Wednesday 23 December 2015

Himalayan Salt Lamps in stock now

I now have some Himalayan Salt lamps in stock, including little ones for your PC. As I have said, I am testing the market at present so I want to see what sells and what doesn't. I have a small amount of Tibetan prayer flags and little brass bells on string too.   So please feel free to come and check out the merchandise. I am pleased with the way things are going so far. Let's see what 2016 will bring.

Blessings to  all, Alex

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Woo hoo, Tarot cards and Tarot colouring books are in stock

YAY! At last I can say the Tarot cards and the Tarot colouring books are in stock.
I do not intend to stock a lot of them as I do feel that they will not be in high demand, unless I hear otherwise from clients. You may post comments about stock on my face book page or Google plus.

The Himalayans Salt lamps will arrive in the next few days. There are small ones to plug into your computer and big ones to have in your lounge room or where ever you want to use them.
The little ones for the pc come in tow styles, pyramid and sphere shape and multi coloured.

Jack Russell Rescue Australia and ARF Canberra

It's that time of year again to think of the less fortunate in the world, not that we don't through out the year. My husband and I have always given food, clothing and household items to charity in our 26 year marriage. Animals are a major part of our lives too. Having a house full of fur, feathered and scaled babies over the years and often all at the one time while raising our children.

We have been donating to Jack Russell Rescue over the past few years and ACT Animal Rescue and Foster (ARF). As we have a big soft spot for Jack Russell's we make sure that we don't for get to give them a little something when we can. It is heart breaking for us to see not just humans suffering but also the animals in need. I prefer to call them fur babies or fury beings, as the word animal actually means bad spirit. There is nothing bad about fur babies domestic or wild (free).

Sadly not every one can afford to make donations of money to charities, but old sheets, towels and old pet beds etc, are very much needed if you have any to spare and are very much needed all year round. So please don't just chuck things out these dear little souls will be most appreciative of any thing that you don't want or need any more.

Thank you for taking the time out of your very busy lives to read this post too, it means a lot to my husband and myself just to pay it forward.

Thank you

Monday 14 December 2015

No other guide

We are  our own master guide, there is no other worldly nor other-worldly
guide but the self. Know thy self and you shall know truth. Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium

Wednesday 9 December 2015

Alex Reading at the CPC Psychic Expo 2016, below dates 3 Events over 3 days

OK folks, here is the heads up for the next Psychic Expos run by the Canberra Psychic Centre. I am most honoured to be invited to do readings at these 3 major events. Bookings will fill up fast so why not make a booking now to get ahead of the rest. I hope everyone enjoys the events immensely, I know that I sure will working with a fine team of readers to give you lovely people the very best and quality readings from the heart. See you there and have a lot of fun. Love to all XXX

Saturday 5 December 2015

Faraday Cage

Faraday cage

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Faraday cage

Entrance to a Faraday room

Faraday shield at Art Nouveau power plant in Heimbach, Germany
A Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure formed by conductive material or by a mesh of such material. Such an enclosure blocks external static and non-static electric fields by channeling electricity through the mesh, providing constant voltage on all sides of the enclosure. Since the difference in voltage is the measure of electrical potential, no current flows through the space. Faraday cages are named after the English scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.[1]
A Faraday cage operates because an external static electrical field causes the electric charges within the cage's conducting material to be distributed such that they cancel the field's effect in the cage's interior. This phenomenon is used, for example, to protect electronic equipment from lightning strikes and electrostatic discharges.
Faraday cages cannot block static or slowly varying magnetic fields, such as the Earth's magnetic field (a compass will still work inside). To a large degree, though, they shield the interior from external electromagnetic radiation if the conductor is thick enough and any holes are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the radiation. For example, certain computer forensic test procedures of electronic systems that require an environment free of electromagnetic interference can be carried out within a screened room. These rooms are spaces that are completely enclosed by one or more layers of a fine metal mesh or perforated sheet metal. The metal layers are grounded to dissipate any electric currents generated from external or internal electromagnetic fields, and thus they block a large amount of the electromagnetic interference. See also electromagnetic shielding.
The reception or transmission of radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to or from an antenna within a Faraday cage is heavily attenuated or blocked by the cage.


In 1836, Michael Faraday observed that the excess charge on a charged conductor resided only on its exterior and had no influence on anything enclosed within it. To demonstrate this fact, he built a room coated with metal foil and allowed high-voltage discharges from an electrostatic generator to strike the outside of the room. He used an electroscope to show that there was no electric charge present on the inside of the room's walls.
Although this cage effect has been attributed to Michael Faraday's famous ice pail experiments performed in 1843, it was Benjamin Franklin in 1755 who observed the effect by lowering an uncharged cork ball suspended on a silk thread through an opening in an electrically charged metal can. In his words, "the cork was not attracted to the inside of the can as it would have been to the outside, and though it touched the bottom, yet when drawn out it was not found to be electrified (charged) by that touch, as it would have been by touching the outside. The fact is singular." Franklin had discovered the behavior of what we now refer to as a Faraday cage or shield (based on Faraday's later experiments which duplicated Franklin's cork and can).[2]


