Tuesday 31 December 2019

Tarot card of the month: The Hermit, January 2020

The Hermit card meanings are wisdom, prudence, reflection, consideration and inaction as opposed to direct action.
Ruled by the star sign Virgo and the planet Mercury and the element earth.

The Hermit leans on his staff of authority and wisdom which he needs on his spiritual journey. He holds his lantern in front of him to illuminate his path on his journey. Notice the six pointed star within his lantern, this is the seal of Solomon which represents wisdom.
He is standing on solid ground with his eyes facing south as he confidently makes his journey, and leaning on his staff of wisdom. The hermit is a wise man not given to foolish whims, years of wisdom and experience have taught him well.

His lantern stands for illumination and wisdom and the light of reason. His cloak is the mantle of self possession, his staff is for the everlasting forces of nature, life, faith, strength and comfort, to lean on in hard times.

The white under his feel stands for spiritual purity, the squiggly line at his feet is a snake which alludes to spiritual energy of the kundalini energy which resides coiled like a snake in the base chakra and rises up the spine.

The number 9 on the card is the number of initiation, completeness, male energy and aggression, courage, conflict, originality, intuitive action and penetration.
Arthur waite put a lot of phallic symbology into the Tarot deck, (wands suite) via the Cabala and psychology, it is male dominated energy.

The Hermit as his title suggests has shunned the company of man to live a life of seclusion and hardship.  He is on a spiritual journey so he needs to connect with his higher self and seeks solitude and grounding. He is a beacon of light and hope and the still centre in times of uncertainty. He represents the need to withdraw from the harsh world when things get too hectic.

Now for the month of January this is a good card and rather timely too. It is the end of a turbulent   decade and the start of a new one,  and we are still reeling from the chaos of the past few months.

Now we need to go within and examine what has happened, some of us are traumatised from the bushfires here in Australia and the inaction or late actions of the government in times of crisis has many people upset.

January needs to be a time to sort out our priorities in life and our core values on a spiritual level.
Are we truly happy with our lives at present? What can we do to make life better for ourselves and others?

Only by turning inwards and not turning to rage and anger can we find the answers that we seek. We need a calm and rational mind and a good firm grounding to find our answers to our current situations, both on a personal and universal level. Patience grasshopper! 😁

The Hermit does not rush things or he will miss the message, we need to be patient and diligent this month, communication may be slow or misunderstood too.

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Its that time of the year that we Scots let our hair down. We wave goodbye to 2019 and let's hope that the new decade will be much better than the one we leave behind. The decade seems to have gone by so fast that it is hard to believe this is us entering 2020 already.

Out with the old and in with the new as they say. I hope that everyone will be safe and enjoy the festivities where ever in the world they are. Be safe and be sensible, always have a back up plan for getting home safe too.


Best wishes and love to everyone


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Be ware of yon dreaded wee haggis!

Friday 27 December 2019

Koalas are found starving and dying of thirst after bushfires destroyed their habitat - as video shows one desperate animal drinking from a hose


The loss of lives and horrific injuries to the animals is gut wrenching. I can’t stand to see this suffering. I saw some of the fire damage yesterday as I drove up to visit my father. I can’t praise the fire fighters enough for the work they do.

Some of whom have lost homes while helping others. That is a common occurrence in the bushfire season. Just so unfair on all that have suffered.

Wednesday 25 December 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas everyone, I want to thank all who take the time to read my little blog it is very much appreciated. I hope you get a few laughs out of the cartoons and the odd joke that I post too.

I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year also, hoping 2020 will be  good for all of us. New decade and new energy as we begin the 20's.

Love Alex xxx

Kangaroo Court of Australia 2019 Christmas and New Year post


Interesting article, not a good situation for whistle blowers. One must think carefully if one is going down this path. if you have a family too. You could put them in danger too. Yes it is brave but the price can sometimes be to high to pay and sometimes the price is death.

This world is not fair and never has been. The masses never really stand by the brave either!  That is that majority of humans. When someone wants to blow the whistle do not expect the sheep to help you, the wolf will devour you while the sheep just watch on saying and doing nothing. Third dimensional thinking, and a form of hive mind.

Tuesday 24 December 2019

10 things that will be extinct by 2030


Bloody insanity of this article, for those that are awake this is letting you know agenda 30 is moving forward as is the push for synthetic intelligence also known as AI take over. Think your soul will be able to leave your body when you die.... lol. Nope you are locked in and in for a whole new world of suffering. Your mind linked up to the cloud.

