movie Idiocracy, that is our actual world today and Hollywood is laughing at us because they can.

Hollywood, as in a magicians wand (made from the holy tree) weave their Satanic spell over the masses to assist this New World Order. Pretty clever really isn't it. A multi pronged multi level sustained attack on the masses. But it only works when a little sweeter is added to it to keep the masses entranced.

This is a carefully stage managed situation that the masses have walked right into. A multi leveled well coordinated attack on our intelligence, our moral, ethical and spiritual values.. We have been conned into feeling ashamed of our race, our cultural identity and all that was once held dear. This is down right embarrassing to an intelligent normal functioning human being. No self respecting and intelligent individual would tolerate such abuse, but there you go. Television and the electronic media are much needed tools for this to work along with the education system, or what passes for education these days.

Did you know about history (HIS STORY) being redacted at present, similar to the dark ages? Just look at the historical statues in the USA being pulled down because someone is offended. That is part of erasing history, but the masses accept it like the snow flakes they are.

I make no apologizes for being blunt about this. People have had decades to see the elephant in the room. Why should intelligent people remain silent? At present people are defending themselves from each other. verbally but pretty soon it will be working class intelligent people against working class under educated people fighting in the streets. The battle lines are already drawn by the 1% but the thick-head snowflakes still do not see it. Sure go right on listening to mainstream   propaganda. Look at your country and ask why is is in a state of ruin. Simple you let it happen, you the ignorant under educated masses.

This is part of construct called free will and cosmic law in action.  Everything is being told to you as per the rules of cosmic law. The controllers (the 1%), have already told you of their intentions many times. Your silence is taken as consent by 1% by the way. The masses however are wilfully ignorant and are refusing  to pay attention. I have said many times though that there is nothing against cosmic law being obscured. It is up to us to think and work it out for ourselves. The funny thing is, is when it is pointed out the under educated attack those that are trying to warn them.

Have you noticed the police are not on your side on the attacks on Westerners by the African and Middle eastern men roaming in gangs? No because the hidden powers that be have put the word out to the police that it is hands off these guys. Have you ever wondered why? Go on to YouTube or do a Google search on what is going on in Germany, France, Denmark and major European nations, and now in Australia, mainly Melbourne. Very few nations have put in place measures to stop this. You wont see it on MSM but it is all over the internet.

Most European people are totally aware of this fact but many English speaking nations like Australia are clueless about what is really going on. But they like it that way, ignorance is bliss, never mind what is happening over in Europe, bring us your African and middle eastern men in droves, we will submit to their authority over us snowflakes.

10 years down the track it will be, oh gee, how did this civil war happen on my doorstep? I wonder what I did wrong.  Help police!  Er, too late game over, and you snowflakes lost before you even got started, move on nothing to see here.  This is an other scam removing kids from families under false pretenses.

Julie Bishop Quits As Foreign Minister

NOTE: If you have arrived here via my website please be advised that all predictions are now on my new blog.

Here is part two on the Julie Bishop prediction.

Scroll down to see my hits after reading the predictions. I do not think she will quit to be honest, she is a career politician.

She is still here for a while, She is not one for snap decisions like I said. Open to job offers, well well.

She is still in the game at present.

Friday 24 August 2018

Psychic Vision Of A Screw In My Car Tire

A few days ago I was walking on my driveway towards the car and I had a mental image in my mind of a big silver nail in my car tire. I shrugged it off thinking yeah that's all I need.

As I was driving to the shops I noticed a noise that sounded like a flat tire but could not see anything, when I stopped to check my tires. They all seemed ok.

The next day I had to go in to the city for something, and on the way home I heard the noise again. This time I thought, right that must be a nail in the tire. I got home safely and told hubby, he was saying, no, that can't be the case or the tire would be flat. Again the image was in my head. I told him so and I was adamant about it. So we took it to the garage and sure enough it was a big silver screw stuck in the tire.

I must be psycho or something, lol. 😏😂

Seinfeld in Parliament

I couldn't resist this one. Bullshit Hill in panic mode.