An external electrical field causes the charges to rearrange, which cancels the field inside.
A Faraday cage is best understood as an approximation to an ideal hollow conductor. Externally or internally applied electromagnetic fields produce forces on the charge carriers (usually electrons) within the conductor; the charges are redistributed accordingly (that is, electric currents are generated). Once the charges have rearranged so as to cancel the applied field inside, the currents stop.
If a charge is placed inside an ungrounded Faraday cage, the internal face of the cage becomes charged (in the same manner described for an external charge) to prevent the existence of a field inside the body of the cage. However, this charging of the inner face re-distributes the charges in the body of the cage. This charges the outer face of the cage with a charge equal in sign and magnitude to the one placed inside the cage. Since the internal charge and the inner face cancel each other out, the spread of charges on the outer face is not affected by the position of the internal charge inside the cage. So for all intents and purposes, the cage generates the same DC electric field that it would generate if it were simply affected by the charge placed inside. The same is not true for electromagnetic waves.
If the cage is grounded, the excess charges will go to the ground instead of the outer face, so the inner face and the inner charge will cancel each other out and the rest of the cage will retain a neutral charge.
Effectiveness of shielding of a static electric field depends upon the geometry of the conductive material. In the case of a nonlinear varying electric field, and hence an accompanying varying magnetic field, the faster the variations are (i.e., the higher the frequencies), the better the material resists penetration, but on the other hand, the better it passes through a mesh of given size. In this case the shielding also depends on the electrical conductivity of the conductive materials used in the cages, as well as their thicknesses.


  • A microwave oven utilises a Faraday cage, which can be partly seen covering the transparent window, to contain the electromagnetic energy within the oven and to shield the exterior from radiation.
  • Elevators and other rooms with metallic conducting frames famously simulate a Faraday cage effect, leading to a loss of signal and "dead zones" for users of cellular phones, radios, and other electronic devices that require external electromagnetic signals. Small, physical Faraday cages are used by electronics engineers during testing to simulate such an environment to make sure that the device gracefully handles these conditions.
  • The shield of a screened cable, such as USB cables or the coaxial cable used for cable television, protects the internal conductors from external electrical noise and prevents the RF signals from leaking out.
  • A booster bag (shopping bag lined with aluminium foil) acts as a Faraday cage. It is often used by shoplifters to steal RFID-tagged items.[3]

A home-made Faraday cage at the University of Arizona in Dr. Michael Heien's Lab
  • Plastic bags that are impregnated with metal are used to enclose electronic toll collection devices during shipment to the customer, so that a toll charge is not registered if the delivery truck carrying the item passes through a toll booth.[citation needed]
  • Some electrical linemen wear Faraday suits, which allow them to work on live, high voltage power lines without risk of electrocution. The suit prevents electrical current from flowing through the body, and has no theoretical voltage limit. Linemen have successfully worked even the highest voltage (Kazakhstan's Ekibastuz–Kokshetau line 1150 kV) lines safely.[citation needed]
  • The scan room of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine is designed as a Faraday cage. This prevents external RF (radio frequency) signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image. Radiographers are trained to identify the characteristic artifacts created on images should the Faraday cage be damaged.
  • Faraday cages are routinely used in analytical chemistry to reduce noise while making sensitive measurements. An image of a home-made Faraday cage used for simultaneous microscopy and electrochemistry is shown.
  • A Faraday cage was used in 2013 by the Vatican to shield the Sistine Chapel from electronic eavesdropping during the secret papal conclave to elect the next pope.[4]
  • Automobile and airplane passenger compartments are essentially Faraday cages, protecting passengers from electric charges, such as lightning during a thunderstorm.

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External links[edit]

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NSAID Painkillers Linked to Irregular Heartbeat

Red Poppy Flower Meaning - Unlock The Secret:

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Please read this carefully and take a look at the ancient meanings 3000 years ago this is closer to the mark.

A Dentist Exposes The Root Canal Coverup

Gee I have a few and one at the front of my mouth that my current dentist tells me was not done properly. It was done many years ago in the  mid1980's.

Wednesday 2 December 2015

Card payments for readings is up and running

Hi Peeps,

Finally I can anounce the card reading machine is working YAY!
So if you want to pay by Visa or Master card I am good to go.
If you feel inclined to make a purchase of my merchandise as well, it's
all good to go.

Saturday 28 November 2015

Colouring books arrived today

Good news folks. The postie brought the first lot of colouring books today. They are made in Australia by Illumination Mandalas. Cost is $7 for these lovely 12 page books and there are a few different types including Australian animals. They can be put into a frame after you colour them too.

A good idea for adults or children at Christmas as a stocking filler. Might be a good idea to buy your loved one some water colour pencils to go with these books.


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Schizophrenia, Psychosis explained?

Schizophrenia is usually caused by trauma of some sort, often times through abuse.
In spiritual terms some call it a "failed medium", a term I am not comfortable with as it does not explain anything really. Sadly Schizophrenia is  more common than you think. The medical world don't understand the real concept of body, mind and spirit as an integrated unit, and how such things as abuse and trauma are behind most cases, not to forget drug use. Drugs are used as a coping method by the sufferer to self medicate.

Nothing  on this earth is ever what people  think it is. Try talking to psychics and clairvoyants to get more information on this subject. We might just surprise you.

I am in no way saying that we have the answers, we don't, but we deal with the unseen world every day and can help gain an understanding of the spirit world's involvement with these poor unfortunate people. 

