Tuesday 23 December 2014

Six pedestrians dead as bin lorry crashes in Glasgow's George Square


I am saddened to hear this terrible news from home. My prayers and thoughts go out to all of the victims and their families, and the people that were involved at the scene of the tragedy too.
What a terrible thing to happen and a year after the Clutha tragedy in Glasgow. Very sad times.

Police getting into the Christmas spirit


How nice is this. It would be nice it this caught on and people did acts of kindness like this too.
I would like to see more acts of kindness all year round for those in need, AND Don't forget the Animals too!!

Merry Christmas XXX

Restore your faith in Humanity


Very heart warming video. 

Friday 19 December 2014

Pope Francis Declares Lucifer As God

AMEN?? As in Amen Ra the heretic Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, yup, afraid so folks.
I keep saying nothing is what it is. Religion is one of the biggest illusions on this earth. Now you are starting to see the mask being lifted off. The Vatican know that their time is up. All the BS that people have killed for is now falling apart at the seams. The time has come to an end for illusion, reality is taking a new shape in our life times. This is the end of times; is it not?

What that means is, a new era will commence . It is a gradual shift not a big door shutting with a bang. A gradual awakening to all that was hidden to usher in the spiritual age for the next 2000 years or so.

Don't follow the New Age stuff that is a blind alley. Pure spirit comes from  your heart and soul.
You do not need a leader to guide you. You are your own guide. Your higher-self is whom you need to talk to whether in prayer or just chatting in your mind to your higher self. It is not hard and is perfectly natural. The Church Incorp, just wanted to be the middle man to make money, have control over humanity and keep humanity from knowing their spiritual truth. Game over now Vatican!

Folks open your hearts to love and truth. Free your souls and life will improve without any war or violence. There is no need for violence, it keeps humanity in a state of fear and keeps us away from love and god/spirit

First Ever Human Robots Invented By Japanese Scientists

First Ever Human Robots Invented By Japanese Scientists

Rise of the machine kingdom in the next few years. Be careful what you think of as you will create it.
Sure technology can be good, but there comes a point when we need to stop and think," where is this leading to?" 

Monday 15 December 2014

The Supernatural Magazine (UK) : My Psychic World With Animals


This is me officially published in an English magazine. I wish to say thank you to the staff at The Supernatural Magazine (UK) for publishing my article. I really appreciate this with all my heart, Thank you.

Blessings, Love 


Sunday 14 December 2014

How to be Ultra Spiritual (funny) - with JP Sears

I couldn't help laughing at this, I know people like this. Spiritual people do not bang on like this, we just get on with life like every one else. Sure we have bad habits, swear etc. Judgemental people is part of being in this world, we are all guilty of this and so to are many in the spirit world, they still have their ego's in spirit let me tell you from experience. Just live your life the best way that you can, by living authentically.

Don't forget to see the humour in all things and don't thing to seriously all the time. You end up being alone and people thinking you are weird or boring. 

Wednesday 10 December 2014

Bagpipes and Drums Flash Mob

Just had to share this my beautiful Aunt in Canada sent this to me just now. Enjoy.

traffic accidents "Evanescence - My Immortal"

Take this on board folks. I have felt the grief of the dead first hand and it isn't nice. Please stop being careless and think of what your death will mean to your loved ones. To your children, and other peoples families.

Some times  the driver at fault walks away without a scratch but the passengers and the other vehicles passengers are injured or killed, by one persons lack of care. Not a good thing to live with on your conscience. I would not wish this on any one. This is the silly season now and sadly many will die. Please be mindful when driving. Loud music in your car also contributes to accidents so keep that in mind. Stay safe and keep to the speed limit.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

The Rel Reason that Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten)


This has come as a rude shock to me. A relative sent me this in an email a few days ago, I only
just had the time to read it. What a shock, it is something that just did not occur to me. Please share this. We need to have this stopped, no wonder cancer is through the roof too. I have just lost a friend to cancer in the brain on Monday, I have had 5 deaths around me in the past 4 weeks too.

Share the hell out of this folks.

Friday 5 December 2014

To go to the Light or not go to the Light, that is the question

The time has come my friends to speak of many things. Some of these things will perhaps rock your world as you know it. Others are more aware of the spirit world, OR so they think.

There is nothing cut and dry about the spirit world and, there is so much more to it than mere humans can understand. Especially whilst on the earth plane/3D existence.

Many things are coming to light, pardon the pun. Much of which will confuse, anger or be down right baffling to many people. My self included here. Just when one thinks they have a handle on all things spiritual, up pops something else to think about. To me this is the single most important thing that we all need to know and understand before our time on earth/ 3D existence is up. Like it or lump it. We have no choice but to look at this fact. I am talking about the soul trap.

