Wednesday 23 December 2015

Himalayan Salt Lamps in stock now

I now have some Himalayan Salt lamps in stock, including little ones for your PC. As I have said, I am testing the market at present so I want to see what sells and what doesn't. I have a small amount of Tibetan prayer flags and little brass bells on string too.   So please feel free to come and check out the merchandise. I am pleased with the way things are going so far. Let's see what 2016 will bring.

Blessings to  all, Alex

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Woo hoo, Tarot cards and Tarot colouring books are in stock

YAY! At last I can say the Tarot cards and the Tarot colouring books are in stock.
I do not intend to stock a lot of them as I do feel that they will not be in high demand, unless I hear otherwise from clients. You may post comments about stock on my face book page or Google plus.

The Himalayans Salt lamps will arrive in the next few days. There are small ones to plug into your computer and big ones to have in your lounge room or where ever you want to use them.
The little ones for the pc come in tow styles, pyramid and sphere shape and multi coloured.

Jack Russell Rescue Australia and ARF Canberra

It's that time of year again to think of the less fortunate in the world, not that we don't through out the year. My husband and I have always given food, clothing and household items to charity in our 26 year marriage. Animals are a major part of our lives too. Having a house full of fur, feathered and scaled babies over the years and often all at the one time while raising our children.

We have been donating to Jack Russell Rescue over the past few years and ACT Animal Rescue and Foster (ARF). As we have a big soft spot for Jack Russell's we make sure that we don't for get to give them a little something when we can. It is heart breaking for us to see not just humans suffering but also the animals in need. I prefer to call them fur babies or fury beings, as the word animal actually means bad spirit. There is nothing bad about fur babies domestic or wild (free).

Sadly not every one can afford to make donations of money to charities, but old sheets, towels and old pet beds etc, are very much needed if you have any to spare and are very much needed all year round. So please don't just chuck things out these dear little souls will be most appreciative of any thing that you don't want or need any more.

Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy lives to read this post too, it means a lot to my husband and myself just to pay it forward.

Thank you

Monday 14 December 2015

No other guide

We are  our own master guide, there is no other worldly nor other-worldly
guide but the self. Know thy self and you shall know truth. Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Alex Reading at the CPC Psychic Expo 2016, below dates 3 Events over 3 days

OK folks, here is the heads up for the next Psychic Expos run by the Canberra Psychic Centre. I am most honoured to be invited to do readings at these 3 major events. Bookings will fill up fast so why not make a booking now to get ahead of the rest. I hope everyone enjoys the events immensely, I know that I sure will working with a fine team of readers to give you lovely people the very best and quality readings from the heart. See you there and have a lot of fun. Love to all XXX

Saturday 5 December 2015

Faraday Cage

Faraday cage

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Faraday cage

Entrance to a Faraday room

Faraday shield at Art Nouveau power plant in Heimbach, Germany
A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conductive material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks external static and non-static electric fields by channeling electricity through the mesh, providing constant voltage on all sides of the enclosure. Since the difference in voltage is the measure of electrical potential, no current flows through the space. Faraday cages are named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.[1]
A Faraday cage operates because an external static electrical field causes the electric charges within the cage's conducting material to be distributed such that they cancel the field's effect in the cage's interior. This phenomenon is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges.
Faraday cages cannot block static or slowly varying magnetic fields, such as the Earth's magnetic field (a compass will still work inside). To a large degree, though, they shield the interior from external electromagnetic radiation if the conductor is thick enough and any holes are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the radiation. For example, certain computer forensic test procedures of electronic systems that require an environment free of electromagnetic interference can be carried out within a screened room. These rooms are spaces that are completely enclosed by one or more layers of a fine metal mesh or perforated sheet metal. The metal layers are grounded to dissipate any electric currents generated from external or internal electromagnetic fields, and thus they block a large amount of the electromagnetic interference. See also electromagnetic shielding.
The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage is heavily attenuated or blocked by the cage.


