Thursday 28 February 2019

Justify your adultery to yourself

Please do not ask me to participate in aiding and abetting adultery.
I will not read for any one that expects me to give them the green light for this.

We all are given free will to live out our incarnation. The choices that you make are yours and yours alone. I feel it is morally wrong for a person to put their selfish ego based choice on to an other person and then keep asking them to say  it's OK.

What about the rights of others that have nothing to do with this?  It is downright selfish, not to mention it can be very dangerous to the person reading for you. What if your spouse takes it out on the reader. The client can tell their spouse anything and then that spouse takes it out on the reader and possibly their family.

We have private lives and do not wish to intrude into other peoples lives and the possibility of being put in danger. YES, I have been put in that situation.

I have been through almost the full gamut of human experiences including terrifying ones, that most people have never done. It has taken its toll on me and my family. The selfish adulterer does not care about this of course. No it is all about them and nothing else matters, as long as the reader tells them what they want to hear. Male or female it makes no difference, it is all about them and what they want.

What about the innocent  children involved, not just your children but the other person's children and spouse? Is it fair on them to have their lives destroyed? I hardly think so.  The serious damage done has a ripple effect beyond your comprehension. But that is of no interest to a selfish person.

I honestly cannot stand living a lie, it makes me ill and affects me on a spiritual level. I do not want to have any input into other peoples life choices. I am not here to tell you how to live your lives that is not my function, but neither is being used for immoral purposes of any sort.

It is best to talk to your spouse and explain how you feel and perhaps separation might be the right choice. People do not like to be cheated or find out by other means. Be honest and up front if your feelings have changed. There is no crime in honest feelings, but a fling that is a different matter altogether. Yes is happens to many people since the dawn of time. But accountability for ones actions is a must. No one is saying it is easy, however the individual must use logic and take responsibility.

I am  most certainly not a marriage councilor or psychologist. That is not my function. I do not have the time nor the inclination to be at your beck and call every day, several times a day to see if the situation you find yourself in will change.

To expect others to assist you is wicked and very selfish. You cannot assume  others will be in favour of your choice. To be drawn in to your choices which again I must point out can have very dangerous outcomes.

What you ask, is the violation of the free will of other people. Their moral conscious, and what they hold sacred. Should however you get what you want, what about those that you used? Do you compensate them for their time and energy and the risks they take to please you?

Do you care and will you admit to others that it is all your fault if something happened to those people that  assisted or supported your choices? NO! You wouldn't because you are selfish and will quietly move on. You will let others even your own children suffer because of your ego.

Go through life as peacefully as you can and please be mindful of the choices that you make and the repercussions they cause. Other people are not on this earth to fix your problems or learn the lessons that were for you.

Monday 25 February 2019

An Aussie Snake tale in Scotland

You don't see this every day. Snake going on a holiday to Scotland. Stranger things have happened, lol.

Anything to declare Mr Snake? Yes its too cold here.

Sunday 24 February 2019

Video 125: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES || Introduction to the Big Picture

Notice he says these beings are not spiritual, but humans are. That is because we started off as ethereal beings and then were put into the physical vessels. Thus dropping our vibrational frequency down and cutting us off from help in the real spiritual multiverse.

Now to keep us trapped in this world they must trap us using our own fears against us stopping us reaching our true spiritual potential because that will shatter the control matrix. Trauma, fear, worry violence and debasement are part of the low frequency to enslave the minds and hearts of humanity.

Gold however expands our consciousness and intelligence. Colloidal gold is actually sold in health food shops and is needed  to expand our minds, I do not know what the recommended dose is though
to be of real benefit. But should one stop taking the stuff then one will revert back to what they were.
It can be used by people suffering with dementia along with other important amino acids and minerals. It is also said that gold and prevent aging, hence these beings using it because they will age rapidly in our world. They do not have the ability to survive physically here unless is is a lower frequency.

Our chakras are part of the control system that anchor us in to this reality. When our energy is being harvested by these beings, they usually take it from the lower chakras, the base, sacral and solar chakras. Our Spiritual energy, the kundalini sits coiled like a snake in the base chakra.
The colours of the Base, Sacral and Solar chakras are as follows dark red, orange and yellow.

