Thursday 23 July 2015

Anton Parks, the French Wes Penre

I was  lying in bed last night reading, as one does, and I suddenly remembered the French Guy called Anton Parks. He is the French answer to Wes Penre. I know that some of his stuff is in English now, but I had forgotten all about him. So I have just added his link here for you to read. I shall get back into his work too and see how he is after an absence of reading his stuff for a couple of years. I just found him on the internet one day just by rummaging looking for things on En ki and Enlil.

Nothing like a good rummage if I do say so myself  LOL. I love the internet. Heck, I can even teach my self to crochet left handed, as long as I can get my head around the YouTube videos which are mostly for right handed people. Lefties crochet slightly different. Teaching me to crochet is like teaching a chimp how to be a rocket scientist lol.

Have a look on the net for any other stuff on him including Y T. Just put his name in to the search string and you will see other things. Happy reading folks xxx