Sunday 15 December 2019

And you thought it was hot now? How a 24-DAY heatwave on Australia's east coast in January 1896 saw temperatures climb to 49 degrees and killed 437 people

I have history books and biography books mentioning the heat in Australia back in the1880s and 1890s that back this up, never mind the historical records that are being suppressed. I am sure many Australians have books stating how the weather back then was exactly as it is now. If there is one thing I will not tolerate it is lies. Tell the truth and shame the Devil, and that is the way it is. I have not time for lies and will expose them as I see them.

This universe works in cycles, some last thousands of years. So stop listening to the bullshit and educate yourselves. Most psychics and astrologers can tell you this, especially an astrologer, they work using cycles. No different to any other science and both have statistics to back them up. Astrologers use  books called an Ephemeris and the Almanac which logs the positions of the stars and planets for as long back as early man up into the future.

As I have stated in other blog posts over the years, nothing on this earth is new or unknown. The planet as well as the entire universe works on cycles, like wheels within wheels. Do not look to the ignorant journalists with scaremongering tactics. They base nothing on scientific fact. Most scientists DO NOT agree with the bullshit of climate change either despite what the mainstream media tell you.

 But I can tell you there most certainly is a gag on scientists in Australia, if not the world from speaking out. They are hounded into staying silent. A classic example was the wonderful Dr David Bellamy. I am utterly disgusted that such a well respected man was treated the way he was.

Never take what mainstream media tells you as truth, time and time again they are found out as liars, as the energy of the age of Aquarius affects truth. The truth will not stay silent forever, and people will pay the price of the lies.

UPDATE: 16/ 12/ 2019 Read what Milton Black also says about climate change and the Black Thursday fires of 6 February 1851.