Saturday 14 December 2019

British elections 2019

For heaven's sake, are people still whining because things didn't go their way? I am stunned at the way the masses react these days to election results. Is something in the drinking water or something. Mature adults do not carry on like a pork chop when they find out their team didn't win.

This is embarrassing behaviour people, get a grip and move on. I can see people taking to the streets after this result. But no one will admit to each other who they actually voted for. But that doesn't matter.
Serious hard work needs to be done to get Britain up out of the gutter and that also means the people need to start being accountable for their own individual behaviour too. Just stop whining and   take responsibility in your own life. If you are unhappy with a political party then contact the party directly.

This carry on is going to drag on like when a Trump was elected. It seems to be a trend backed by Soros. It has all the hallmarks of his doing.