Tuesday 10 December 2019

Human composting


How about a big No! The use of the word ritual, I don’t feel comfortable with and I sure as hell would not be ok with this composting of my loved ones. There is no mention of a normal funeral service. Though I suppose that would be done first, however there is no actual mention of a funeral service in the article.

The leftie green push just has no interest in traditional cultural beliefs, and has no interest in traditional cultural and moral values. No, all they are interested in is making others bow down to their beliefs. Organic reduction process, no mention of the human being or the vibrant life that was. It is cold and sterile. The photos are just generic stock photos and eerily remind me of shows like Logan's run from the 1970's. Cold and sterile and the hard sell.

I can see this being done with the homeless and destitute when they die and no mourning loved ones. That is so sad and just wrong. No place to mark the grave or a wall plaque for the homeless and poor. But anyone else will be gouged for money like the regular funeral industry. You can bet your ass they will not keep the cost of this down either because there is big money in this. 

What also is being pushed is carbon dioxide is harmful. Without carbon dioxide we would not have our green forests. Plants must have carbon dioxide to grow and in turn they give out oxygen (photosynthesis) basic science.  Remember trees are the planets lungs and remove pollution from our atmosphere.

What is called climate change actually is occurring throughout the entire universe but MSM will not tell you that. It is not part of the agenda.

The nutters pushing the climate hoax have no scientific background but seem to be able to hoodwink the masses.  This is yet another attempt at pushing their agenda to the next level.

One thing this composting will benefit is the real estate industry, because no graves means that land can be used to build on. But hang on if we have too many people on the planet and they want us to stop breeding, why would we need so many more high rise buildings? Money grab of course.

Now there is a cycle, from birth to death you have to pay to live on this earth and pay to get off the earth. Funerals is one of the biggest rip off's there is. Get people at their most vulnerable and gouge them for what you can. having just been through the process of a funeral it is a sore point with me.

Anyway just keep an eye on this composting BS and see what the government and corporations are intending to do next, I somehow feel it is not in our favour. But one important thing to remember your loved one is always in your heart and part of you no matter what happens after physical death and no one can take that away from any of us.