Our base instincts also are connected to these chakras, anger, jealousy, sex, violence. So these are not spiritually enhancing energies like the heart or crown chakra.

It seems like this world is now set in a downward spiral into the second dimension according to many researchers of note. But do keep in mind though when we focus on that we are drawing that to ourselves. So please do not focus on it.

It is to the benefit of these evil ones that we focus on the dark energies, so please make a conscious effort to lift your thoughts to positive ones, such as loving your family. These beings cannot penetrate the loving energy. Nor the truth, but the will try so hard to disrupt our energy with gloom and doom.

Using fear, financial stress, terrorism threats, bringing in draconian laws and undermining a countries society and destabilise it, such as we are seeing right now throughout the western world. It is done with a very slow trickle effect so that the masses do not notice. Many people are starting to notice now and especially in Europe and are pushing back.

We are living in interesting times and who honestly knows what is coming next, because nothing is set in stone. There has been so much fear spread about 3 G, then 4 G and now 5 G technology.
Where I live that 5 G technology has been in use since November 2018. So far I have not heard anything about it affecting people locally yet, but the US have had people being badly affected and in parts of England.

This 5 G is supposed to affect our bodies and our minds according to some researchers. I have no doubt what so ever about WI-FI damage to all living beings and the rapid rise in cancer, brain tumors and auto immune problems. As for it affecting our minds we have to do more research.

Also there is so much talk about nano particles that is supposedly in our bodies already which have either been ingested or via the food chain and medications.I honestly do not have the answers but something is going on that is prompting all these things being all over the internet. Time will tell.

My best and humblest advice is take care of your family to the best of your ability, try and live peacefully and do not allow your civil liberties to be manipulated, violated or taken away from you.
 Keep working on the positives and do practice meditation connecting within yourself to your higher self, which is a knowing feeling.  It is downright unhelpful and stupid to ignore things that are wrong. That will not help anyone and the more that do nothing the faster evil spreads.

You have to ask yourself is this worth the risk to your family and your self?

Redheads in advertising

Ranga's ( Aussie slang for an Orangutan or a red haired person), blood nuts, ginger heads, ginger snaps or gingie, we all know or have these colourful loving characters  in our families. Always there
in our lives to enhance our existence.

I have noticed there is a massive amount of red heads in advertising over the past 12 months or so. Advertising often employs subtle symbology and hidden or occult  esoteric meanings. You will also notice symbolic colours are also employed in the advertising such as purple which is the current trend including ( now they are switching back to blue) government departments world wide.

Image result for tpgImage result for red hair in advertsImage result for red haired men in advertisingImage result for isla fisher advertsImage result for red haired men in internet  advertising

So having that thought I have delved into redheads in history, the arts and mythology. Starting with ancient humans, we know that Neanderthals had red hair as did the Titans or the Nephilim and also Celtic people and royalty, think Boadicea and Mary queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, Henry VIII and of course the current prince Harry.

The Titans were giants with red hair and  supposedly a double row of teeth and six digits on each hand and foot..they were also supposedly cannibals. Native Americans have recorded this in their history as have South American tribes. These Titans were to be feared not just by their height and looks but for eating human flesh.

It has been said that the Titans or Nephilim are the offspring of the Gods with human females and these gods were also giants. The women were unable to give birth normally so they would have had to have a Cesarean or they would die.

We know that many races of humans had red hair but according to Ignatius Donnelly in his book Atlantis: the antediluvian world, red heads originated in Atlantis which is real the home of humanity not Africa, Atlantis was a multi cultural continent too.

From Atlantis they spread out to the Americas, Ireland, Britain, Northern Europe and even some parts of the Middle East, Greece and Turkey .

Red heads have always had a reputation through the centuries also, from being fiery tempered to dishonest. They usually have gray blue, blue or green eyes and very fair skin which is sometimes quite freckled and photosensitive. Aristotle was quoted as saying, red heads are of bad character, they are stubborn and have bad tempers.

In mythology, poetry and the arts redheads are often depicted in a godlike manner. Especially the Works of Pre-Raphaelite art work. Such as Waterhouse, Hughes, Millais etc. I actually like the pre-Raphaelite art there is a romanticism with it.