Wednesday 22 August 2018


Please Do Not phone me in the middle of the night, I will not answer the phone.
If you live overseas please google the time conversion. How bloody hard is it to do that huh??

I have health problems that are painful and exhausting physically, if you bother to read my blog you will see that.

My working hours are 10.00 AM Australian Eastern Standard time to 3.00 PM AEST. Is clearly states on my website, on my blog in about Alex and on my Facebook page.

Eejits, they're everywhere .

Video 63: What if we could Save this Planet after all?

You need to get on board with this concept or you will just end up in the soup mix again for ever.

Monday 20 August 2018

Tarot Reading On Peter Dutton August 2018

I do feel this week we will see Peter Dutton as the new Australian Prime Minister.
Peter would like to see our farmers looked after and a return to Australian values and ethics.
I do think he will find his hands tied on that matter though.

The first card out in the layout is the Moon, which is to do with communication, deceptions and illusion. Just what one would expect in political layouts.

Peter Dutton is a self made man with ambition, he has a very strong woman for a wife too. She keeps him grounded, this couple are well suited for this relationship and for the role that is about to come to them. They must be very careful of who's company they keep though due to the media attention.

Peter as I said is a self made man, he does not like to be a follower, he wants to make his own strides in this world. A juggling act has been going on for a while as he does his job as the minister for homeland security and preparing for a leadership role as the Australian Prime Minister.

Peter I feel will be used ill by those that seek to put him in power so he must always keep his guard up and never trust any one. Especially from within party ranks. I do not think Peter Dutton has all the answers to turn Australia around, nor will he be permitted to do so, such is the nature of politics and those that are the hidden hand that control the politicians, those hidden hands reside overseas by the way. Only their minions or foot soldiers reside here and need to be weeded out fast.

There is a strong feeling of  anger and rejection around Peter Dutton, his views are not the parties views, he will find it very hard to have control over the party members unless he gets ruthless with them to fall into line. These party members are fulfilling their own personal agendas and not that of the party or the Australian peoples wishes.

Peter needs to be aware of the push to crush Australia and these hidden powers are very dangerous.I do feel some of this information will come out and produce much conflict within Australia. This could be demonstrations, violence and riots.

This I feel  is unavoidable, however the general population seems to be stuck, unable and unwilling to stop this. Think political correctness and snowflakes, weak willed individuals that will give away their personal power and human rights not to mention Australia to the highest bidder.

People refuse to heed the warning signs of what is to come and only a minority seem to be alarmed. Dutton is one of those alarmed individuals, he has seen it all before. Sadly he cannot stop this. The powers behind this push are much too powerful for him to stop. Again this is an overseas influence that was allowed to influence our nation, and sedition within government ranks.

I could be wrong but I get the feeling of Dutton's office being bugged and information leaked to the media. When this takes place I cannot say for sure but it feels soon.

Peter knows he has a fight on his hands, I hope he knows how to fight back but keep to diplomacy. I do not feel he has yet come to realize the power or control that is held over the Prime Minister's head, regardless of who is in the position of PM. It is a very dark and murky energy. Meanwhile the PM has to smile for the camera, nothing to see here people move along.

Peter Dutton must do more on security for Australia and not back down. I do feel he has his ear to the ground on what is going on within Australia and internationally.
This is something that has not been done properly by any of our leaders so far and this is why we are starting to see things get out of hand.

Mr Dutton must be careful when it comes to sedition and the laws, they have been weakened by those that seek to destroy this great nation to benefit a political agenda that is not in the Australian peoples interests.  Those that did this are criminals  and should not be tolerated. We are of course talking politicians and business men with a vested interest  that is against Australia.

I do not feel the Peter Dutton has the right backing behind him to protect Australia. We should indeed be rather worried about this.

Remember all politicians have factions and not all are loyal to Australia and are also influenced by powerful businessmen overseas.

I will leave it at this for the time being. As I say I do not do politics. I am strictly spiritual, I just focus on a person's energy for a reading nothing more.

Can I just say after looking at a photo of Malcolm Turnbull, I do feel he is almost depleted of energy or life force. This in no way means he is ill or going to die. No it means an energy leak and he needs to ground himself. It would be wise for public people to to a daily grounding exercise to prevent energy loss and psychic attacks. Yes that sort of thing does happen otherwise Mr Turnbull would not look and feel so drained of life force.

