Monday 16 December 2019

Black Eyed Celebrities

written on 6 December 2019

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Notice the photo of Susan Sarandon in the link above. It looks fake, as in extra make up on the eye. The photo is also a occult Freemason symbol. Nothing is what you think it is in the media especially from that evil place called Hollywood. A punch to the left eye is a punishment. I have noticed the odd one with the right eye blackened, such as David Bowie but he is already blind in his left eye from a childhood fight.

These people have upset their masters and are being punished. The left eye is attached to the psychic side of the brain  (eye of Horus). Read all you can online or in books about this.  This is no accident, it is a punishment for breaking the rules.

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Get in bed with Lucifer and you pay the price! Do not give these people any sympathy, they would sell you out in a heartbeat.  I still have to find out what a punch to the right eye means, apart from that being the male side of the body. I don’t know how these individuals can go out in public looking like this,  as it would be utterly embarrassing to be seen like this and obviously will attract public attention.

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