It is quite an interesting subject when you look at it from an art and mythology perspective. The answers to the use of red heads in advertising at present though could have an other meaning. I have mentioned in an other blog post the colours used and symbolism used in advertising is usually esoterically based and it is a coded message to those in the know, and a bit of a nose thumbing to the rest of us.

With the vast amount of red heads in averts that we are being bombarded with on a daily basis, you will notice many of them are to do with money, Insurance, banking,
including health insurance.

You will also see the actors doing various forms of the "As above, so is below" sign with their hands. Which can be in similar form to these  images here.

Image result for as above so is below symbolImage result for as above so is below symbolImage result for bank adverts 2019Image result for  hands signs in banking

Most powerful bankers are indeed Freemasons and they are fond of symbols.
The symbol used most often is the one above with the man in a suit. It is all over banking, insurance and health funds world wide. This image came from South Korea. Yes there have Freemasons over there too. The Freemasons are in every country in the world with many different lodges., not all are associated with the Scottish rites.

I feel this red hair symbology is referring back to our Atlantian ancestors and those that brought forth their esoteric schools. Letting the world know that they are in charge.

One thing that most people don't know is the tri-coloured flags that are red,white and blue stand for red hair, blue eyes and white skin. Yet an other hidden message to those in the know. Red heads need more anesthesia, this is something rather interesting  to read, not to forget that many red haired people are O Rh negative blood, the royal blood, and that is not just the earth based royal bloodlines, it is indeed the blood of the Annunaki and any researcher worth their salt is very well aware of this. This is the missing link.

Copyright Alex Fulford, 2019.

Thursday 21 February 2019

Wes Penre: Video 123: Q&A Session #20

I thought that I had already shared this on this blog. I put it on my WordPress one, hmmm

Take a look at what Wes says around the 9 minute mark. I have known this for years. In some spiritual practices in Asia they practice suppressing the energy. They have known about the energy going into astral for thousands of years.

Tune in at 13 minute also about the energy harvesting. Yes it is real.

I am trying to find the video where he mentions energy harvesting during spiritual healing. It made me sit up and notice, because I am a spiritual healer. I have not done healing for a while though as I do not have the physical health any more due to serious injuries from a car accident, and I cannot hold my arms up for longer than a few minute due to the pain and a tremor that happens if I do too much.

Anyway Wes made a comment about spiritual healing can cause rapid aging and health problems for the healer. I had wondered that a year ago funny enough, but had no proof. So as soon as I find the part I will update this post.


Found it it is on Video 120 #19 Q and A

Right at 6.28

Saturday 16 February 2019

Have a wonderful weekend everyone

Image may contain: drink, table and indoor

Hi everyone,
Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you find it useful and informative.
Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Spread the love and some silly stuff too. It may just be the pick me up that someone needs.

Much love and warm and fuzzy hugs.


Saturday 9 February 2019

Eight page manual unearthed in the CIA archives offers a how-to guide on remote viewing

Remote viewing is not reliable due to time not being a fixed thing. it is way to ramdom.

Video 121: The Astral, the Akashic Records, and Between Lives Regression...

This is  a very good video from a psychic point of view. For several years this  has been what I had concluded. As I say, never trust what you cannot see. I heard it said once that when we talk to spirit it is basically like an answering service we contact. It is much more sophisticated really though.

One thing though is there are some people that are hanging around in astral and have not gone into the light (soul trap). This is due to guilt, worrying about loved ones, fear or any number of reasons.
Sometimes a person that has died a violent of sudden death can also end up in astral. People with dementia also can also end up in astral and not even know they are dead.

Over the years I have had my share of moving souls on, from murder victims, accidental deaths etc.
They have no real idea of how things work and they need help. But most importantly they need the truth of what is happening and how to free themselves. Without knowing the full situation and options, eventually they will be tricked into going in to the soul trap. back to more suffering and more lies.

Education, truth and empowerment are what we need right now. Before we leave the current incarnation we need to know how to awaken and free ourselves. Should a replacement for the grid be activated before that happens though we may need to  think  about that and how to get around it.

Firm intention and knowing what to do is the key. No interacting with anything on point of death, ignore anything or anyone around you and just head out into the true spiritual universe. Any distraction will be a grave error, acknowledge nothing and speak to no one because that will break your concentration and then you are hooked back into the soul trap.