Copyright Alex Fulford, 20 August 2018

Saturday 18 August 2018

Video 62: Is our Reality Matrix Shifting Drastically as we Speak?

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments. Feel free to post a comment too.

Yes Humans are devolving, I have commented on that several times on my blog. The Mandela effect is for real but I feel it has gone on much longer than though. Below is a cut and paste I took from my comment to Wes on YT.

There are many things happening at present that people either do  not pay attention to or ignore. They sure as hell are not discussing this out in the open when at the club or socializing.
Most people would just laugh at them and think they are crazy rather than stopping to question this current world that we survive in, we don't live in it we survive and there is a vast difference.

When I had my first child in 1990, I recall looking into his eyes and thinking, we are living in extraordinary times and time feels like it is going backwards I felt like to the WW 1 scenario. Little did I know then what was to come. September 11 etc.

 As for the Mandela effect I think it has gone on longer than we think. I can remember the comedy actor Reg Varney (On the buses, show) dying back in the 80s of a heart attack. My parents saw him in concert as he was an accomplished pianist and toured Australia in the 70s. There was a news paper report of him having a massive heart attack which killed him. Now if you google his name it says he died in his 90's.

Then the Band Blondie's Chris Stein was very ill and supposedly died in the late 80's or the early 90's but surprise he is alive and well. Both of these events were in the international press at the time and I clearly remember Chris Stein's death being on the national news.
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Thursday 16 August 2018

The True Nature of 'The Forces of Darkness' and its Interference and Attacks

I find it a little long winded to be honest. But have a look at it and see for yourselves. Philip Goddard has interesting things to say here and, I do agree with him on the entities and people have no idea what or whom they are communicating with.

I would say these people do not really want to know the truth either and I have met many like this, I have warned them to stop what they are doing to no avail. Many people think its cool but have never done any research into this area and this is a very grave mistake that will affect their mental health and physical health if they insist in following the path they are on.

Such is the human ego and the destruction it can cause to those that will not listen to reason. Education is wasted on some people because their ego is out of control and incapable of stopping the
train ride.

I myself will not recommend anyone going into this line of work or living a lifestyle which includes communicating with the non physical world. It is highly dangerous, just because you see shows on tv and spiritul/ psychic fairs and expo's does not mean this is a healthy lifestyle.

One needs a good knowledge of the real unseen world by doing proper research and not just following the rest of the mob. Most people learn parrot fashion and that is very dangerous and ill informed. This is where you will run into danger.

How many people do you know that will go out of their way to educate on such matters and warn you of the real dangers out there? Do thy show you how to really protect yourself or offer you real help if you get into trouble?  If they cannot do this they avoid such a person. Please do not upset anyone though because psychic attacks can and do happen. I know I have had it happen to me.

I have the ability to return it to sender though, It is a highly dangerous situation that can very easily get out of hand too. So please do not poke the bear. Silence and avoiding conflict is much better for you. Dark forces can start to pester you even if the person that you have issues with has not done anything. These entities can act independently by picking up on the emotions and thoughts of both parties.

Too Many Wanna Be's In This Gig

There seems to be a lot of people that think they know it all and are writing books and producing merchandise, workshops etc in the Spiritual and New Age industry. It is nothing more than an ignorant and ill informed money grab. Not that it stops them, hell no, it doesn't matter. All they need to do is learn the buzz words and pick up the bullshit stick and walk with it, and blowing smoke in peoples eyes.

I find it absolutely sickening, no matter how many times I try to educate people they think they know better than me, ( No I do not call myself an expert in any thing nor do I claim to be super spiritual. No I am a very down to earth and very honest housewife and mother) and some of these people have absolutely no psychic abilities  nor any experience other than reading crap in books or doing some meditation in circles then suddenly think they are informed and know it all. Meditation is taught parrot fashion as is the psychic development stuff.

Not many of these people even know what is happening in the unseen world for real, nor do they want to know. Why would they, knowledge is power and you do not share that or some one else will try to upstage you and we cant have that now can we?