Your money is electronic so you can’t hide it from the government, but what if you have technical problems at the bank? You’re stuffed as most intelligent people are aware. Ever been stuck at the supermarket and the lines go down?
With physical cash aka fiat currency you can still pay for the goods. With a card forget it.

You can’t get your groceries and have to wait until the lines are back up. Next problem is far more serious though , the technology implanted is a silent covert death knell for those stupid or unfortunate enough that have implants. Depending on what sort and how many implants they have oh and by the way human DNA is programable and scientists are already working on that for the past decade at least.


This AI take over has already started, it is up to individuals to use their brains and avoid this or join the ranks of Cyborgs with a hive mind stored in a cloud monitoring your thoughts, emotions etc. This is slavery and the death knell of humanity, compassion and independent thought no longer exits at this point. There will be no freedom if you accept this. We sure as hell won’t have financial freedom that is being taken care of as we speak, if the masses don’t stand up against this. But hey, they can wait a generation with that and it will be acceptable.  None of this in for our benefit only to trap and enslave us further.

At present to access welfare, taxation and other government agencies one must be on the Internet and have all your details on line, same with banks. Only the old and the disabled are exempt at present. This is already happening in Australia. We actually moved on the welfare thing many years ago setting up direct credit payment into bank accounts in the 1980’s. I know because that was my job back then. Meanwhile in the UK they thought that was crazy because they got paid in giro cheque’s.

Australian employers quickly moved to direct deposit at that time too. Telling the public it is safer and preventing armed holdups. So all of this was preplanned years ahead of the general public’s knowledge of what was coming. Everything has its cover story to sweeten the public. There is nothing sweet in what is coming though. Only your loss of freedom and loss of privacy.

On a spiritual level of course it is much worse, because we will be held here permanently unless we refuse to follow the game plan. Think you really have free will? Nope, you have the illusion of that until you put it to the test.  However those that are familiar with astral travel and the theory of exiting the matrix are better prepared for end of life events and are taking this seriously.
They see what is coming and are opting out, preferring a death in old age or whatever the cause of death may be and will not take part in their own enslavement. They know what it means to their souls.

Just imagine living for ever, in a totalitarian state with absolutely no hope of escaping even in physical death. Not owning any property because the government will stop that. Everyone must share what they have, I would love to know how the elite manage to get out of this. Hey Stalin and Mao did and communist leaders still do. But Joe public won’t be allowed to,

A community of cybernetic humans will not argue because they will be all thinking via the cloud and it will be normal and acceptable to them. Not just that when they are told someone is the enemy they will not object.

Read the free download in the link above to see what I am talking about. It is nit hard to see the goal plan when you see what is going on around the world at present. Our silence is our agreement as it has always been.

Update: February 10, 2021. We now have that loss of privacy, take a look at Facebook and other social media platforms, you are now being monitored and your posts blocked, removed or you are getting banned for thought crimes. There is no free speech now.

Wednesday 18 December 2019

We do not merge to become one

There is so much bullshit and false prophets out there on the internet and in cults of all persuasions, disguised as spiritual or religious groups and institutions, including so called experts on all things spiritual.

One thing to be very wary of the the word ONE, that little word is the trap. I have been in this gig for long enough to tell you false light, merging with one and all the rest of the BS is exactly that.

There are no experts in spiritual matters on this earth, only expert walking bloody egos. You are your own expert, and if you are honest and tuned in to your higher self, you need no one else telling you what to believe, yes even from me.

The light and the godhead and merging with the ONE are traps. I myself will not be merging with anything after this current life. Think outside the box for a minute, The communists, all religions, government as in the New World Order, etc ask for us to become ONE there is a little clue there. One or On (you need to read up on deep esoteric literature to find the meaning of the word on ), point us to the demiurge/ god. That entity is what demands that we merge as one, those of us that take the time to listen to our souls and also research will already know this.

But this is the time of false prophets and the harvesting of souls has begun, there is no second chance to this any more, either it is singularity (AI) or it is merge as one, that is the option for 99% of humanity.