Even we psychics and clairvoyants don't get to know much about the spirit world and the inter dimensional worlds. We can see and hear the beings but these beings are very guarded in the information that they give us. Severe trauma, especially sexual abuse can trigger the Kundalini and open a person up to their psychic abilities. Not the right way for this to happen of course, but it does happen. I know for a fact Clairaudience (Clear hearing) can happen this way.

I have heard one theory which does not hold water and that was a person that was due to be born on a particular date but was born on a different date, but either arrived before their due date (EDC) or after it. Hog wash!

Gee, that fits most people, lol. I should have been born on 6th October but me always in a hurry, I was born on 24th September. Either way I would have a number 6 birth number.
I was meant to do what I am doing career wise.

I have heard many  spiritualist people say this is an out of control ego like Bi Polar disorder. I cannot agree with this, it is just new age spin with no valid explanation or proof.
 It just just repeated parrot fashion to be taken as absolute truth. Not by me its not.

Going back to the trauma issue, shattered/ fragmented soul/ mind fragments/ inner critic in dischord. Usually stemming from abuse of some form. Wes Penre has noted that narcissists  also can have these
medical conditions. It is such a sad world that we live in and we are seeing many more people suffer like this. Now please also look at trauma based mind control such as MK Ultra and Project Monarch. These victims develop a psychic awakening to varying degrees and are used for dark purposes by their handlers. That has been well established decades ago and has been the subject of court cases.

So it is no leap of imagination to see the co-relation with trauma cased by sexual and physical violence or psychological abuse via mind control or by ordinary people in every day society sat the hands of a narcissist or abusive person, which is usually a relative. The results are still similar.

Sunday 22 November 2015

New Stock of Tarot Cards and Colouring Books Coming

Hi Peeps

Just letting you know that I will be stocking Tarot cards and colouring books. I have placed the orders already. The Rider Waite Tarot cards are the ones that I will stock mostly as they are the most important ones and that is what people learn with and then progress to various decks that resonate with the individual.

I will carry a small selection of colouring books of Tarot and Mandala/New Age books for busy bees to enjoy. Great for gifts all year round.

Thursday 12 November 2015

Alex is Introducing Credit Card Payments

Hi folks

Just letting everyone know that I will have credit card facilities for Visa and MasterCard set up very shortly. Rest assured it will be up and running as quickly as possible. So you can use this to pay for readings and make purchases from our range of goods. This will also be used at Psychic fairs on our stall.

Sunday 8 November 2015

A big thank you to Ishka Tuggeranong and to all the customers

Wow, What a lovely time I had at Ishka in Tuggeranong yesterday. I want to say a big warm and heart felt thank you to all of the staff at Ishka Tuggeranong for the pleasure of working at your beautiful shop. I had a wonderful time, I know how hard all of you worked yesterday, to make the days events run smoothly. I congratulate all of you for the hard work and dedication to your duties.

I also want to say thank you to all the people that came to me for readings. It was such an honour to be able conduct your readings. Readings are such an intimate thing, allowing the reader to have a glimpse into your lives, and to be given this privilege, I wish to humbly say thank you.

Love and Hugs

Alex xxx

Friday 6 November 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Contacting Alex for a reading or appointment

Hi Everyone,

I have been getting people ringing up to make bookings and hanging up when they hear a male voice answering them. My husband David answers my phone too, as he is my manager. Please don't  be alarmed thinking it is a wrong number.

David also takes my bookings and arranges my work schedule for me. If you can leave a voice message that would be good, along with a contact number so that either of us  can get back to you as quickly ass possible. Being busy I am not always able to answer the phone due to doing readings, healing or whatever. To check for  the cost of a reading, please scroll down to the very bottom of the blog and you will see the PayPal box with the prices there.

We hope to have a credit card facility in a few weeks time. We will advise everyone in due process of when this will be starting. We intend to have a stall at Psychic Fairs as well as readings and as soon as we have more news it will be posted on the blog.

Hugs,  Alex and David

Thursday 5 November 2015

Alex is now selling merchandise

Hi everyone,

I have decided to stock a small range of goods to sell, just to test the market and if this  is
successful then I will increase my stock. At present I have Incense sticks and cones, Tea light  Himalayan Salt lamps, Window decals, Smudging stick and feathers, Incense holders information charts such as Astrology, Feng Shui, Palmistry,  I Ching, and so much more.

Please let me know if there is a particular thing that interests you. that you would like me to stock such as Tarot decks and books on Tarot etc. I will get a small range of candles soon too. However as I say I am just testing the market at this stage. Any updates on this will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you for stopping by to read this little news update.

Hugs to all


Elemental Beings by Alex Fulford

This was such a wonderful experience for me and my cat Slinky not the normal experience for me when cleaning out the cat run, lol. I will post photos of elementals in my big tree in the back yard next to the cat run later today.

If you can go into a park, your garden or a forest with a digital camera and take random photos you will see faces in the trees, even rocks have elemental faces on them. They tend to have jagged looking features in rock formations. I will post one for you to study that a friend took this year in Scotland.

Note: when writing for the magazine I have to limit my word count to 500 words otherwise I could waffle on lol.

Thank you to the wonderful staff at The Supernatural Magazine for giving me the opportunity to write for you. I am most honoured and most humbled.

