Saturday 29 June 2019

Card Of The Month: July 2019, 10 Of Swords

Da Da Da! Drama! That is the 10 of swords for you. Not what I expected to pull out for July 2019.
This can be seen as a woe is me card, making mountains out of mole hills and yes the situation might be bad but it should not turn into a melodrama.

Usually the worst of the situation is over and then you get back on your feet again. Once you hit the bottom you cannot go down any further.  Looking at the swords here they seem excessively long which itself says exaggeration and 10 swords instead of one is a tad over the top. Unless it is multiple issues that happen all at the same time. That can happen, speaking from experience  of having several crisis hit my family at the one time on several occasions, but we get over it and move on.

Notice the man is signaling with his right hand, holding two fingers up. Does that signify peace? According to some it is actually a Benedictine symbol for a blessing and peace at last. However all is not as it seems at face value. The cards are many things to many people and symbols have various massages.

Churchill doing the same hand sign, Vau, or the Jewish symbol for number 6. Click on the photo and read the comment. From my understanding though 6 is a feminine number, but as I said its a duality that we live in so everything is inverted.  (duality is one of the things in our world, there are positive and negative meaning attached to many symbols) Churchill was deeply into the occult and was a Druid but not in the normal sense.

Starting with the four elements being balanced in the card, earth, air, fire  and water. The sun represents fire. This is the sun rising in the east, the dawning of a new day. Which is always a positive omen.
There is the ocean in front of the man, representing the element of water. This alludes to consciousness, thought, emotions etc.

The ground that he is lying on and the mountain vista represent the element of earth. The sky and clouds therefore represent the element air.

The colour black for the sky may seem negative however the night s passing into day with the sunrise, which is a positive omen.

Yellow is a positive and uplifting colour, which can mean enlightenment, protection, clarity, creation.

Red is fire and passion, blood, anger,

The number ten, This is the number one energy vibration with the zero being the god force or energy intensifier to give the number proceeding the zero its intensifying power.
In this case the number one.

One is for originality, beginnings, penetration (getting straight to the point), action on a physical and mental level. If you like the zero can also act as the egg or ovum that gives birth to the one, as in creation. So the card number is positive and empowering, transforming the energy from a negative one to a positive one. A rebirth in the situation one is facing at present, so stay positive and hope for a better outcome to your situation, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, as sure as day follows night.

So the basic message for all of us here is to chill and not stress out over what is happening at present, all will work out in the end.

Additional information and tid bits; with thanks and acknowledgement to those that provided the information in the links attached.

Many people are unaware that the RWS Tarot deck contains elements of  Greek, Egyptian and Roman mythology, Astrology, Kabbalah (which is Satanic, yes you heard that right and anyone that denies that either does not know what they are talking about or is in denial) Numerology and other symbology such as Freemason/Rosicrucian  symbology and psychology. It is a very interesting subject of study as a subject on its own.

Did you know Arthur Waite was a professor? Neither did I until writing this post.

The Fool in the Fool tarot card is holding a white rose as is the grim reaper in the death card (number 13) The three of pentacles has a white rose in the stonework of the archway.
The magician card(number 1) has a red rose. both of these roses are significant they represent the royal houses of upper and lower Egypt Red is for lower Egypt and white for upper Egypt. Then these colours symbolically appear for the house  of York (white rose) and the house of Lancaster (Red rose) died out.
 Interesting bits of history well worth knowing when relating it to the RWS Tarot cards, there is so much history in these cards that could take a lifetime to learn and then astrology which definitely is a life time in learning.

Tuesday 25 June 2019

Reincarnation: The churchs biggest lie

It has only taken me 2 years to find this article again, lol. I knew the article explained how Justinian's wife came to be. Basically a slapper that slept her way to the top, got the boot  from her first husband and cast out on her ear.

Then wormed her way into Justinian's life, which is where she could do  great harm with her power over the church and the masses.

Hand scars

Never mind late with dinner, try and give them medication, lol.

Monday 24 June 2019

Google brain implants could mean end of school as anyone could learn anything instantly

Err.... How about NO! Borged just so you can think you are smart. Pfft if you are that stupid then you should not be given the TV remote or be allowed out without a responsible adult present.

I cannot see the masses going for this shit, lol.  Not just that, who decides what the knowledge implanted is to be and is it accurate? Agendas' do exist in education such as learning history, it is written by the victor  ( his-story) with a slant in the favour of the victor.

This chip has the potential to be modified the correct your thoughts, connect you to a cloud " hive mind complex" and hey presto you are no longer human.

Your thoughts are not your own any more either. There is a real scary situation in the making should people accept this. This will be made palatable to disabled people, these people are vulnerable and must not be tricked into this by promising an end to their disability, there will be hidden surprises these poor souls would not envisage and to be tricked into taking implants is to me a bit sinister. What will the eventual outcome be?