Self Aware and self empowered this is not, you get but one last chance folks and most will not make it out of here to real freedom because of the brainwashing by any or all of the above methods. No one is going to save us, only ourselves and only if we heed our true higher self and not follow the herd.
There is a reason the church call us the flock, because that is what most are...sheep. The Catholic church has so many symbols right in your face such as the crozier. Also known as a shepherds crook, now ain't that word crook funny, think about that. Crooks run the Vatican.

Language is a form of spell casting when in written format especially the English language. Subtle clues are all around us. For an example have a look at the article in the link below, I am not endorsing this in any way, I just ask you to have a look, research and work things out for yourself nothing more.

Speaking of spell casting there is a massive amount of this going on in current times. There is no good or evil magic, it is all wrong. When one dabbles with this you are well and truly in deep. If you think doing spells for love or a job is innocent then you are mistaken, it all belongs to ONE
source, don't go there unless you are prepared to pay the price.

I must point out I have no religion and was thankfully never baptised (ritual spell) so I am not coming from a religious angle. I have a frim distrust for religion and given Lucifer or the demiurge is the god of Earth, I leave it to others to be stuck in the web of deception and lies. I want to keep my soul clean.

I will leave this quote here for  readers to ponder, nothing on this earth will remain hidden to those that seek truth.

Luke 8.17,  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”


Monday 16 December 2019

The Sky Atlas by Edward Brooke Hitching


I was out Christmas shopping a few days ago and saw this book in the local book shop. I just had to have it. It is a must have if you love astronomy, astrology or history.
Full of lovely ancient artwork and celestial diagrams.

This will go nicely with my atlas of the ancient world and other historical books. It also points out the correlation of astrology and astronomy. As they were originally the one subject and only ignorant modern man has separated them.

I highly recommend this book, it is a new release so hopefully you can get a first print edition before they sell out. I would shop on line for a good deal as I paid $45. for my copy. Books are heavily taxed in Australia, but you can get good deals if you shop on line.

The three wise dogs

These is always one that stops to retune the banjo 😆

12 cat days of Christmas menu

Water restrictions for you, an endless supply for them: How a foreign corporate giant is snapping up 89 BILLION litres of Australia's H20 as the country suffers its worst drought ever


Just one thing I want to know, what will it take for Australians to do something about the shit going on in our country? Our country has been stolen from under us, our quality of life and our culture mean nothing to these evil greedy monsters.


St Andrew's Day 2019

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Today 30th November is St Andrew's day, the patron saint of Scotland (and several other nations too)




Reading the history of St Andrew and his remains being brought to Scotland, I am skeptical of the reasons he was brought to Scotland, to me it smells of occultism, and the true reasons are known by only powerful people in secret societies of Scotland and wherever else they are connected to.
Notice the term fishers of men in the bible, could this be to do with the constellation of pisces, and also secret teachings in astrology and esoteric teachings.

The cross of St Andrew is the feminine cross representing the divine feminine spiritual energy and also the left hand side of the human body, the cross like a plus sign is male spiritual energy and represents the right side of the human body. I would venture to say there is a secret nod to Mary Magdalene here.

Why would someone with nothing to do with Scotland be made a saint of a place he was not born in nor lived in? We are talking about bloodlines and powerful families of which most people are not  even aware of and their control of humanity.

In Scotland the powerful blood lines named are the Sinclair and St Clair (pronounced as Sinkler in Scotland) and the other powerful name that comes to mind is Stuart/ Stewart. Hamilton is of the Stuart blood line too and  of the Merovingian bloodline.

In reality people just like something to celebrate without knowing the real history. They have no idea of the energy harvesting involved in this ritual either. In fact the ignorant masses would just laugh at that, but it is very real and these Merovingian bloodlines are highly trained in the esoteric arts.

https://drakenberg.weebly.com/dragon-family-tree.html  This is why the royal families of the world work with the female bloodline and always have done.  These are strong Satanic bloodlines and blood rituals are part of their everyday life as is paedophilia. This has gone on for thousands of years and will never be stopped.


Wes Penre has covered this in his research also. The human race are being manipulated by evil individuals to take sides in their family feud, it has nothing to do with us, and the last thing we should be doing is praying to beings that energy harvest us and all their evil bloodlines cause us nothing but misery. The bible is about their control over humanity, these so called saints are anything but saintly or spiritually pure. They are in allegiance to either team red or team blue and that goes for politics too. Why else would the main two political parties of the western world adopt those colours too?
Everything is controlled by the bloodlines and always will be.
Flags sporting the colours red, white and blue or green, white and red are also a hint to those that control us. Read the colours as red hair, blue or green eyes and white skin. We are not talking of normal human beings, we are talking a particular bloodline that is far removed from any of us.