In 1836, Michael Faraday observed that the excess charge on a charged conductor resided only on its exterior and had no influence on anything enclosed within it. To demonstrate this fact, he built a room coated with metal foil and allowed high-voltage discharges from an electrostatic generator to strike the outside of the room. He used an electroscope to show that there was no electric charge present on the inside of the room's walls.
Although this cage effect has been attributed to Michael Faraday's famous ice pail experiments performed in 1843, it was Benjamin Franklin in 1755 who observed the effect by lowering an uncharged cork ball suspended on a silk thread through an opening in an electrically charged metal can. In his words, "the cork was not attracted to the inside of the can as it would have been to the outside, and though it touched the bottom, yet when drawn out it was not found to be electrified (charged) by that touch, as it would have been by touching the outside. The fact is singular." Franklin had discovered the behavior of what we now refer to as a Faraday cage or shield (based on Faraday's later experiments which duplicated Franklin's cork and can).[2]


An external electrical field causes the charges to rearrange, which cancels the field inside.
A Faraday cage is best understood as an approximation to an ideal hollow conductor. Externally or internally applied electromagnetic fields produce forces on the charge carriers (usually electrons) within the conductor; the charges are redistributed accordingly (that is, electric currents are generated). Once the charges have rearranged so as to cancel the applied field inside, the currents stop.
If a charge is placed inside an ungrounded Faraday cage, the internal face of the cage becomes charged (in the same manner described for an external charge) to prevent the existence of a field inside the body of the cage. However, this charging of the inner face re-distributes the charges in the body of the cage. This charges the outer face of the cage with a charge equal in sign and magnitude to the one placed inside the cage. Since the internal charge and the inner face cancel each other out, the spread of charges on the outer face is not affected by the position of the internal charge inside the cage. So for all intents and purposes, the cage generates the same DC electric field that it would generate if it were simply affected by the charge placed inside. The same is not true for electromagnetic waves.
If the cage is grounded, the excess charges will go to the ground instead of the outer face, so the inner face and the inner charge will cancel each other out and the rest of the cage will retain a neutral charge.
Effectiveness of shielding of a static electric field depends upon the geometry of the conductive material. In the case of a nonlinear varying electric field, and hence an accompanying varying magnetic field, the faster the variations are (i.e., the higher the frequencies), the better the material resists penetration, but on the other hand, the better it passes through a mesh of given size. In this case the shielding also depends on the electrical conductivity of the conductive materials used in the cages, as well as their thicknesses.


  • A microwave oven utilises a Faraday cage, which can be partly seen covering the transparent window, to contain the electromagnetic energy within the oven and to shield the exterior from radiation.
  • Elevators and other rooms with metallic conducting frames famously simulate a Faraday cage effect, leading to a loss of signal and "dead zones" for users of cellular phones, radios, and other electronic devices that require external electromagnetic signals. Small, physical Faraday cages are used by electronics engineers during testing to simulate such an environment to make sure that the device gracefully handles these conditions.
  • The shield of a screened cable, such as USB cables or the coaxial cable used for cable television, protects the internal conductors from external electrical noise and prevents the RF signals from leaking out.
  • A booster bag (shopping bag lined with aluminium foil) acts as a Faraday cage. It is often used by shoplifters to steal RFID-tagged items.[3]

A home-made Faraday cage at the University of Arizona in Dr. Michael Heien's Lab
  • Plastic bags that are impregnated with metal are used to enclose electronic toll collection devices during shipment to the customer, so that a toll charge is not registered if the delivery truck carrying the item passes through a toll booth.[citation needed]
  • Some electrical linemen wear Faraday suits, which allow them to work on live, high voltage power lines without risk of electrocution. The suit prevents electrical current from flowing through the body, and has no theoretical voltage limit. Linemen have successfully worked even the highest voltage (Kazakhstan's Ekibastuz–Kokshetau line 1150 kV) lines safely.[citation needed]
  • The scan room of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is designed as a Faraday cage. This prevents external RF (radio frequency) signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image. Radiographers are trained to identify the characteristic artifacts created on images should the Faraday cage be damaged.
  • Faraday cages are routinely used in analytical chemistry to reduce noise while making sensitive measurements. An image of a home-made Faraday cage used for simultaneous microscopy and electrochemistry is shown.
  • A Faraday cage was used in 2013 by the Vatican to shield the Sistine Chapel from electronic eavesdropping during the secret papal conclave to elect the next pope.[4]
  • Automobile and airplane passenger compartments are essentially Faraday cages, protecting passengers from electric charges, such as lightning during a thunderstorm.

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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Card payments for readings is up and running

Hi Peeps,

Finally I can anounce the card reading machine is working YAY!
So if you want to pay by Visa or Master card I am good to go.
If you feel inclined to make a purchase of my merchandise as well, it's
all good to go.