Tuesday, 24 December 2019

10 things that will be extinct by 2030


Bloody insanity of this article, for those that are awake this is letting you know agenda 30 is moving forward as is the push for synthetic intelligence also known as AI take over. Think your soul will be able to leave your body when you die.... lol. Nope you are locked in and in for a whole new world of suffering. Your mind linked up to the cloud.

Your money is electronic so you can’t hide it from the government, but what if you have technical problems at the bank? You’re stuffed as most intelligent people are aware. Ever been stuck at the supermarket and the lines go down?
With physical cash aka fiat currency you can still pay for the goods. With a card forget it.

You can’t get your groceries and have to wait until the lines are back up. Next problem is far more serious though , the technology implanted is a silent covert death knell for those stupid or unfortunate enough that have implants. Depending on what sort and how many implants they have oh and by the way human DNA is programable and scientists are already working on that for the past decade at least.


This AI take over has already started, it is up to individuals to use their brains and avoid this or join the ranks of Cyborgs with a hive mind stored in a cloud monitoring your thoughts, emotions etc. This is slavery and the death knell of humanity, compassion and independent thought no longer exits at this point. There will be no freedom if you accept this. We sure as hell won’t have financial freedom that is being taken care of as we speak, if the masses don’t stand up against this. But hey, they can wait a generation with that and it will be acceptable.  None of this in for our benefit only to trap and enslave us further.

At present to access welfare, taxation and other government agencies one must be on the Internet and have all your details on line, same with banks. Only the old and the disabled are exempt at present. This is already happening in Australia. We actually moved on the welfare thing many years ago setting up direct credit payment into bank accounts in the 1980’s. I know because that was my job back then. Meanwhile in the UK they thought that was crazy because they got paid in giro cheque’s.

Australian employers quickly moved to direct deposit at that time too. Telling the public it is safer and preventing armed holdups. So all of this was preplanned years ahead of the general public’s knowledge of what was coming. Everything has its cover story to sweeten the public. There is nothing sweet in what is coming though. Only your loss of freedom and loss of privacy.

On a spiritual level of course it is much worse, because we will be held here permanently unless we refuse to follow the game plan. Think you really have free will? Nope, you have the illusion of that until you put it to the test.  However those that are familiar with astral travel and the theory of exiting the matrix are better prepared for end of life events and are taking this seriously.
They see what is coming and are opting out, preferring a death in old age or whatever the cause of death may be and will not take part in their own enslavement. They know what it means to their souls.

Just imagine living for ever, in a totalitarian state with absolutely no hope of escaping even in physical death. Not owning any property because the government will stop that. Everyone must share what they have, I would love to know how the elite manage to get out of this. Hey Stalin and Mao did and communist leaders still do. But Joe public won’t be allowed to,

A community of cybernetic humans will not argue because they will be all thinking via the cloud and it will be normal and acceptable to them. Not just that when they are told someone is the enemy they will not object.

Read the free download in the link above to see what I am talking about. It is nit hard to see the goal plan when you see what is going on around the world at present. Our silence is our agreement as it has always been.

Update: February 10, 2021. We now have that loss of privacy, take a look at Facebook and other social media platforms, you are now being monitored and your posts blocked, removed or you are getting banned for thought crimes. There is no free speech now.