Black Eyed Celebrities

written on 6 December 2019

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Notice the photo of Susan Sarandon in the link above. It looks fake, as in extra make up on the eye. The photo is also a occult Freemason symbol. Nothing is what you think it is in the media especially from that evil place called Hollywood. A punch to the left eye is a punishment. I have noticed the odd one with the right eye blackened, such as David Bowie but he is already blind in his left eye from a childhood fight.

These people have upset their masters and are being punished. The left eye is attached to the psychic side of the brain  (eye of Horus). Read all you can online or in books about this.  This is no accident, it is a punishment for breaking the rules.

 Related imageRelated imageImage result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the mouthRelated imageImage result for freemason symbol, black eye david bowie

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Get in bed with Lucifer and you pay the price! Do not give these people any sympathy, they would sell you out in a heartbeat.  I still have to find out what a punch to the right eye means, apart from that being the male side of the body. I don’t know how these individuals can go out in public looking like this,  as it would be utterly embarrassing to be seen like this and obviously will attract public attention.

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Sunday 15 December 2019

And you thought it was hot now? How a 24-DAY heatwave on Australia's east coast in January 1896 saw temperatures climb to 49 degrees and killed 437 people


I have history books and biography books mentioning the heat in Australia back in the1880s and 1890s that back this up, never mind the historical records that are being suppressed. I am sure many Australians have books stating how the weather back then was exactly as it is now. If there is one thing I will not tolerate it is lies. Tell the truth and shame the Devil, and that is the way it is. I have not time for lies and will expose them as I see them.

This universe works in cycles, some last thousands of years. So stop listening to the bullshit and educate yourselves. Most psychics and astrologers can tell you this, especially an astrologer, they work using cycles. No different to any other science and both have statistics to back them up. Astrologers use  books called an Ephemeris and the Almanac which logs the positions of the stars and planets for as long back as early man up into the future.



As I have stated in other blog posts over the years, nothing on this earth is new or unknown. The planet as well as the entire universe works on cycles, like wheels within wheels. Do not look to the ignorant journalists with scaremongering tactics. They base nothing on scientific fact. Most scientists DO NOT agree with the bullshit of climate change either despite what the mainstream media tell you.

 But I can tell you there most certainly is a gag on scientists in Australia, if not the world from speaking out. They are hounded into staying silent. A classic example was the wonderful Dr David Bellamy. I am utterly disgusted that such a well respected man was treated the way he was.

Never take what mainstream media tells you as truth, time and time again they are found out as liars, as the energy of the age of Aquarius affects truth. The truth will not stay silent forever, and people will pay the price of the lies.

UPDATE: 16/ 12/ 2019
https://www.miltonblack.com.au/thismonth.htm Read what Milton Black also says about climate change and the Black Thursday fires of 6 February 1851.

Psychic notes

When I was learning my skills as Medium the general rule was, with physical mediumship involving ectoplasm care must be taken to keep the physical medium safe. Such as removing all jewellery and the medium must not be disturbed or touched as they can be very seriously injured or burned and it was said that to disturb the physical medium will result in the death of the medium instantly.
There have allegedly been cases of such things happening such as with the Scottish medium Helen Duncan being supposedly accidentally killed in 1956. It has been said she was actually performing physical mediumship demonstration when the police came in to the house and interrupted her. However the Wikipedia article says otherwise.

Helen Duncan  25/11/1896 to 6/12/1956

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helen_Duncan this article paints a different story. Many spiritualists though just parrot what they have been told without actually witnessing the real facts. So care must be taken when sorting fact from fiction and fact from deception as the Psychic industry does have a few individuals that are not what they claim to be. That can be said about many occupations though.
I have sat in on spiritualist events when this warning was given and Helen Duncan’s case touted as actual fact. No one in the room had ever met her or anyone that actually knew her. Most were not even born when this supposedly took place.