Attitudes like this will lead to a dangerous mishap. Yes I have seen people like this have a mental break down, lose friends and respect. Why because they will not listen to reason. Ego is the vice that attracts such individuals to this for a get rich quick opportunity and fame.

News flash, there is no real money in what I do, or else it is done by telling lies and taking peoples hard earned money.

Clearly not at all what spirituality is about, but yes they all rush into this gig for the money and the ego trip. I do not mix with such people and nor will I ever mix with them.

These people do not want to know what is really behind the spirit world, and if they did find out, yes they would freak out and go into denial. No way on earth will they divulge the real information to any one else either. This line of work is not for the profain nor is it for showmen or cowards. Yet they are there there nonetheless.

Spouting crap like, " oh you are surrounded by angels" or "I have an ascended master guide" and the likes.
Really! Well if you were better educated individuals you would not say such foolish and dangerous things, because you actually have negative entities controlling you. They will make you do things that you think are your own ideas, they will change your personality and drive your friends away. Yes I have seen it happen too. I actually have walked away from a very dangerous person several years ago.

This person told me my son would die in a car crash at 18, to this day he does not drive because of her and the evil spirits that control her. She informed me of many negative things that just should never be said. That is an out of control ego and a person that is controlled by the dark side ( both sides are pretty much one and the same really, its a game to them to control you).

Oh and then there was a close friend that told me that I would lose a son. Really!! Is that the sort of thing to tell someone? That again is the ego taken over by evil. She was booted out of my life. Yes I have lost a son and the pain is very raw. But a psychic or clairvoyant under no circumstances must never give out such information. The harm that can be done is immense, I know I have to live with it.

When I warned the first woman  about the dangers she and other people in the closed group of my concerns I was laughed at. They are not laughing now. No They have lost everything in their lives including their good health and very lonely people.

Some psychics end up living very lonely lives, because of what controls them. Some surrender to an unseen being they mistake for a spirit guide, giving away their free will, of which humanity does not really have much of. These unseen  beings control our world not to mention the psychic industry and many spiritual people who think they have a loving guide. The proof in the pudding is when you decide not to go along with the guide.

The entity then takes control of your life and destroys it, unless you know how to protect yourself from the entity and it's cohorts. These beings are not working alone there are always several.

Meanwhile these deluded people firmly believe all the rubbish and love and light empty words printed of little cards, memes etc. Thinking it will make them powerful, make them popular and oh so spiritual and special. Er, no, it makes them look like a controlled biological entity with no self respect and no spirituality what so ever. Definitely not spiritually awake or they would not be doing what they are doing and lying to people  along with themselves, all for money and fame.

Too many people are patting themselves on the back for being "spiritual" and having people hang off them like flies around a poo. Thinking  if they are seen to be friends with these individuals or know them that they will be somehow elevated in status. Cult mentality in actual fact.

You need no other Guru other than yourself.

Let me tell you it doesn't work that way. In the real world the individual must do a hell of a lot of hard work, learning and unlearning all the crap that is being passed off as spiritual truth, only to find out that most of it is absolute rubbish at the least or very evil at the most. Most of the books written on the subject dating back to the late Victorian era are a waste of time and money.

I know I have read many of them and spent a hell of a lot of money doing so only to throw them out in disgust. Some of these books are based on black magic and channeled information that is half truths or out and out lies. Never, ever trust anything that you cannot see. Only a fool will take as truth that which cannot be proven or false promises.

As a clairvoyant, one has a better feel for the truth as our abilities get stronger and more refined. Yes I had to start at the basic level and educate myself over many many years. It is frustrating when searching for the truth, it takes a very long time and is often a very painful process. One starts to question everything, religion, spirituality, the nature of this reality that we live in and it comes as a terrible shock I can honestly tell you.

I would not go into this line of work again if you paid me. I do not want any of my loved ones to take up this line of work. I do though want them educated on the truth of spirituality and handle it with care and respect. I do want them to know how to exit safely from this world and the matrix and avoid the soul trap (going into the light of the BS love and light fame) For any spiritual person that thinks going to the light is the right choice I say no.