There is a price to be paid for everything, but sometimes that price is way too high and not worth the effort.  Your soul and your freedom, are at stake here but they will not tell you this, it is not in their interest is it?

Who really benefits from this? Financially, very powerful corporations that play god with your life and your soul.

The Science of Near-Death Experiences Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife

Interesting article, however keep in mind many have written on the subject without looking into the ET involvement in the affair which I feel is a must if you want to get closer to the truth of human history and the whole spirit issue. Then there are the people that write a book like this and are liars. I have bought books like that only to throw then out in disgust. I have no tolerance for lies and get rich and famous scams.

I personally have never had an NDE, which I think myself lucky. One of my grandfathers did back in 1970, where he saw is parents and a couple of his siblings. This was openly spoken of in the family and in front of me as a child. I found it fascinating. I had already been experiencing the psychic phenomenon  for many years at that stage but just never told anyone or realised what was happening to me, I expect I would have been told that I had a fertile imagination. 

I have been to the spirit realms' or to better put it, what we mistake as the spirit realms many a time over the years, For some strange reason they show me a rather world war II type of surrounding and old people (a disguise that is used to appeal to humans as non threatening) who are in charge of the place. Most of whom are male and very stern unfriendly types of beings. They do not show any sort of warm emotion or compassion at all, more of a sterile unfeeling vibe is given off  by these beings especially the male beings. 

I do get the impression of suppressed anger and dislike of humans with these entities even though I say they do not show emotions. It is hard to put in words the feelings or vibes these beings emit on a psychic or telepathic level. Cold and indifferent towards humans, but there is also a feeling of anger in the way they communicate abruptly. So it is not all sweetness and light with these entities that people encounter in NDE's

Some people report being in hell and such like experiences, but that again would be because of their mental attitude and guilt over bad things they have done in life so they are attuned to a negative vibrational frequency which will pull some people to a negative experience, however it is not a black and white situation there are always variations. 

These beings have however told me off for speaking out on what I see and are not happy about me being aware of the soul trap. They sure as hell do not like me telling people about it or to teach humans their rights as spirit beings including the fact that reincarnation is definitely not in our best interests.  Now that is not the actions of benevolent beings, quite the opposite.

With NDE's what is the chances of certain people being predestined or pre-programmed to have these experiences. It is just a possibility or theory of course. After all our DNA is most definitely programmable. That has been verified scientifically. So one must think outside the box with NDE's also, nothing is cut and dry with this phenomenon. People that have such an experience could perhaps be on the radar with alien abductions also as part of the human experiment.  

My father saw my mother coming back into her body just a couple of days before she died. He asked her where she was and she said' I went to see my sister Margaret. My aunt lives overseas and we have not seen her since the late 1970's. Even though that is not an NDE, it is still a common occurrence prior to death and also immediately after death. I can vouch for having deceased family members and friends,( even friends of friends that I have never met) come to me to pass on a message after death.

Many doctors and nurses experience seeing people leaving their bodies too.
That is quite a common occurrence in hospitals as is seeing spirits wandering the corridors of hospitals and nursing homes. I know a retired theatre nurse that used to tell me of the spirits at our local hospital, she said it creeped her out hearing all the talk at work.  She was never a believer of such things but she was very uneasy on the whole subject.

There is definitely a lot more to NDE's than people realise and it should be taken seriously using proper medical notes from patients.

Tuesday 11 June 2019

Sunday 2 June 2019

Tarot Card Of The Month: June 2019 Ace Of Wands

Ah the Ace of Wands, a nice card to start winter here in the Southern hemisphere.  Aces are always positive, standing for new beginnings. Notice the gray in the background which is spiritual. The hand of fate or God bursting through the clouds offering you some hope and options . Positive inspiration just at the right time.

The wand is brimming with fertile thoughts, creation, ideas and high energy. Offering all sorts of possibilities to you. It is up to you the individual whether you grasp the moment or not.

The water in the card is important too, pay attention to the direction the water is flowing because that relates ti the circumstances in your life and the direction your thoughts and actions are taking you.

Remember water caries a vibrational frequency the same as we do and we are 70% water in out composition. Water affects our consciousness, and what we think we create.

Notice the fertile green grass and trees in the forefront of the card, it is a win win situation with such a nice card. In the near distance there is a castle which is the near future  a rest and in comfortable surroundings due to you taking the right direction in life. The mountains is in the distant future means overcoming obstacles. They are not high mountains either so reaching your goal is easier than you thought.

All will be OK so please don't worry, is one interpretation of the card.

Now is a good time to start a new project, relationship, job etc.

The seeds which you planted (metaphorically) will now bear fruit.

You are on the right track so keep going, but listen to your intuition.

Fate is lending you a hand, take the help that is offered.

Wisdom, Inspiration, Clarity, Insight and Illumination.

Reversed of course has the opposite meaning, however I tend to avoid reverse readings. If a message of warning is to be given it will come through regardless.