It has been said  rapidly retracting ectoplasm smells as it retracts back into the body.  It supposedly  smells horrible and similar to burned meat or flesh or rotting compost. I cannot verify this as factual though. Perhaps this is Victorian hearsay, or made up to frighten people. So I honestly cannot say if it is actually true or not, but I can tell you I was taught this many years ago by the spiritual church teachers. Again it is all hearsay.
Concrete evidence and recorded images need to be provided along with verifiable written accounts of such events taking place to have any credibility. Indeed it would be amazing to actually witness such a thing if it is genuine.
I have heard it said that ectoplasm will be destroyed by Ultraviolet light but not infrared light, However I do not know anyone that has witnessed this or know anyone that has witnessed this phenomenon. How is it possible?

As far as I am aware there are no physical mediums around these days. I have heard lectures where it has been stated it is no longer necessary to do physical mediumship in modern times because people are more aware and accepting of mediumship. Hmm, I find this odd to be honest, because mediumship has always existed and physical mediumship is not even necessary as proof of survival after bodily death. I personally am a non-believer in the phenomenon of physical mediumship.

However with mediumship, things must be proven by all reasonable doubt and the medium must allow people to question what the medium says. Information must be verifiable, by the sitter/ client (the person that is seeking the assistance of a medium).

A physical description of what they can see and hear word for word. In the case of a foreign language been given by the spirit being, the medium may need to advise the client, that they cannot understand what is being said. It is usually an odd word or two. The rest of the information will come via the medium’s native language. We have no idea how that works, it just happens. My self-included. I will often say to the sitter, I hear a word in your language it starts with such and such. The client will then tell me the word. Sometimes it turns out to be a person’s name or the name of a place.

Aporting and Asporting: Aport means objects disappearing in the physical world from the spirit world.
Asporting is physical things reappearing into the physical world or being moved by an unseen agent or phenomenon. I have witnessed an item moving only twice in my life. A glass that was foolishly used in a Ouija board experiment with my cousins and I back in the late 1970s. I have never taken part in Since and will never take part in such a foolish venture ever again because it is highly dangerous and irresponsible behaviour.

The second time that I saw an item move, was about a year ago, in a public place, an ashtray moved by my late father in law on a table in front of my husband and myself, I could clearly see my father in law sitting on the chair opposite me when it happened.

I have had rings disappear from where I have left them and they have never been returned. In fact it is almost impossible to have items returned. I only know of one person that it has happened to. The object was icy cold on its return.

An other experience that my husband and I had was during a car accident back in 2015 where we were almost killed. I saw my late father in law’s hands come over my husband’s hands on the steering wheel as the event was happening. Both my husband and I heard him say, “don’t worry I’ve got this” And our car came to rest on the other side of the road badly smashed and inches away from a water catchment, which would have killed us. I had no warning of this from spirit until my father in law stepped in to help us.  Now this I find odd, because in the spiritual community it is taken for granted that free will must not be violated. Hmm, then why are we told we can pray to our spirit guide, god etc? Sometimes I feel the rules are very contradictory just like the bible is.

Forms of mediumship can allegedly include intentional materialisation, either partial or full manifestation. This requires a witness to the event but preferably several witnesses.
Ectoplasmic mediumship such as producing a white substance from the mediums body and is verifiable that it is not cheesecloth or such substance. I personally have not ever seen such a thing and I am very sceptical of the actual phenomenon actually being possible.

Intracentral trance control, this is basically mediumship done via a clairvoyant in trance. This can supposedly involve a pulling sensation in the solar plexus and supposedly ectoplasm. I am a trained but natural trance medium. I am firmly against such things and learned this reluctantly. I have not and will not use it since the workshop I attended. I was horrified by the experience, but I had warned a colleague against such things prior to her insisting that I go with her.  I told her something bad will happen and sure enough it did, to me and not her , she was rather indifferent about what happened to me and laughed it off.
I am what is termed a clairvoyant medium, so I see, hear and feel, smell, taste and experience things on a psychic level.

I have done automatic writing though I am no longer willing to do so, for the reason the clairvoyant or psychic person has no real control of who comes through and what they may say or do. The clairvoyant medium can also end up with an entity or energy attachment. Some of which can be so subtle that they will not even be aware of it happening. However other people will notice a sudden change in the person’s behaviour. The first reaction from the person with the attachment will of course be denial. That would be a normal reaction of course, however if the person is aware of it happening there is absolutely no doubt what so ever.  I strongly advise people to leave this alone it can be and is a dangerous pastime which engages the ego and takes over. Usually with a rather malevolent spirit.