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Alex will be conducting Tarot Readings at Ishka in Tuggeranong Sat 7th November 2015

Hi everyone, I am delighted to announce that I will be doing tarot readings this coming Saturday 7th November 2015 at the grand opening of Ishka, in Tuggeranong Hyperdome.
Readings will be from 10.00 am to 13.00pm (1pm).

I am looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday, it will be a fun day for everyone. This has got to be one of my favourite shops, full of pretty and bright coloured things. I have goose-bumps just thinking about it.  So come on in and have a wonderful experience on Saturday. All enquiries need to be directed to the Tuggeranong store 02 6293 1300

Animal Service at Ely Cathedral

I hope this will play, I had trouble loading it last month. This is October 2015.

Thursday 29 October 2015


I want to ask people to be very mindful when entering someone's house if  the household has pets or small children. The moment you entre the house, keep your wits about you and use common sense.

Like children, pets are very important family members. They have to be kept safe from danger. No one opens a front door to their house and just lets a toddler run out into the street, that would be a very foolish thing to do. So please remember pets come with responsibilities too. Especially if you are a visitor to some one else's house. PLEASE be mindful and respectful!

That is not  a difficult concept to comprehend now is it? I have just come through a very nasty crash and I am still in a lot of pain. I have 3 very elderly house cats and a 3 year old Jack Russell. None of these fur babies are allowed out the front. Ruby, my Jack Russell only ever goes out the front with her walking harness and leash which are high-vis in bright pink accompanied by either myself or my husband. Her life matters to us very much.

I have just had to go out and find her today due to a client that obviously gives no thought to other people and animals. This person made no apologies nor tried to help me, she actually just sat in her Mercedes and waited. I told her I will not read for her due to her selfish indifference and asked her never to return.This person was aware that I am in pain after the crash, but seemed un-phased by this. I can not understand how anyone can be so thoughtless and uncaring.

PLEASE THINK, about your actions and the cause and effect of such actions. The flow on effect can be horrendous for many people and the fur baby too ( pain and injury  and or vet bills for a start).

NOTE;  When entering a house, close the door as soon as you enter, keeping your eyes lowered in lookout for a small child or fur baby. This will ensure that tragedy is prevented.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

short note to my readers October 26 2015

Sorry  I am not posting much at present. I am still in pain, been to my Osteopath this  morning and  have hadtorest all day, bummer! Being an active person this is not easy for me to do.

It's  a mum  thing, lol.  As long as I behave myself I will get better quickly. Sbeesh it takes the funoutof things I can tell you.

Sunday 18 October 2015

South Coast Spiritual Church Psychic Fair Update and Car Crash

Yesterday's  Psychic fair went very well indeed, I was totally booked out. I wish to say that I am most honored to have been invited to read at this lovely event. I wish to thank everyone that came to me for a reading. I am most humbled and honored to have been given the honour and pleasure to be allowed to read for each individual that came to me. Thank you for this honor. It is a privilege to look into aspects of any individuals private life in such an intimate way.

Sadly though on my way home from the coast the following day,  both my husband David and I were involved in a car crash. Our car hit an oily patch on the road, on the Princess Hwy north of Mogo NSW. The car spun out of control at a low speed and went into a ditch on the other side of the road. We just missed a group of trees and a water catchment by inches. Our car was a right off and both of us are quite  sore.

Something  or someone quite clerly doesn't want me at the South coast and it has taken two cars,  to be ruined and both my husband and I to be injured to tell me this.

I feel this is rather disturbing to say the least. We were lucky to escape with  our lives.
I had no warnings or premonitions of this, which made me vey upset and angry to be put through such an ordeal. Neither my husband nor I deserve this.
At present I am resting in bed feeling very sore but grateful to be alive and not in a worse condition.   I now need a new car to get around in, once I  am able to do  so.

I wish to say thank you,to everyone that stopped to render assistance to my husband and myself. Thank you also to the Ambo's, the Police and the very kind tow truck driver Mr Brett Crocker, he went out of his way to drive us back to Canberra and off load the car. We are indebted to all of you, for your kindness and selflessness. God bless all of you.

Monday 5 October 2015

Alex's New Work Banner


Thank god I have a wonderful and tech savvy husband. I have no idea how to do this art work. David has done us both proud by doing this for me. A big warm thank you to you David, for your wonderful support. I couldn't do this without you.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Alex nails it again, Turnbull is now Prime Minister of Australia

Well here I am proved correct again. But really who else will they want to be the sledge hammer?
Right at the end of the reading I say, Turnbull will be the next PM. By now I expect people are waking up to the fact that your vote does not mean squat! Elections are all rigged. But this is by passing the ballot box and being in your face, letting you know what is really happening.

Big business pick the leaders, they put the money down to pay for who they want in office. Looks like many will realise that elections are nothing but a dog and pony show. Twice in a row now we have had an "new leader' put into office in Australia. If that aint a wake up call I don't know what is.

You did not vote Turnbull in to office, nor Gillard the first time around. Do you honestly think  your vote  counts? Wake up and smell the coffee. Gee I am not a political person, but when upstairs tell me something I listen. We are in for a very tough time so lets not fool ourselves. Don't think your money is safe in the bank either. If you can shift it into silver ingots or little gold ingots that would be smart. Those with money to spare buy property. Do what you can to protect what you have or it will be gone soon.

