Monday 9 December 2019

Trippy 70's bathroom tiles

The house that I live in was built in 1974 at the height of high tackiness. I had disgusting kitchen tiles that were a porous green gloss and were very hard to remove oil and grease from. As soon as I had the money for a new kitchen they were gone, lol.

The bathroom tiles were ok but for a psychic person wow, they made me giddy. The old bathroom tiles were designed using sacred geometry. The patter itself was ok. It was the effect they had on me, especially in the shower was rather hypnotic.

Having eye contact with them for too long had an effect like going into a trance. Combine that with water though, water connects to consciousness and combined it affected me. I would end up staring at the design and start tuning in to spirit. The design of the tiles worked like a mandala.

Whom ever designed the tiles had knowledge of sacred geometry and an understanding of esoteric teachings. There are so many things to see within the design of these tiles.

They have now been removed as we are renovating the bathroom, and I am looking forward to the new look and not being stuck in the shower with these trippy old tiles lol.

As you can see there is a diamond pattern, an inverted pyramid, a cube, the flower in the middle looks like the house of lancaster emblem but it dates back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria.

The flower is in the shape of a cross if you zoom in for a closer look, similar to the Maltese cross ot the Templar cross. On the edges of the tile are phallic like designs as well as the female reproductive symbols all done in a subtle way so that it is not obvious to the trained eye. However if you look at the corners of each tile you will notice the design looks similar to the ovaries and cervix. That is very common in esoteric designs.

You will see the female cross which is like an x and the male cross which is a plus sign + this is the energy of male and female brought down into the physical world. One tile does not reveal all the information, it has to be several joining up to make the big picture. The more you look, the more you see.

Notice it also points to the four cardinal points when looked at closely too as well as the double helix. Obviously there is much deeper meanings to the design but I won't go into that.  I just wanted to share the design with my readers. As I am sure some people will be able to decipher this better than me. Basically the human being in a coded format and our origins.