I have experienced an energy attachment only twice in my life time and thankfully was trained in how to clear this. I am not sure if this is actually taught in all spiritual churches, as I learned what I needed and discontinued attending spiritualist events. So I cannon honestly say if it is a mandatory teaching or not. I do know that not many people will willingly take on this role, and I totally understand why. It is a magnet for trouble trust me. Anyone that says they can do this needs to prove that they are trained and competent in the process also.

Classic signs of an entity or energy attachment are usually a sudden feeling of dizziness, feeling off balance suddenly for no reason and a sudden confusion of thoughts and a sudden feeling of anger that just happens for no apparent reason out of the blue. These things happen at once and not separately.  Occasionally there will be a change in the person’s facial expression that is noticeable and sometimes the eyes are different, such as a second pair of eyes being seen or a manic look in the eyes.

This can be cleared easily by a trained professional. However one must not make the mistake of mental illness and energy attachments. Yes it is possible for both to happen to a person, but first and foremost a person must seek medical assistance. Here I must caution readers, because the medical profession do not acknowledge the psychic phenomenon, but seeking professional medical help is a must. It is not negotiable, seek that help and then seek a trained professional in entity removals. Time is vital in both instances because self-harm is most certainly on the cards.

Both Sigmund Freud and Karl Jung were indeed into the psychic phenomenon. That says something right there! Also an American psychiatrist has publicly stated there is a link with mental illness with entity attachments in some cases. Again I insist on seeking proper medical help first and foremost.

I do not think using psychic abilities for “entertainment purposes” is the ethical or moral thing to do for me personally. I do not have the right to say others should not do this though, it is up to the individual and those that wish to participate in these events.

I take what I do seriously, I mean no disrespect to others in my line of work. I am obliged by law, to state that readings and mediumship is for entertainment only, some of my colleagues find it offensive. I must admit that I used to at one time also, now however I totally get where the law is coming from. Gladly my work speaks for itself. I do feel sad though when people do have a bad experience with a psychic, as it casts a dim light on the rest of us honest hard working psychics.

The rule of the thumb is always check the credentials prior to booking an appointment and please be open and relaxed when the reading or mediumship is being conducted or you will block the energy which results in a poor quality reading or it can prevent the loved on in spirit making contact with the medium.  Mediumship requires the medium not be put under any stress to perform or it won’t work. This is about finely tuned energy which you cannot turn on like the flick of a switch.
The medium has to relax and prepare for the mediumship or even a psychic reading. The psychic must not be used to psychically spy on others because that is wrong and unethical. Most psychics will refuse to do this anyway.

A good psychic will not tell you about someone dying, because that is also unethical and irresponsible. There is no need to ever frighten anyone. That is a horrible thing to do and Yes, I have had it done to me and it had a very bad effect on my family. Members of Psychic associations generally will never do such a thing, it is usually the psychics that are not professionals that will do this.

This also can pre programme a person for something that is avoidable, because as they dwell on the issue they can manifest it by thought intention unwittingly.  It is important for people to have a strong sense of self and be self-empowered, because when you submit to another person’s opinion that is when things can happen. Like the hypnotic power of suggestion or NLP Neurolinguistic (invented  by the CIA ) programming, which is downright evil.

As I say a strong sense of the self, and that has nothing to do with having a big ego. It means setting your boundaries and knowing within yourself who you are. A good strong aura and sense of self stops the negativity of others in their tracks.

Stay safe and stay informed!

Copyright Alex Fulford, December 2019

Saturday 14 December 2019

Childhood song the Alley Alley O and historical facts

Don't you just love it when you get a child's song stuck in your head. The one I have been thinking of is one from my childhood called; The big ship sails through the Illey Alley O.

There are several versions to this and uncertain historical facts about the song. From memory in Scotland the kids that I played with said Illey/ Elley Alley O not Alley Alley O. But that could have been because they picked it up wrong.

We also sang November not September in Scotland. So many variations of the song make it difficult to trace the true facts of its origins.

Also due to accent differences between regions and between Scotland and England that could be another factor in the change of words. A and E are definitely sounded differently in Scotland, much the same as in New Zealand, they pronounce A, as an E and vice versa, they pronounce the letter I like a U also.  The Scottish don't but the sound of A and E  is more pronounced with a heavy Scottish accent.