I started to mention this on an update tonight on the article Sending a soul to the light. This article was written before I had this new information. Based on what I had been trained to do at the courses that I was trained in.

Now I am faced, like many others with a new situation to face. It is one that affects all of us. It is a moral and ethical dilemma par excellence. What to do with an earth bound soul. Where should I send them. Where will they be safe and free. Where will there free will not be violated?
What about other people that are assisting souls cross over? Can of worms is an understatement. This, I assure you is going to be one of the biggest battles with people that genuinely want to help these poor souls. What if the person helping the soul does not believe in the soul trap theory?

I myself can only be a simple humble human being trying my hardest to help others, and in no way would I ever mislead or lie to any one especially a souls in such a terrible situation. I could not live with this. It is very important to me, that I act in a loving and compassionate way, and to the best of my abilities and understanding to assist those that need my help. I would never, ever intentionally cause harm, distress or any suffering to any being on either side of life.
So it is important to me to be as well read as I can be on the subject of soul or spirit traps.

After reading through the Wes Penre papers and googling as much as I can. I do have the opinion that such a thing does exist. I first read about the soul trap in a magazine, either New Dawn or Nexus. I think around 18 months to two years ago. I dismissed it at the time. But it started to nag at me.
Like a dog with a bone, I cannot rest when something bothers me like this. So I am reading up on every thing that I can about this subject. In order to share with the public. It is vital that we all have the truth. As a child of 9, I knew that this was my last time on this earth. Some thing within me just knew that. Also just know that we are not meant to re incarnate. That is a lie that has been forced on to us for thousands of years, by the forces of darkness. That is because they need our energy to exist.

Now let me point out. No psychic, clairvoyant or anyone has the knowledge about how many times you will have to come back to this earth. That is utter BS. Do not accept that rubbish, that is their ego talking. It is very important that you understand that. It would imply otherwise,that you don't have free will. BS, is what I say to that. I am as honest as they come and have nothing to gain either way. I don't give a flying fig, for fame and fortune either. Just doing the right thing by all who live on this earth, not just humans is good enough for me.

So I say again do not listen to the  spiel. Only you will make that decision. You can still change your mind too. Now as  for the soul/Spirit trap, Hmmm where to begin?

It is a big and deep subject, even David Icke has touched on this, so that says something. The Gnostics warned of this thousands of years ago. The problem here is that, so much factual information has been hidden by the Vatican and heaven knows who else.

So it looks like we are back to the old drawing board again with this. Or at least so it seems. There are clues in mystic texts to help us along. For the first website I recommend looking at, and I say keep an open mind. Do not form any opinion yet. Here is the link.


I have read quite a few of these books and ended up dumping them in the garbage, in disgust. This was years ago before, I knew much about this stuff too. My instincts just told me to get rid of it. Now this is a big cash cow for these people and they are under pressure from  the publishers to come up with more goodies. You can see the dilemma these people face.



Even the Gnostics smack of elitism. Some of the stuff that I have read still implies they still have egos, and are no better and no worse that the rest of us. There is so much of, " my invincible friend is better than yours", in their beliefs too. I still find the Wes Penre papers much easier to get my head around than a lot of the other things that I have read. The rule of the thumb is be your own judge people. You must read up on this stuff and free your self from the world of illusions that we live in.
From what we see around us at present, things will get much worse from here on in. Unless we have a mass awakening and world wide. Time is short for this folks. Do your best to be better informed. Those that reincarnate on earth are in for a terrible time. The powers that be are ratcheting up the tensions world wide to keep us in a state of fear and uncertainty . This is to stop us from having time to think and rationalise what is going on. Now why would they be doing that huh?

Simple it is a smoke screen to stop us from a global awakening. This is a point in human existence where the cosmic rays activate our DNA to a higher spiritual level. So, in order to prevent this happening they need to create tension and fear. That traps us into a lower spiritual vibrational frequency. To keep us in the 3D mindset.

Know that tension and fear feeds the evil or negative spirits around us. They are very real and depend on us for their very existence. Do not feed them your energy. Ever wondered why after a good nights sleep , you waken up even more tired and have no energy left? Well there is your answer. It also happens to me. You need to use spiritual protection around yourself and around your home. on this blog you can find examples on how to Gold Light yourself and your home. The more you do this the stronger it becomes and the better for you. Also be careful of the thought that you hold. They can cause harm too. It is the intention in the thoughts and words that you say that make the protection powerful. You can find many different ways to do this. Stick to what works best for you.