Monday 14 September 2015

Trust can sometimes be pure folly

When in your darkest hours turning to those that you think have your back, often shows the ugly side of truth. I have learned this the hard way this week. Never assume that those that are supposedly your friends will be there to assist you.

I have helped many people (and animals) over the years, financially, emotionally, food, clothing and my time.  I do not expect and never will expect to be paid back by those I have helped and will help in the future.

When I help it is because I can, and have a lot of compassion. But in the darkest part of my life that has been ongoing for many years, and has come to the crisis point. Suddenly those that I thought would help me have just looked the other way. I have been let down by many over the years, over various things. But this is the most critical. A life literaly hangs in the balance, by a fine thread at this point.

There is a saying. No good deed goes unpunished, I often laugh at the old saying. However the reality of it is true. Many a true word is said in jest after all.

The help that I am seeking is not for me it is for a loved one. This makes it all the more heart breaking for me. Let me just say that the industry that I work in, is not as charitable as what people may think it is.

It takes all sorts to make this world and yes some really dissapoint. This whole event leaves me disgusted in my fellow human beings. It is bad enough just looking at horrible world events unfolding, but this just re-enforces the belief that some people are selfish and lack compassion. I feel blessed not to be that sort of person. I will always help those that I am able to help. I ask for nothing and expect nothing. I do what I do silently and benevolently. Perhaps after I leave this earth others may know of my acts of kindness to others in need, but it matters not to me if they do or don't. Spirit knows and those that I help know. That is all that matters to me. That is what being spiritual means to me.

I won't name or shame any one, they can just live with their conscience if they have such a thing. That is not my problem. Just knowing they cannot look me in the eye tells me so much. I will leave it at that. I am not looking for conflict. I have my loved ones to care for. I have no time for conflict and negativity. I am just so disappointed and hurt. Can you understand what that feels like? I am humbly asking for help for a loved one, only to be ignored by those that I thought were friends and I trusted and had faith in. How foolish am I??

Thursday 3 September 2015


I have the pleasure to announce I will be doing readings at South Coast Spiritualist Centre's Psychic Fair on 17th October 2015. This year the Psychic Fair is to be held at Batemans Bay due to the fair being so busy back in April. How good is that!

Please note, bookings for readings will fill up fast for all the readers, not just me. We were all booked out solid in April.

Where: Batemans Bay Community Hall. Museum Place, Batemans Bay.
When: Saturday, 17th October, 2015

Readings 10am to last reading commencing 5.00pm
Stalls, a workshop or two, healing sessions, refreshments.
A full list will be posted on facebook.  (on the South Coast Spiritualist Centre's FB page)

Tell your family, tell your friends about the 17th Oct South Coast Spiritualist Centre's Psychic Fair.
Please feel free to share this notice

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Soultions And Exit Strategy To Win The Game Of Life by Wayne Bush

I cannot stress how important this information is. But at the end of the day it is up to the individual. I can only show you an option. I know exactly what I will do on the big day. Knowledge is power and the truth will set you free. But we all must find our own truth.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Sad September

Anyone else out there picking up on the universal energies? A lot of deaths to come in September 2015. I have some in my family to happen, I can feel it. But the planet as a whole will feel many loved ones passing to spirit. Hold them in your hearts and send them love. Let them know you love them and care for them.

This is one of the things about being psychic. Sometimes we know these things, because we can feel it for weeks or months in advance. It is a horrible feeling. I don't think it is right that we should know about these things. People have enough to deal with on the earth plane without being told about deaths to come, whether in their own family or other peoples families. The spirit world just does not seem to care about this, and I have trouble accepting this fact. To me it feels insensitive.

No way would I pass on information to some one about the death of a loved one. When clients ask I try not tell them about a death, unless it is a person that they know is ill and about to go. I tell them to pray that the person goes quickly and peacefully. We can do no more than that.

Monday 17 August 2015

Sunday 16 August 2015

Spooks and Surgery

Today while I was at a photo shoot, I was telling the photographer what sort of experiences I have had with my work. I started to tell her about the time my youngest son went to hospital for a tonsillectomy. It was the day after his eighth birthday.  The poor little soul had non stop tonsillitis for weeks, and finally the day came to have them removed. We were getting him settled into his room when I  became aware of cigarette smoke.

 It was quite strong and I said to my husband, I can smell cigarette smoke and he said, you can't  smoke in a hospital. I replied , I know that, some one is smoking though. I went to investigate but no one was around. The smell had gone too. So I didn't think any more if it. Next in came a nurse to tell us it was time for surgery.  I walked down to the OR with my son who was being wheeled there in his bed.

 My heart in my mouth  worried about my baby. I stayed with him until it was time for the surgery to start. I went back to his room to wait with my husband for what felt like ages. Again  I could smell cigarette smoke and told my husband. He  couldn't smell anything. Again I had a look around. But then suddenly I started to be aware of my late aunt  being present. She passed away at the age of 40, many years ago. My aunt was born deaf and mute. She had been through several ear, nose and throat operations in her youth, and she was a smoker. Bingo! I had a light bulb moment, lol.

My aunt had come to watch over  my son  during the surgery. He is named after her . I had always intended to name  one of my children after her.    So I have no doubt what so ever that she was keeping an eye on him and for that I am most grateful.