Historical meanings for this song seem to vary according to some researchers. Some say the song is about a shipping canal in Manchester in the north of England. Others say the song is about the Suez canal opening back in November 1869.  I would lean towards the Suez Canal.

There is also an Irish tale of origin too, which someone has commented on in the comments section from the Guardian, that relates to Irish navigation workers involved in the dock yards, and they sang the Illey Alley O in Ireland too, so it gets very complicated as to what is the true origin of the song.

Interesting article and comments here.

This song or rhyme was always one of my favourite as a small child. As we get older and reflect on childhood it is amazing what comes back to the front of our minds. Little moments of joy from life's scrapbook.

British elections 2019


For heaven's sake, are people still whining because things didn't go their way? I am stunned at the way the masses react these days to election results. Is something in the drinking water or something. Mature adults do not carry on like a pork chop when they find out their team didn't win.

This is embarrassing behaviour people, get a grip and move on. I can see people taking to the streets after this result. But no one will admit to each other who they actually voted for. But that doesn't matter.
Serious hard work needs to be done to get Britain up out of the gutter and that also means the people need to start being accountable for their own individual behaviour too. Just stop whining and   take responsibility in your own life. If you are unhappy with a political party then contact the party directly.

This carry on is going to drag on like when a Trump was elected. It seems to be a trend backed by Soros. It has all the hallmarks of his doing.

Tuesday 10 December 2019

Human composting


How about a big No! The use of the word ritual, I don’t feel comfortable with and I sure as hell would not be ok with this composting of my loved ones. There is no mention of a normal funeral service. Though I suppose that would be done first, however there is no actual mention of a funeral service in the article.

The leftie green push just has no interest in traditional cultural beliefs, and has no interest in traditional cultural and moral values. No, all they are interested in is making others bow down to their beliefs. Organic reduction process, no mention of the human being or the vibrant life that was. It is cold and sterile. The photos are just generic stock photos and eerily remind me of shows like Logan's run from the 1970's. Cold and sterile and the hard sell.

I can see this being done with the homeless and destitute when they die and no mourning loved ones. That is so sad and just wrong. No place to mark the grave or a wall plaque for the homeless and poor. But anyone else will be gouged for money like the regular funeral industry. You can bet your ass they will not keep the cost of this down either because there is big money in this. 

What also is being pushed is carbon dioxide is harmful. Without carbon dioxide we would not have our green forests. Plants must have carbon dioxide to grow and in turn they give out oxygen (photosynthesis) basic science.  Remember trees are the planets lungs and remove pollution from our atmosphere.

What is called climate change actually is occurring throughout the entire universe but MSM will not tell you that. It is not part of the agenda.

The nutters pushing the climate hoax have no scientific background but seem to be able to hoodwink the masses.  This is yet another attempt at pushing their agenda to the next level.

One thing this composting will benefit is the real estate industry, because no graves means that land can be used to build on. But hang on if we have too many people on the planet and they want us to stop breeding, why would we need so many more high rise buildings? Money grab of course.

Now there is a cycle, from birth to death you have to pay to live on this earth and pay to get off the earth. Funerals is one of the biggest rip off's there is. Get people at their most vulnerable and gouge them for what you can. having just been through the process of a funeral it is a sore point with me.

Anyway just keep an eye on this composting BS and see what the government and corporations are intending to do next, I somehow feel it is not in our favour. But one important thing to remember your loved one is always in your heart and part of you no matter what happens after physical death and no one can take that away from any of us.

Monday 9 December 2019

Secret Santa

Trippy 70's bathroom tiles

The house that I live in was built in 1974 at the height of high tackiness. I had disgusting kitchen tiles that were a porous green gloss and were very hard to remove oil and grease from. As soon as I had the money for a new kitchen they were gone, lol.

The bathroom tiles were ok but for a psychic person wow, they made me giddy. The old bathroom tiles were designed using sacred geometry. The patter itself was ok. It was the effect they had on me, especially in the shower was rather hypnotic.

Having eye contact with them for too long had an effect like going into a trance. Combine that with water though, water connects to consciousness and combined it affected me. I would end up staring at the design and start tuning in to spirit. The design of the tiles worked like a mandala.

Whom ever designed the tiles had knowledge of sacred geometry and an understanding of esoteric teachings. There are so many things to see within the design of these tiles.

They have now been removed as we are renovating the bathroom, and I am looking forward to the new look and not being stuck in the shower with these trippy old tiles lol.

