Friday 6 December 2019

Husky ‘left in car’ on 35C day as owners ‘stroll’ Yallingup beach

Get this through your thick heads DO NOT LEAVE DOGS OR CHILDREN in hot cars.
It is a criminal act and is abuse.

What is the problem with people today that they think it is ok to leave a child or an animal in the hot car while they go off to shop or go to the pub etc? People are definitely dumbed down so much that they put lives in danger. They get bent out of shape when confronted about the crime too.

No, leaving a window down a little does not help. Here is an idea, why don't you use your brain and leave your dogs at home where they are safe with water to stay hydrated and out of the hot sun. Take your child with you or get a babysitter. If you are this thick then you are not fit to breed or own pets.

Even in a 25C heat it is much hotter inside the car. people know this, but still leave children or pets in the car.