You are giving off an energy signature or frequency that can be tuned into and therefore you can be vulnerable to being pulled back in to the trap. Remember it is all energy manipulation, you are an onto-energetic being   and once you are in spirit you are still able to be tracked unless you are fully aware and are strong enough to resist the pull.

Please watch the video in YouTube mode and read the comments, feel free to post a comment too.

Friday 8 February 2019

Wes Penre Moving To WordPress

Hi peeps,

Wes has just announced he is moving his website to WordPress as of now.

Those here, who have read at least some of the Wes Penre Papers, are familiar with my website at However, now I'm in the middle of transferring my domain from iPage to Wordpress, but I will keep the same domain. This means that if you type in, you will automatically go to the new WordPress page, which will look completely different, but is easier to maintain and navigate.
All the papers are now transferred to Wordpress, except the Spanish translations (will do these later). The domain itself takes up to 5 days to transfer (counting from today), but I have a temporary URL for the Wordpress page in the meantime. If you want to check it out, it's here: . Once the domain is transferred, I think BOTH URLs will and
I don't expect any downtime in the process, but if you try to go to my website within the next few days, and it's down, you know why.
My articles and e-books since before, plus Ariel's and my future articles will not be included on They can be found here: .
WordPress is neat--I've used it before, and I like it. Hope you do, too. Let me know if there are any problems navigating, etc. If so, I'd like to know, because if someone has problems, more people will probably have similar problems that I might be able to easily fix.
Feel free to ask questions about this, if you have any.

This is a cut and paste from Face book to save time. So please bookmark the new WordPress page.

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Video 120: Q&A Session #19

Ah would you look at that, lol. last WP post would not link so I had to do it by putting up a crappy link.

Anyhoo, this is an interesting post Wes has, and notice he also is saying "stay right away from channeling", just like I have been saying. Also when it comes to new age or spiritual stuff like automatic writing, trance mediumship, chanting, please do not do it, yes it will open up portals and you will feel a light out of body feeling. This is your energy being taken.

I used to listen to a CD of chanting and I could feel myself coming out of my body. That is a really bad thing. So please do not do it. All of these meditations ( even worse is the joint meditation groups), mantras, chants, mandalas for meditation, etc are part of the matrix control. They are not there for your benefit at all. During the chanting, your crown chakra is wide open and will be  used to take your energy, and in some cases put an entity in to you. That entity can be ever so subtle that you will not even know it is there. But others will notice a change in your behavior and tell you that you are not your usual self or notice other changes in your beliefs or thoughts that are not really your own etc.

Notice the part about healing at 6.28. The same goes with Spiritual healing. I no longer do this for health reasons I cannot hold my arms up for longer than a few minutes because of the pain and tremor.  I just have to have healing removed from my website.

There are too many spiritually uninformed people that are out there spreading this dangerous stuff and teaching it. These individuals have no real idea what they are dealing with, but what frightens me most is they do not want to know the truth.They want to be in control and want you to flow their rules.  That is giving away your power! Do not get involved please. You only need to listen to your higher self and nothing else.  Your wisdom is within (your higher self) you.

Just this week I broke off a long friendship with an astrologer friend because he is exhibiting the behaviour that I am talking about in this post. Now he is one of the best in his field whom I have much respect for. But his personality has changed and he is acting in a way that makes me very uncomfortable.

Nothing on this earth (fake reality) is spiritually pure or clean. So please think about this and when in doubt leave it alone. Instead of reading so called spiritual books why not read our ancient history especially what Plato and others have to say about humanity in antediluvian times. I actually am rereading Atlantis ; the antediluvian world by Ignatius Donnolly at present and I keep finding more and more info in the book every time I read it. I actually think he has a lot more to say about the Celts and the Atlantians than Anna Wilkes, I feel she stopped her research to soon or she would have found the origin is Atlantis and not Ireland.

Saturday 2 February 2019

Bye Bye Google Plus

Well how do you like that? Hurumph!!  Gone on 2nd April. Oh well I still has the blog.

OK I just decided to delete my Google plus account. I cannot really see the point of doubling up on these pages. I like to keep things simple. I have a WordPress page too that I haven't even looked at in months. I just don't have the time. It is just all too much, so I no longer have Twitter, Google plus and who knows maybe get rid of WordPress.

There are way too many platforms and it is a huge waste of time and effort to be on everything.