It is my intention that when I leave this earth at the point of death, that I do not go towards the light.
In fact I intend going as far away from that trap as I possibly can. A soul gets caught in the energy and is pulled towards this Light. They find it hard to resist. But I advise you to learn as much as you can in how to avoid this and travel the universe to find a truly spiritual world that is safe from war and negativity. They do exist, and also are on a higher vibrational frequency, where those beings that control the soul trap can not even go. Good spirits will also endorse the Divine feminine. That is a very important question that you must ask any spirit that you encounter out in the spirit world/Universe. Please be aware that there is more than one universe too. It is in fact a multiverse.
I have read that the ideal thing is to try and leave this Universe and move into a peaceful one. I shall be doing more reading on that and shall post links or info that I come across for everyone to read.
Knowledge should be free to everyone. I do not believe that this information should have a price attached to it. To me, that is abhorrent. But such is the mind set of many on this earth.

Peace and love

Copyright Alex Fulford, December 2014

Moving from Facebook to SEEN.IS underway

HI People due to the goings on with Facebook and all the government spying that is intruding into our lives, I feel that the time has come to leave FB and move to the new alternative one from Iceland, SEEN.IS

You will find me there with Tolly cat slowly moving FB posts etc on to that site.  I really don't do technology so it will take me a while to understand this new site.

Just bear with me as I grumble and stumble around on SEEN.IS

Thank you for being patient with this old fart, lol.

Peace Love and Light.

Oh and don't forget the animals xxx

My Psychic world with Animals

I have always loved animals, a real deep love for them. Ever since I was a small child I just related to them. Dogs, I just worshiped them. I would look right into their eyes with love and excitement.

I had a very strong bond with my grandmother’s dog. She got him when I was 7, just after my grandfather died. Well from the first moment I set eyes on him, that was me hooked. We had a very strong bond. Pooch, as she called him would always wait at the front door when he knew that I was coming to the house. We sort of hung out if you like.

One morning when I was about 15, I woke up from a dream in which my gran’s dog was present. In the dream, I was just leaving my gran’s house, on a regular visit with my parents. As I was going out the door, I told Pooch to get up on his chair at the window, to see me off. As he did, I noticed he was limping. He held up his front right paw. I told my gran, Pooch was holding his paw up. He must have hurt it. She said, “Oh, he must have hurt it in a fight”.

Well the following Saturday afternoon, just as I was leaving my grans house, this actually happened.

I told my parents about it. They didn’t seem to be that interested though.  This was the first of many dreams that were to come over the years. A few years late, when living in Sydney Australia, I had a neighbours’ dog that used to visit. He was a little Silky terrier. I have no idea how old he was. He first appeared on New Year’s morning about 1983. We didn’t know his name, so we called him Angus. This dog became a regular visitor to our house. I do not recall how long he visited us for. A few months I think. Then one morning I woke up after seeing him in a dream. In the dream he was standing at the front door as usual. But in the dream there was a white mist around him. He told me that he has to go away. I felt so sad at him leaving. When I woke up I was upset about Angus leaving. I informed my parents of the dream. This time they listened to me. My mum just knew that this was indeed Angus leaving us. We all missed him for a long time after that.

In recent years, I have had many animals come to me in dreams, for one reason or another. I also see Animals in spirit often. I see them more solid than I do humans for some reason. I just put that down to pure love for animals. With my own fur babies, I have a strong psychic bond. They tell me when I should be home from shopping or visiting friends. When they are outside and want back indoors they send me a mental image. As soon as I go to the door, sure enough there is one of them waiting to get in. I had a Jack Russell called Sparky, he passed a few years ago. When he was ill, I called in the Shaman spirits, to help him cross over. My other little dog, Gromit and all my cats were present through the healing session for Sparky. They could all see what was happening around Sparky. The next evening I took Sparky to the vet to have him put to sleep. My husband came with me to say goodbye to Sparky too.

In the Vet’s surgery, I called the Shamans yet again. The room was charged with spiritual energy as the Shamans and some of my loved ones in spirit were present, including my Mum and grandparents. I had never seen so many spirits present in the room. At the precise moment of death, I saw Sparky leave his

body. The dog’s soul looked nothing like an animal. More like a purple and black sparkling and pulsating eye, type of shape. In an instant he was gone. All the lights in the room went dim, and then the whole room had a feeling of calm and neutral energy. I asked the others present if they felt anything. Both the Vet nurse and my husband said, yes, and both said they also saw the lights all flicker. I told them that was Sparky leaving the earth. All the spirit beings left at the same time. Sparky did leave us all with a lovely gift when he departed too. I saw him from a tiny puppy up to his final moment. I could see it through my third eye like watching a DVD. Sadly our vet was too preoccupied to witness this. He has had his own paranormal events after that though. Now when my husband and I got home, I asked my sons if the felt or heard anything in regards to Sparky. They both confirmed they had felt his presence and like myself and my husband. They too were left with little visions of him. 