 You are very misinformed by people that taught you something that they learned parrot fashion with no proper research and certainly did not have access to the ancient texts and scrolls that proper researchers  study. Do you have any idea how dangerous this is? Didn't think so. Education is the key proper research and education. But hey that ain't going to make you rich now is it? NOPE!

A soul with  no spiritual wisdom what so ever will just go back in to the soup mix due to ignorance and still an unawakened soul. You really think individuals like this should be teaching anyone anything of a spiritual nature?

To not inform people of what is really out there is wrong. People need to know the truth no matter how painful it is. However it needs to be done carefully and tactfully. Don't fill peoples heads with rubbish.

But you cannot educate people unless you have the correct knowledge. You are playing with peoples lives. There is a responsibility to tell the truth. The people receiving the knowledge on the other hand have a responsibility to read for themselves and take their own responsibilities on board and not expect others to do it for them.

Most of the wanna be's will not open any heavy reading books let alone challenge them.
I know because I have met so many over the years and have given council to them. But there are some that just cannot see truth no matter what.   They do not want to that's why, it is uncomfortable and wont make them rich or famous. Too bad, but don't dare spread your rubbish to people that are naive. That is wicked and evil.

A soul cannot properly awaken when fed lies, half truths and having smoke blown in their eyes.
A soul cannot awaken using magic, spells, rituals, angelic teachings (read archons and daemons).
It is all fake and evil and will cause much harm, and possibly death.

Anunnaki  😏

A soul cannot awaken reading new age satanic rubbish and sitting in meditation circles being fed fake images that are being projected to them from dark entities, and sometimes pretending to be your higher self or religious identities. Warning bells should be ringing loud when this happens.

Anyone running these events can cause a lot of harm because they do not understand what they are dealing with and are leading people down a very dangerous path. Again I have seen the entities operating these people like a marionette, of which they leave energy cords attached to to feed from their energy.

Responsibility is a two way street, you are responsible for what you accept as truth and the person "teaching" also has a responsibility to know what they are teaching and to research for themselves.

I do not post half truths or lies on this blog it is not full of mumbo jumbo, I take my responsibilities seriously but, I cannot change your mind. I cannot make you learn or understand that which you do not want to know.

Please stay safe and educate your self on this subject. It is not a platform to become rich or famous. That is evil and greed controlling the individual and sure as hell not spiritual. Pressure on to push out yet an other book, Ka Ching Ka Ching!!  That is a dark path you can have it.

Video 61: Does the Law of Attraction Actually Work?

This is me up to date with Wes's YouTube posts. I do not intend to post all of them. It is up to those that are interested to follow Wes. Please click on the YouTube icon so that you can read all the comments and even post a comment or ask a question.

Video 54: Have there been Breaches of Freewill?

Video 53: An Experiment in Freewill and what it Really Means

Video 52: More on Soul-Splitting in the Between Lives Area: Soul Indexing

Soul splitting is a scary concept, but it needs to be understood. This is one of the important things we need to learn as we progress to our spiritual freedom.

Video 51: Inside Out—Left Brain vs. Right Brain/Intelligence vs. Intui...

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Video 14: Why Karma is a Trap

Creation And Then What?

Creation of the universe, is a thing that scientists debate. The big bang theory, did it actually happen? When I tune in to the creation of the universe, I get a funny image in my mind with a low vibrating hum. The vision is deep blue it is not dark like the night sky or how we imagine outer space.

I see in the middle of this deep blue colour a wispy cloud like thing and there is a strange feeling that I am looking through some one else's eyes. It is really hard to describe what I feel and see, I feel that this hum is a vibrating energy like a machine being turned on.
The feeling is unnatural as if intelligent design is behind this universe, not god or a goddess.

Some researchers believe the universe was artificially created, I tend to agree with this theory, but the complete how's and whys we do not have all the answers to, or the truth of the matter. There are ancient texts that allude to this in simple ways, and there are also channelled messages that say similar. However one must not take channelled information as truth due to it being subjective and nothing truthful to back it up.

