Friday 17 July 2015

Spirit Dream by Alex

This morning’s dream was very interesting. I was standing next to my late father in law
and his brother, Terry. We were standing at the front of a crowd of people in spirit. Standing at the front of a barrier, watching mass of people walking towards us.  Some came over to greet us because they knew us. There were people calling out our names. We exchanged kisses and hugs.

Two old ladies came over to me to talk to me, they called me Alison. I told them my name isn’t Alison. Alison is my daughter in spirit. Along came an old family friend in spirit called George.

I noticed he wasn’t wearing his white gloves that he wore when in the physical world. I noticed his hands were red and swollen as if they were burned. I found this rather odd, surely when in spirit his hands would look normal just like anyone else when they return to spirit.  I assume that it was so that I would recognise him.

Now going back to the crowd I remember the people that we had come to see were arriving from somewhere on the right hand side. I don’t know where they came from, but the feeling was they were souls that had departed from the physical world. Again there was something odd about this because, many were ww2 soldiers among the elderly. I noticed on the left hand side there was a crowd of people moving “out”. This was souls reincarnating, mostly people from the ww2 era again, many of whom are already incarnated in the physical world at present. The whole went was a huge public event, a celebration like Anzac Day.

The scene changed to a frightening sight. I could see a war taking place in my own timeline. Many dead soldiers lying dead on a highway. There were many cars left abandon on the highway. I saw a little boy about the age of 2 or 3 years old, wandering lost and frightened. This war was raging all around him. I saw tanks with markings to signify the nations that they came from such as Denmark and Poland and a couple of other European nations. The men in uniform were wearing what seemed to be current US army uniforms.

This really upset me to see all of these men dying for nothing. I couldn’t stop crying. Suddenly I was brought back to the ceremony, I pleaded with people not to reincarnate, because they was going to be more war and they have suffered enough. From that point I found myself in an old type waiting room like a WW2 era railway waiting room. There were only a few people waiting there for their instructions as to where they were going as in reincarnating. I pleaded with them not to go.

I told them they can refuse if they wish, but sadly these unaware souls “wanted” to reincarnate.

They did not accept what I was telling them. These are unevolved souls that accept being made to reincarnate only to suffer more war and misery. My heart sunk when I realised what they were going to do.

I saw some elderly people working at some sort of radar and radio device. It looked like some sort of primitive air traffic control tower. Along came some WW1 veterans. I told them that I too was in WW1 and am currently incarnated in the physical world. I told them what was happening in the physical world at present. I noticed a couple of young men started to rethink this, but then an old man rush over to them and ushered them out the door telling them they must go now. Ushering them to their doom in the physical world.  I was very upset at this and did my nut. This was blatant abuse of these souls and I wouldn’t tolerate this.  I told the others in the waiting room about their human sovereignty and it must be respected. Sadly to no avail, they were all sent back to the physical world.  I feel this room is where souls are sent when they refuse to reincarnate. To pressure them in to reincarnating. This angered me as it violates their free will and their human sovereignty.

Intimidation through fear and lies. I became very angry with the beings (for want of a better word),

That forced people to reincarnate. I told them not to expect me to reincarnate again, I know how this works and I will not do it. The beings were most put out by that. This is because I am fully aware of my spiritual rights. I called their bluff. They know that they cannot do anything to force me to reincarnate. They did not want me to educate other beings or souls about their rights or the truth about reincarnation.

Still some of these souls will waken up, when in the physical world and they will get the help they need. But this is not a quick fix. Each soul awakens when they are ready to break the spell. Some souls may take just one more lifetime others may take thousands. We do know the last wake up was back in 2012. The next one million years must pass before the next opportunity comes again according to some metaphysical experts such as Wes Penre and John Lamb Lash.

The sadness and grief that I felt during this lucid dream or OBE (out of body experience) was so overwhelming for me. It was an exercise in futility for me trying to help waken souls that were forced to reincarnating. I could not hold back my tears for all of the men, mostly soldiers. I felt deeply for them and wanted to protect them from more suffering.

Copyright by Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium 17 July 20015


This is my article published in Thrive on News. I am so pleased that they like the article. I hope that it will help people make a safe choice in the after life. It is not my place to tell you what to do, just offer you options that you may not have been aware of. Free will must never be violated. We are all part of the divine and we have our own sovereignty that must be respected. I am only a humble messenger nothing more.

One thing that I forgot to add to this post was in that waiting room, sitting alone on a wooden railway bench was one old lady wearing glasses. She sat  at the left hand side at the back of the waiting room with her arms folded, angry  and defiant she did not want to reincarnate and they could not get her to co-operate. I was glad that she stood her ground and I did tell her it was a trap.

This was on my mind today (21 June 2019) I can still recall this dream because it shook me so much, I am not likely to forget it.