Friday 6 December 2019

Weird new selfie trend sparked by the ongoing Australian bushfire crisis

I am calling Bullshit on this. This is a propaganda article. My husband has just finished working up in Sydney for 10 weeks and  only saw one or two people doing this. The place is not a bloody ghost town either Sydney is a massive city and very busy.

This is a badly written article very cut and paste sloppy work that has become all to common in modern "journalism".

Only those with severe health problems are advised to stay indoors or wear a mask. Even down in Canberra we have had smoke blowing in from NSW. I have not seen anyone wearing a mask either.

I have a respiratory health problem and carry a puffer with me when I go out, but I don't wear a mask.
By the way what the media is reporting on the bushfires is not what it seems. They are told what to write also.

There is a hand full of real journalists speaking out about some of these bushfires are very suspicious fires also. As usual follow the money trail. Because this is the route of the proposed new train link from Melbourne up to Brisbane.

I am not saying all the bushfires are suspicious , but many are and consider the fact of fire fighting equipment being stolen too. Who the hell steals fire fighting equipment?  For all these fires to suddenly happen where they are is highly unusual.

It takes very  little to start a fire because we have not had any rain for months and the Greenie (read communist) assholes will not allow back burning to be done. These morons need to be held accountable and stripped of any power.

Since when did a political party that is not in power have so much power to disrupt a nation? Australia is being systematically ripped apart by powerful people that should be in prison.

Many people are starting to publicly voice their opinion on the wilful destruction of Australia but I feel it is too little too late, because the masses are generally too lazy to get off their arses and do something about this. The government is fully aware of the apathy and laziness of the Australian people. So it is pretty much big business and the government can do what in the hell they like.

The face covering is also a Freemason symbol, a coded message to those in the know, but the average dummy that copies this has no idea. They are just monkey see monkey do sheep.

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the faceImage result for freemason symbol, covering the faceImage result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth Vow of silence, need I say more?

This is what controls our world, so pay attention to images in the media and social media platforms. Again the masses copy but have no idea what it means because the are considered profane.

People doing these hand gestures and poses are initiates or are told to do this by someone that is an initiate to convey a message.  Not for the benefit of humanity but against humanity. These individuals have sworn allegiance to Lucifer and will never break that allegiance.

Image result for freemason symbol, covering the mouth

Now take a look at this news article

Is it possible this is behind these fires as many are suggesting on social media? Time will tell but it does look rather suspicious at present. Many of the fires are out of control, which has cost many homes and a loss of our wildlife. Our  beloved Koalas are now an endangered species too.

It is heart breaking to see such devastation which is totally preventable. Many are very angry with the government for this gross negligence of natural back burning and arson which is now a worry with nutters getting their jollies.