As you can see there is a diamond pattern, an inverted pyramid, a cube, the flower in the middle looks like the house of lancaster emblem but it dates back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

The flower is in the shape of a cross if you zoom in for a closer look, similar to the Maltese cross ot the Templar cross. On the edges of the tile are phallic like designs as well as the female reproductive symbols all done in a subtle way so that it is not obvious to the trained eye. However if you look at the corners of each tile you will notice the design looks similar to the ovaries and cervix. That is very common in esoteric designs.

You will see the female cross which is like an x and the male cross which is a plus sign + this is the energy of male and female brought down into the physical world. One tile does not reveal all the information, it has to be several joining up to make the big picture. The more you look, the more you see.

Notice it also points to the four cardinal points when looked at closely too as well as the double helix. Obviously there is much deeper meanings to the design but I won't go into that.  I just wanted to share the design with my readers. As I am sure some people will be able to decipher this better than me. Basically the human being in a coded format and our origins.

Sunday 8 December 2019

Massive Personal Data Leak of 1.2 Billion Showcases New Privacy, Security Concerns NICOLE LINDSEY·DECEMBER 4, 2019


People should be very worried about this. Facebook is one of the primary sources of our data being leaked. Remove all personal information and better still leave all social media for good. 
I shut down Twitter last year and I have my personal Facebook stuff removed.
There was an attempted hack of my Facebook recently.

So now I am removing myself from Facebook but only keeping my official Facebook. I don't need the negative energy from social media nor the data harvesting. The fact that Facebook are in bed with the Chinese government should have alarm bells ringing with everyone, but alas many just ignore it and just have their eyes and minds glues to the screen.

Friday 6 December 2019

Weird new selfie trend sparked by the ongoing Australian bushfire crisis


I am calling Bullshit on this. This is a propaganda article. My husband has just finished working up in Sydney for 10 weeks and  only saw one or two people doing this. The place is not a bloody ghost town either Sydney is a massive city and very busy.

This is a badly written article very cut and paste sloppy work that has become all to common in modern "journalism".

Only those with severe health problems are advised to stay indoors or wear a mask. Even down in Canberra we have had smoke blowing in from NSW. I have not seen anyone wearing a mask either.

I have a respiratory health problem and carry a puffer with me when I go out, but I don't wear a mask.
By the way what the media is reporting on the bushfires is not what it seems. They are told what to write also.

There is a hand full of real journalists speaking out about some of these bushfires are very suspicious fires also. As usual follow the money trail. Because this is the route of the proposed new train link from Melbourne up to Brisbane.

I am not saying all the bushfires are suspicious , but many are and consider the fact of fire fighting equipment being stolen too. Who the hell steals fire fighting equipment?  For all these fires to suddenly happen where they are is highly unusual.

It takes very  little to start a fire because we have not had any rain for months and the Greenie (read communist) assholes will not allow back burning to be done. These morons need to be held accountable and stripped of any power.

Since when did a political party that is not in power have so much power to disrupt a nation? Australia is being systematically ripped apart by powerful people that should be in prison.

Many people are starting to publicly voice their opinion on the wilful destruction of Australia but I feel it is too little too late, because the masses are generally too lazy to get off their arses and do something about this. The government is fully aware of the apathy and laziness of the Australian people. So it is pretty much big business and the government can do what in the hell they like.

The face covering is also a Freemason symbol, a coded message to those in the know, but the average dummy that copies this has no idea. They are just monkey see monkey do sheep.

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the faceImage result for freemason symbol, covering the faceImage result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth Vow of silence, need I say more?

This is what controls our world, so pay attention to images in the media and social media platforms. Again the masses copy but have no idea what it means because the are considered profane.

People doing these hand gestures and poses are initiates or are told to do this by someone that is an initiate to convey a message.  Not for the benefit of humanity but against humanity. These individuals have sworn allegiance to Lucifer and will never break that allegiance.

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth

Now take a look at this news article


Is it possible this is behind these fires as many are suggesting on social media? Time will tell but it does look rather suspicious at present. Many of the fires are out of control, which has cost many homes and a loss of our wildlife. Our  beloved Koalas are now an endangered species too.

It is heart breaking to see such devastation which is totally preventable. Many are very angry with the government for this gross negligence of natural back burning and arson which is now a worry with nutters getting their jollies.