Friday 30 December 2011

Dr Turis's news letters

Here is a list of news letters that Dr Turi wants people to read. Very interesting stuff. Pleas also note that there is an other dead bird issue. Birds falling out of the sky around the world, again!!

It wouldn't be due to Human intervention now would it??. HAARP, Fracking, Chemtrails or some such evil.
It is not natural that is for sure. never in history has there been cases world wide like this, until the 20th Century technology came about. It ain't rocket science. If it harms these poor birds, then what is it doing to us? I think you need to ponder this one people.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Teens keep dying while getting wisdom teeth removed by overzealous oral surgeons

This is so sad, nothing can bring these children back. I have never heard of anyone dying from this routine surgery, this stunned me. Gee, I have to go to the dentist with a broken back tooth from eating toffee over Christmas. Lol, I just warn them, watch it I bite if I get frightened, lol. Just kidding.

Thursday 22 December 2011

Update on Tolstoy

Sad news from the Vet, Tolly has bone cancer. The vet said he can take the leg off, if we want. The other option is put him to sleep. Our vet is a loving and caring man, he prefers to preserve life as best he can.
But the sad reality is that the cancer is already in the blood stream. There is no saving our beloved Tolly.

We have decided to let him have Christmas with the family, and then when we see he is suffering, put him to sleep. We will not have the poor little soul suffer. It is best for him to pass away in the comfort of his own home with the family. We never expected this to happen. It has all been a sudden shock to all of us. We are taking each day as it comes. What will be, will be. There are spirits around us watching at present including spirit shamans. I am most grateful for their presence and support at this time. These are the spirits that were here to assist when Sparky was passing on.

In the mean time all I can do is give him Spiritual healing and administer the bush flower essences to assist him in passing over to the other side of life.

Tolstoy is sick

This week has been quite sad at our house. Our beloved cat Tolstoy, is sick. Late on Monday night my son discovered a lump on one of Tolly's hind legs. He woke me up to tell me. So I came through to the kitchen to have a look. Poor Tolly was in pain hissing and growling. When I looked at the lump, it was quite big. I thought I shall need to get him to the vet first thing in the morning. I was due to drive up to visit my sick Parents in Law. Hubby had to go on his own in the end.

Any how, I took Tolly into my bed and he slept on my pillow. The next morning when we woke up I looked at his leg. The whole leg was swollen up. So at 8am sharp I was at the vet. Long story short, it turns out to be a tumor in his leg. We are waiting for the biopsy report  which will be back in a day or so. From that the vet will know what to do next.

We are devastated at our Angel cat having a tumour. Quite a lot of fluid came out of his leg when they drained his leg. He is now sporting a bright red bandage all the way up his leg. Poor little soul, he has been in so much pain. On Monday night I gave him some spiritual healing, as strong as he could take it. He was hissing and growling at the time. Then he went to sleep, he slept all night on my bed and in the morning he woke up and was purring. It is still early days yet and we don't know what will happen next. Fingers crossed that it is a benign tumour. We can't bear anything to happen to our beloved Angel cat, or any of our fury children.

Last month It was Slinky my youngest son's cat that had surgery, to remove two Thyroid tumours. poor little thing. Slinky is an 11 year old, huge Tabby cat. He is so loving and gentle we had many friends emailing us and visiting us to see Slinky after his surgery. I expect the same will happen with Tolstoy. It is rather distressing waiting to see what will happen next. It is in the hands of God at present it could go either way. I prefer to think positively on the outcome.

Every day with all my fury children is a blessing, just like with my Human children. My youngest son usually chases Tolly for fun, which annoys me, however he was the one that noticed the lump on Tolly's leg and insisted on being with me to pick Tolly up from the vet. So even though he can upset or frighten poor Tolly, he still loves him. It has been a wake up call to my son. He is showing more love and affection to Tolly now.

Don't get me wrong, my son loves animals, he just gets a bit silly sometimes. Now he is watching Tolly like a hawk making sure that the cat is ok.
Our dog, Gromit is an old dog, but still quite able to have a set to with the cats, is giving Tolly a wide birth. Tolly would give him what for normally. So for once Gromit is staying away from him. The other cats are also being careful and respectful at present. Garfield and Tolstoy can go toe to toe normally and I have to sort them out. But over the past couple of days Garfield has had the smarts to leave his brother alone.

I will post an update when I have more news. For any of you out there that are healers can you please send some distant healing to him please, Thank you.

Friday 16 December 2011

Chemical of the day (web site)

I thought that I would pass this web address on to all my readers. I just stumbled across this about 2 minutes ago, while looking for a herbal toothpaste that is "totally safe".  Book mark this as you will need to know what is in the products that you are buying.

It is almost impossible to buy, " all natural" health and hygene products with out some sort of nasty chemicals in them. So I hope that this will be of use to everyone.

Just letting you know Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate is NOT  safe to have in you personal care products it is just as dangerous as this buddy Sodium Lauryl Sulphates.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

Busy times

Hi Readers

Just letting you know that I am flat out with the normal every day things that a mother and wife has to do.
I haven't even got near my studies for over a week. So you might not see much on my blog for a little while.

I will get back into the blogging as soon as I can. Christmas shopping also being a time waster from my usual daily routine too. I am so over all the shopping. I would like to go back to basics, which this Christmas is falling into place. Putting the word out with friends about keeping the silly season simple. Keeping spending to a minimum. Thank God I don't have a credit Card. I have never had one in my life, as I have never liked them.

You will find life much simpler cutting back on all the consumerism. I feel this is the death of consumerism, and not before time. Life was never like this 50 or 60 years ago. How on Earth did we allow ourselves to get this way. Our children have been born in to this sort of greedy society and accept it as normal.
It is up to all of us to correct this, and do it quickly to save them from financial  misery.

Accountability and responsibility are the key words that the young people need to listen to and take on board. They need our help  to understand what is going on. Every parent has the responsibility to teach their children this. This is not negotiable either. You will not be doing them any favours by just letting them go on their merry way without good practical guidance to start them off in life.

The throw away society that we live in is at an end. We all have to get our act together. You can live with less and soon many will not have the choice either. So start to make the adjustments in your lives to ease you through the transition that is sweeping the Globe.

I wish everyone all the very best of luck for the new year that is arriving and and hope that we all make it through the financial collapse and come out the other end a bit better off.
Spend the holidays with those that you love and please keep an eye on those that have no one to care for them. Check on the elderly too, and please don't forget the animals.
Animals are very important too. They need food, water a warm bed and most of all love.