Many years later I had to take both of my sons to a periodontist for oral surgery. The doctor was quite open minded and was a believer in the paranormal. When we walked in to his room the first thing he asked was, are we alone or do we have company.

So, I was able to tell him my relatives were watching  over the surgery. I was able to tell him step by step what I could see and here. You cant keep a secret from them in spirit, lol. They like to be in on the act, just as long as they don't stick their 2 cents worth in, and tell him how to do his job. Funnily enough my grandmother was able to tell me when the surgery was coming to a close. I would love to know how she knew that, but that is a secret she ain't telling me. I just have to put it down to secret spooks business.

I have many experiences with relatives in spirit, turning up for visits to the doctor, trips to hospital and assisting in healing. Then there is good old Dr Gillespie, a well respected Canberra doctor, who passed away  back in the early 2000's. He is one of my main healing guides. Two years ago Dr Gillespie came to assist a psychic friend of mine. Whilst being very ill in hospital, I visited him a few times and gave him spiritual healing with the assistance of Dr Gillespie. I could see inside my friend's leg to locate a blood clot and let him know where it was. The whole leg looked like a fluro green as I looked in side via my third eye. It was like looking with night vision.

Now at the same time my friend was in hospital, I had been reconnected with a friend from my youth, who passes away back in 2005. My friend Terry, came to comfort me. He sat in the car next to me each time I went into the hospital to visit my sick friend, and put his hand on my shoulder support me emotionally.

Terry was very ill for years, before he passed on around the age of 45. I had lost touch with him and other friends many years ago, and had been reunited with my old friends, only to find out that, Terry was very ill and my other friends had not seen him for a few years. During this time I kept having visions of him, and I would see yellow cars on the road similar to the one that he had years before. This was his way of letting me know that he was around.

Terry had such strong energy when he came through, it felt like he was still alive. A psychic friend of mine even felt that Terry was alive because his energy was so strong. That is not unusual though, it is just a very powerful connection. The person does not have to be dead for a psychic to tune into them and even see them. Amazing stuff, when you experience these psychic phenomenon.

At present I have an old work colleague and friend appearing in my dreams and I keep seeing him through my third eye. I feel that he has passed on young too. I have asked people that we both used to work with years ago and no one seems to know where he is. That is strange given the Internet is great for finding people. I have reconnected with family and old friends via the net, so I am of the opinion that this man has also passed on at a young age.

I feel very sad about that, people leaving this earth without having a chance to live upsets me very much, it is something that I care deeply about, and on a personal level, losing loved ones at a young age is most distressing.

Copyright, Alex Fulford Clairvoyant -Medium 14 August 215 

Article published here

Friday 7 August 2015


Make it so! There is no reason why every nation can not do this. It is more they don't want to do it.

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Gifts and Gadgets: for gifts with a difference (Closing down in Tuggeranong)

Hi Peeps, just letting the Canberra Community know Gifts and Gadgets at Tuggeranong Hyperdome is closing in September 2015.This is one of my fave shops for gifts and kitchen wear. The good news is the Queanbeyan store is staying open, yippee! Rents at the Hyperdome are so expensive that many stores can no longer stay trading there. That is very sad, as many people are not able to travel very far for various reasons and they will only have a limited choice of shops to visit at the shopping centre.

10 years ago I said that the big shopping Malls will close due to the banking industry and greed. It has already started. many shops have closed their doors in the past 3 years in Canberra alone, and it will continue due to corporate greed.

Monday 27 July 2015

The man who wanted to be happy PDF This is the English translation of L'Homme qui voulait etre heureux

A friend told me about this book, she said it was heart warming and food for thought. I have only just found it on the net  minutes ago, so I thought that I would share it with every one. After all my blog is for every one to share and enjoy.

Hugs Alex :)

Thursday 23 July 2015

Anton Parks, the French Wes Penre

I was  lying in bed last night reading, as one does, and I suddenly remembered the French Guy called Anton Parks. He is the French answer to Wes Penre. I know that some of his stuff is in English now, but I had forgotten all about him. So I have just added his link here for you to read. I shall get back into his work too and see how he is after an absence of reading his stuff for a couple of years. I just found him on the internet one day just by rummaging looking for things on En ki and Enlil.

Nothing like a good rummage if I do say so myself  LOL. I love the internet. Heck, I can even teach my self to crochet left handed, as long as I can get my head around the YouTube videos which are mostly for right handed people. Lefties crochet slightly different. Teaching me to crochet is like teaching a chimp how to be a rocket scientist lol.

Have a look on the net for any other stuff on him including Y T. Just put his name in to the search string and you will see other things. Happy reading folks xxx

Friday 17 July 2015

Shadow People: my experience

Last October I had an encounter with shadow people. It was about 10pm on a Monday night, and I was reading in bed with my dog Ruby next to me. The house was peaceful and quiet. My husband had just gone out to pick up our son from the local club. Suddenly Ruby started growling and going frantic at the window. I suddenly felt a sickening feeling in my gut  followed instantly by a wave of terror. Now the outside awnings were down and the Holland blinds were down, but I could clairvoyantly see what was frightening us. It was two huge shadow people with glowing red eyes.
They were pacing back and forth at the window. Then walked the full length of the front of my house. Telepathically I shouted to them get away from me, and I put gold light around myself and the house. Gold light is the highest spiritual protection to keep away negative entities. One can also burn white sage too, to assist, but at 10pm I wasn't going to bother with that.