I knew that Gromit would go 12 months or so later, which he did. It is not nice to know these things though. This is where the gift can become a cures. Gromit had different health issues, so we had to make a judgment call on when to let him go. Not a pleasant thing to do for any one. When I took him to the vet, my oldest son came with me, as Gromit was his dog. After leaving the vet’s surgery we drove home in silence. But lo and behold, as soon as we drove up the driveway, I saw Gromit rush out of the car and run up to our front door. When I got out of the car, I turned to my son and asked him if he noticed anything strange. To which he replied, you mean like Gromit just running up to the door just now? I laughed and said, oh, you saw that too.

Over the past few years I have seen both Sparky and Gromit in the house and heard them barking. I see my mother’s dog too, when he pops in for a visit. I have tripped over Sammy, my mother’s dog on several occasions. One that springs to mind was, on a late night emergency to the hospital, with a friend that was staying with us. As soon as I opened the front door, I saw a dog run out. I yelled to my husband, “Help, Gromit has just got out”. He called back, Gromit was sleeping next to him. Sammy was the dog that ran out the door. Sammy died back in March 1999. Sammy and Gromit looked similar in colour and size.

Quite often when I am asleep and out of body, my cats or my current little dog, Ruby are with me. I really enjoy their company. I cannot bear to be without my fur babies. They are a huge part of my life. It is also quite common for me to see client’s pets that have passed on, and pass on loving messages to them from their beloved fury family members. I also tune into lost pets for clients. Mostly with happy results and being reunited fur babies and fur parents. I too have been in the situation many years ago, when one of my cats went missing for 3 weeks. It was heart wrenching for all the family. Lucky for me, I just knew that I would get Tolstoy, my cat back again. I could connect to him in dreams, but had no idea where he was though. I just knew that I would get him back. When I did I was over joyed. He was locked under a house that had just been vacated. He was thin and very hungry. His voice was so feint    when I called out to him from over the fence of the house. I could see his tag on his collar shine in the sun light, at the wooden gate, under the house. So I rushed in to the garden and rescued him. I will never forget that day ever.  Thankfully now we have a big cat run and none of our cats are in any danger of being lost or worse. The pain of losing a pet is unbearable for me.

Copyright Alex Fulford November 2014

Thursday 4 December 2014

Life's Awkward Moments At A Funeral

My first psychic experience at a funeral was some what of surprise to me. I was 28 and attending a close friend's funeral. Everything was very sombre as one expects, well until near the end. The priest asked us to think of a happy moment on the man's life and what he meant to us.

This deceased friend had a wicked sense of humour and knew what my sense of humour is like. So lo and behold my dear friend tried to make me laugh. Yup, that's the sort of guy, LOL. I do miss him very much.
He proceeded to remind me of the awkward moment that he had with his Dad a few years before.
My friend came from a devout Catholic family, and there are certain things that one does not say or do.

Well my friend just had to remind me of one of his embarrassing moments with his father and a condom, that his father happened to find on the driveway. His father was disgusted to find this "thing" on his driveway, my friend always one to think fast on his feet managed to get out of a firm lecture, and mocked disgust at such a thing. I will never for get this story as long as I live, but from the events at his funeral. Not him relaying the story at the time to me.

 I had to sit there for 10 minutes trying not to laugh out loud in the church.
As soon as my husband and I got out side the church, I turned to him and said, "Bloody so and so tried to make me laugh in there, I could kill him."

At that stage my husband had not accepted my psychic abilities. He did not know what to say or how to react at that moment. We laugh at it now all these years later. Even in death things are not what they seem. I am well used to putting my foot in it, it is a natural talent that I have. I don't need any help from them on the other side either.

I have only been to a couple of funerals in the past 20 years, and I do see it from a new perspective.
Most of which is amazing to witness and relay to others. When you are out of the physical body, your spirit or light body is quite big. It amazed me the first time that I saw a person do this. The man was superimposed over the whole gathering outside the church, as they all left to go to the burial. At least nothing went on there that was going to make me laugh out loud.  I am grateful for that.

Copyright Alex Fulford 4/12/2014