 (This is the closest image on the net that I could find. But there weren't any stars, planets or anything in the vision that I have.)

Spiritual people have always been aware of a multiverse, but only now is science starting to research  the multiverse theory.  Our Universe and the multiverse are made up of dimensions also, of which go  on into infinitude according to researchers.   
So it is not just humans beings and animals are multidimensional beings,  the Universe and the multiverse need to be likewise in order for the human experience to expand.  Now it also gets into an interesting theory that as each human soul becomes an advanced soul, we become god like and can co create and even have our own universe. I don't buy into that theory, now I may be wrong but to me that sounds like an ego trip from my humble understanding. I have heard this actually discussed in spiritual circles over the years and they have nothing to back it up other than, it is channelled information. Yeah, rigggghhhtt! 

Personally I do not want to be god like and create a universe and fill it with beings. Why create       
beings and allow them to suffer?  Creating other beings is not something that I would want to do.To me that feels like an ego trip. I do not want to create anything and control it.                                     

Channelled information should not be taken as truth as you cannot be 100% sure of the source and it could also be something that is out the distract and mislead the soul deliberately. I can tell you that I have had my meditations interfered with, hacked if you want to call it that. By a woman that was supposedly a friend and teacher. 
The channelled information that was given was not what I would call trust worthy and in the years   that have passed since that event. I have learned a hell of a lot more. So when it comes to trusting the unseen beings,  I will wait until I am on the other side of life before I make any conclusion  with clear and rational thinking. 

I can honestly say that I have see the negative effects of trusting the unseen world and the destruction it has caused many people.

 As I have commented in other posts, we live in the third dimension, which is an artificial negative and locked frequency. Our ability to think and see clearly is hampered by the third dimension world. Humanity has been lied to for thousands of years via indoctrination and taught never to question what we are told or think outside the box.  

Ever wondered why we are told what to think by religion and our government? Simple their control over us would come to a halt and in order to prevent that, they will punish free thinkers or even start a war to keep us in this state of fear and control. One thing these powerful people don't let you know is, they are also under control too, after all they are living in this reality too. They must follow the rules of this universe too, which is dictated to them by the very beings that created this universe or face punishment themselves. 

Our creation is nothing more than a computer generated matrix in which our souls are inserted into. Which was well documented by ancient wise men around the globe, not just in Sumeria and Egypt,  thousands of years ago. It is only now that this information is now being brought in to public consciousness thanks to the masses having access to education  and the internet.

The reasons are now becoming clearer to those that pay attention to what is going on in the world. Humanity whether you like it or not, is taking a big leap forward, but not in the way that many think it is. No, it is going into a mind boggling new paradigm or if you like a new computer generated program of consciousness for some.  This new program will affect humanity in ways that have not been imagined. It is in line with the creation of the universe but not in a positive or benevolent way for most humans.  

Humans are being slowly programmed to accept the fact that there are other star races. This has to be introduced very slowly and carefully to prevent mass panic.  The Vatican sits at the top of the dung heap on this and has done since its inception. In our life time we will see other races come forward and they will say they created us. That is a big lie, they did not create us, we had already existed and were an advanced spiritual race, but were  hijacked (our consciousness)  including this planet and all life here. Yes it is still a hologram reality and we all exist in this until point of death. Then if we are truly conscious souls at the point of death, we need to exit the program and not following our ancestors into the light/soul trap.                                                                                                                            
The big step forward, to space and beyond. But for who's purpose and why? We are living in a violent world and surrounded in poverty. We can't go wasting money on space projects that benefit the one percent. 

It is not being done in the interests of the likes of you and I but we will get dragged kicking and              screaming into this. And who knows what else. The one percent are fighting over control of the planet and space. Rival factions or the one percent having a turf war, it has nothing to do with us really. This opens up a new level of consciousness to humanity though. 
Trump and his friends are hell bent on keeping control as are his foes, We are now seeing this game changer for control taken into space. It may look as if this is between earth nations, however that is only a small aspect of the game plan. The minute we start to show a bigger presence in space we are back on the radar and will have to interact with other star races. The ones that the government already know about and work with. They want us on side to do their fighting for them  as cannon  fodder.