By holding my firm intention and Gold lighting I was ok. These entities come from the dark side and do not have a soul. Their purpose is to frighten, terrorise and drain your energy and life force from you. Predator beings of which there are many different types. Personally I prefer not to have any dealings with these beings. Interestingly enough my next door neighbour had a similar experience around the same time, but during the day.

She had been at a friends house for a barbecue and came home to drop off a plate. When she went into the house there was a horrible frightening feeling in the house and from the side of here eye she saw two shadow people in the room. She panicked and fled from the house. Her husband would not believe her when she told him. What are the chances of that happening in two houses around the same time? Her house is a very negative house. In the 20 years that I have been in my house, there have been several couples in that house and all have split up or divorced. When I told her that, she confided in me that her marriage is in trouble too. That is so sad to hear. I taught her how to clear the energy in the house and I hope that she can live there happily from now on. This neighbour also saw the spirit of a woman in her house around the same time that she saw the shadow people.

I don't know what the woman was doing there and as far as I know nothing bad has ever happened in the house, apart from domestic issues and two break ins. I would like to advise my readers on the importance of energy clearing houses and work places. Humans do leave energy where ever we go, in the form of our feelings and thoughts. So please be mindful when moving into a new home or work space. You can use a white sage smudge stick and or Gold light the house/work place to life the energy. I would suggest that cleansing be done every few weeks or months just to keep the vibes clean. Because of my work I Gold light myself and the house every day.

When using a smudge stick do remember to smudge the windows and doors of the house or building. They are the eyes and ears of the building after all. You may want to use the pentagram sign or the cross of light or what ever symbol resonates with you. Just remember that it is the intention behind the actions that makes it powerful.

Copyright Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium July 2015

Spirit Dream by Alex

This morning’s dream was very interesting. I was standing next to my late father in law
and his brother, Terry. We were standing at the front of a crowd of people in spirit. Standing at the front of a barrier, watching mass of people walking towards us.  Some came over to greet us because they knew us. There were people calling out our names. We exchanged kisses and hugs.

Two old ladies came over to me to talk to me, they called me Alison. I told them my name isn’t Alison. Alison is my daughter in spirit. Along came an old family friend in spirit called George.

I noticed he wasn’t wearing his white gloves that he wore when in the physical world. I noticed his hands were red and swollen as if they were burned. I found this rather odd, surely when in spirit his hands would look normal just like anyone else when they return to spirit.  I assume that it was so that I would recognise him.

Now going back to the crowd I remember the people that we had come to see were arriving from somewhere on the right hand side. I don’t know where they came from, but the feeling was they were souls that had departed from the physical world. Again there was something odd about this because, many were ww2 soldiers among the elderly. I noticed on the left hand side there was a crowd of people moving “out”. This was souls reincarnating, mostly people from the ww2 era again, many of whom are already incarnated in the physical world at present. The whole went was a huge public event, a celebration like Anzac Day.

The scene changed to a frightening sight. I could see a war taking place in my own timeline. Many dead soldiers lying dead on a highway. There were many cars left abandon on the highway. I saw a little boy about the age of 2 or 3 years old, wandering lost and frightened. This war was raging all around him. I saw tanks with markings to signify the nations that they came from such as Denmark and Poland and a couple of other European nations. The men in uniform were wearing what seemed to be current US army uniforms.

This really upset me to see all of these men dying for nothing. I couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly I was brought back to the ceremony, I pleaded with people not to reincarnate, because they was going to be more war and they have suffered enough. From that point I found myself in an old type waiting room like a WW2 era railway waiting room. There were only a few people waiting there for their instructions as to where they were going as in reincarnating. I pleaded with them not to go.

I told them they can refuse if they wish, but sadly these unaware souls “wanted” to reincarnate.

They did not accept what I was telling them. These are unevolved souls that accept being made to reincarnate only to suffer more war and misery. My heart sunk when I realised what they were going to do.

I saw some elderly people working at some sort of radar and radio device. It looked like some sort of primitive air traffic control tower. Along came some WW1 veterans. I told them that I too was in WW1 and am currently incarnated in the physical world. I told them what was happening in the physical world at present. I noticed a couple of young men started to rethink this, but then an old man rush over to them and ushered them out the door telling them they must go now. Ushering them to their doom in the physical world.  I was very upset at this and did my nut. This was blatant abuse of these souls and I wouldn’t tolerate this.  I told the others in the waiting room about their human sovereignty and it must be respected. Sadly to no avail, they were all sent back to the physical world.  I feel this room is where souls are sent when they refuse to reincarnate. To pressure them in to reincarnating. This angered me as it violates their free will and their human sovereignty.

Intimidation through fear and lies. I became very angry with the beings (for want of a better word),

That forced people to reincarnate. I told them not to expect me to reincarnate again, I know how this works and I will not do it. The beings were most put out by that. This is because I am fully aware of my spiritual rights. I called their bluff. They know that they cannot do anything to force me to reincarnate. They did not want me to educate other beings or souls about their rights or the truth about reincarnation.

