Wednesday 18 December 2019

We do not merge to become one

There is so much bullshit and false prophets out there on the internet and in cults of all persuasions, disguised as spiritual or religious groups and institutions, including so called experts on all things spiritual.

One thing to be very wary of the the word ONE, that little word is the trap. I have been in this gig for long enough to tell you false light, merging with one and all the rest of the BS is exactly that.

There are no experts in spiritual matters on this earth, only expert walking bloody egos. You are your own expert, and if you are honest and tuned in to your higher self, you need no one else telling you what to believe, yes even from me.

The light and the godhead and merging with the ONE are traps. I myself will not be merging with anything after this current life. Think outside the box for a minute, The communists, all religions, government as in the New World Order, etc ask for us to become ONE there is a little clue there. One or On (you need to read up on deep esoteric literature to find the meaning of the word on ), point us to the demiurge/ god. That entity is what demands that we merge as one, those of us that take the time to listen to our souls and also research will already know this.

But this is the time of false prophets and the harvesting of souls has begun, there is no second chance to this any more, either it is singularity (AI) or it is merge as one, that is the option for 99% of humanity.

Self Aware and self empowered this is not, you get but one last chance folks and most will not make it out of here to real freedom because of the brainwashing by any or all of the above methods. No one is going to save us, only ourselves and only if we heed our true higher self and not follow the herd.
There is a reason the church call us the flock, because that is what most are...sheep. The Catholic church has so many symbols right in your face such as the crozier. Also known as a shepherds crook, now ain't that word crook funny, think about that. Crooks run the Vatican.

Language is a form of spell casting when in written format especially the English language. Subtle clues are all around us. For an example have a look at the article in the link below, I am not endorsing this in any way, I just ask you to have a look, research and work things out for yourself nothing more.

Speaking of spell casting there is a massive amount of this going on in current times. There is no good or evil magic, it is all wrong. When one dabbles with this you are well and truly in deep. If you think doing spells for love or a job is innocent then you are mistaken, it all belongs to ONE
source, don't go there unless you are prepared to pay the price.

I must point out I have no religion and was thankfully never baptised (ritual spell) so I am not coming from a religious angle. I have a frim distrust for religion and given Lucifer or the demiurge is the god of Earth, I leave it to others to be stuck in the web of deception and lies. I want to keep my soul clean.

I will leave this quote here for  readers to ponder, nothing on this earth will remain hidden to those that seek truth.

Luke 8.17,  “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.”