A host of Freemason symbology to interpreted for those of you that understand the language presented in the images.


This is interesting, however we cannot protect our planet from anything off planet as we do not have the technology and the only ones to give us this technology are already known to our governments and the Vatican, because they control both. They give us technology as part of the Technology Transfer Project, which has been going on for decades. 

How much truth there is in this I do not know. Wes Penre is the go to guy for much of this stuff.

Above is the link to Wes Penre's YouTube Chanel. I advise people to read the comments below each video for further information. Some of which is excellent information. I do say though do not form an opinion one way or the other. Only to be aware of what is presented to you. Some information Wes Presents may be way over the heads of some people, but it is very informative and well researched.

Exopolitics is a very need to know subject along with this. However there are many disinformation agents involved such as Stephen Greer. I tend to read much of the information in this arena with a pinch of salt. The reason being, this planet is nothing but a petri dish ( us being a bio genetic experiment)  which other beings tend to feed off of and mine the planet for resources. That is the only reason for their contact. 

One thing that must be kept in mind is the massive advancement in IT and artificial intelligence. This is linked permanently with humanity and our very existence from here on in. A human with technology implants is so easy to control, end of your free will or what little we have of that.
Speaking of free will, we have the right to use it but it comes at a price as many are finding out in truth seeker circles. Speak out at your own risk and you suddenly find out it is a two pronged action.

You may speak the truth but it can get you put in prison, or you lose everything that you have. We are seeing this in the US, the UK, Ireland and Australia at present. It makes some people wonder why life is being made so unbearable especially if good people are suffering. Again it is because we are in a low dimension which is artificially created and controlled.

By learning how this world and the spirit world is created and how to navigate both is a must, in order to survive. One needs to learn how to control one's destiny and how to survive in the universe/multiverse after physical death. This is the most important thing that a person can ever learn while on this earth. Please be very careful where your learn any information about exiting the matrix because there is so much dis information on the internet deliberately to confuse you.

I am not telling you this for my own benefit, this is something for humanity and the animal kingdom. I am merely sharing information and trying to sort through the chaff that will distract people from the truth. I can tell you that the industry that I work in does not want to share this information freely. sure some individuals will, but they may not be aware of the vital information that needs to be imparted.

I am not an expert in anything, nor do I claim to be. I am only sharing the information that I come across and my own personal experiences.                       


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Video 5: Narcissism in our Daily Life Part 1: What is Narcissism?

I wasn't going to post every video from Wes, but I am going to post a string of them just now and then catch up as they come out. So I have taken some up to date ones (selectively) to post. I do think it is a good idea for people that are interested to save them in a folder on YT to wartch as often as needed.

Wednesday 8 August 2018

Happy Animal And Plant Dreaming

Over the past couple of nights I have had some symbolic dreams involving a Koala, a Tortoise and an Ivy plant. Looks like some long awaited  happiness  is on its way at last.

I have posted the links to some interpretations of these symbols here and looking at the positive aspects of the dreams it shows this week is a new beginning and  opens new possibilities for me and my family.

This morning I woke up after dreaming not just about the Ivy plant, which was actually one that I own in a pot. There were other plants in pots and a feeling of fertility with the plants I was tending.
In the dream I was in a house that I lived in many years ago, but it had a slight difference as dreams often do. I went around closing the blinds of the house signifying privacy.

I seemed to focus on the plants and needing to care for them and create some oasis of tranquillity around me. Just what the doctor ordered so to speak. A time for reflection , peace and tranquillity.
There is nothing nicer and comforting. I sure could do with this too.

I had a busy but productive day yesterday but today, my arms are agony with fibromyalgia. So a bit of rest is needed to restore my energy.

Thursday 2 August 2018

Go Fund Me: A Bridge Too Far

This is a very worthy cause and close to my heart. Having had a father that was a serving member.
This is a go fund me campaign to help service personnel with PTSD and other mental illness as a result of their service. No one should have to suffer like this or go without support.

I have much respect for these men and women that put their lives on the line, don't  let their suffering go un-aided when we can all do a little something to help them.