Still some of these souls will waken up, when in the physical world and they will get the help they need. But this is not a quick fix. Each soul awakens when they are ready to break the spell. Some souls may take just one more lifetime others may take thousands. We do know the last wake up was back in 2012. The next one million years must pass before the next opportunity comes again according to some metaphysical experts such as Wes Penre and John Lamb Lash.

The sadness and grief that I felt during this lucid dream or OBE (out of body experience) was so overwhelming for me. It was an exercise in futility for me trying to help waken souls that were forced to reincarnating. I could not hold back my tears for all of the men, mostly soldiers. I felt deeply for them and wanted to protect them from more suffering.

Copyright by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 17 July 20015


This is my article published in Thrive on News. I am so pleased that they like the article. I hope that it will help people make a safe choice in the after life. It is not my place to tell you what to do, just offer you options that you may not have been aware of. Free will must never be violated. We are all part of the divine and we have our own sovereignty that must be respected. I am only a humble messenger nothing more.

One thing that I forgot to add to this post was in that waiting room, sitting alone on a wooden railway bench was one old lady wearing glasses. She sat  at the left hand side at the back of the waiting room with her arms folded, angry  and defiant she did not want to reincarnate and they could not get her to co-operate. I was glad that she stood her ground and I did tell her it was a trap.

This was on my mind today (21 June 2019) I can still recall this dream because it shook me so much, I am not likely to forget it.

Thursday 9 July 2015


Hello Possums

I just checked in with the A1 R website to see if my radio shows are still there.
Sadly they are now deleted. Sorry about that, but hey it was fun while it lasted.
I will be back on air before you know it so please don't despair.

Alex xxx

Monday 6 July 2015

Casting Pearls Before Swine

Listen up people. Any of you out there that think that it is ok to take cheap shots at a psychic you
are just proving one thing. Never, ever cast pearls before swine.

One can not change the profane, so I won't even stoop to trying. 

Get one thing bloody straight now. I don't care about what other psychics do and don't do. I don't care! I don't care if you are a sceptic! Why are you telling me then?. Why the hell should I care?  How about you justify your pissy existence, instead of mouthing off at good honest people? Feeling good now, yeh?  I doubt it not with your mind set!

When was the last time that you cared for the sick? Literally at the bed side. I do constantly.

When was the last time you fed the poor? I do constantly.

When was the last time you gave money to the poor and needy? Last week for me.

When was the last time you helped the homeless? I do often.

When was the last time you gave money to animal charities? I do and I am on one income.

When was the last time you had a holiday? Me, never. I don't have the money, and that is a luxury in my eyes.

When was the last time you gave away the last dollar you had  to help some one? I have done that many times.

When was the last time you did suicide watch, and how many times have you had to do this? Me, too fucking many, next stupid fucking question!!

When was the last time you worried about the welfare of others? Didn't think so.
How often do you donate food, clothes or house hold items to the needy? Me, Regular.

Only people that know me see what I do, I don't fucking brag about it. But I do get Fucking angry as hell at the ignorant, spiritually bankrupt scum that take a shot at me for no good reason.  Come face to face with me and lets see how we measure up. I bet you and especially the men, for want of a better term that want to insult some one they have never even met, but see my name on the internet. Gee that is so brave to take a pot shot at me for being a fake or charging too much. LOL, Tell me why you are wasting oxygen first? What gives you the right to breath the same air as decent people?

Of these troll idiots, not one of them can measure up to me in substance and quality as a human being. In short I find you revolting and a disgusting example of humanity. How the hell can you hold up your heads in public? You should be ashamed of yourselves. Would you like me to start naming and shaming you publicly as you try to do to me?  Does that even the score for you gutless trash??

You know I have been married to a very ill man for 26 years, we have a child that is sick too. But I have to man up and just deal with it. I had an abusive mother that put me through hell, but hey I just had to fucking deal with it. I lost a baby and all my mum could say was, oh well just as well given the state of your marriage. ... blah, blah ,blah. She died the next year. But yeh, I just had to suck it up. 

I have been through harrowing stuff all through my life, and any psychic or palmist that  reads me gasps at what I have been through. Most people would slit their wrists because they do not have the guts to stare life in the face and suffer all the crap that I have to deal with. But hey, I had to suck it up.

I am a strong woman, not by choice but from what I have experienced in my life. I do not bow down to scum, trolls or any other trash. I do not tolerate, cowards , liars, cheats or frauds.  I stand up strong and proud, knowing that I am a good and honest and moral human being, living in a time where we see the worst of humanity.  I am utterly disgusted at the world around me. The lack of morality, the lack of decency in any way shape or form in this world the abuse towards animals and humanity.

The western world likes to think of themselves as civilised but from what I see and the internet trolls from the west. They just show the opposite to what the try to portray. The western world has become a toilet for all of the filth of the world to strut around like morons. They want to be noticed and have their 15 minutes of fame. It matters not, what is the reason for the "fame" just as long as they are seen.
Pathetic isn't it. Something is very wrong here don't you think? Leave me out of  your games.

You pick on a woman because, you perceive her as a soft target. How about you man up and fight the evil in the world like the New World Order, the bankers and Governments that invade other nations and kill their people? How about you clean up your own nation and its corruption? How about you man up and be a man? How about you put an end to child sexual abuse or are you one of the abusers of children and women also?

Man Up and Piss off!