Friday 17 July 2015

Shadow People: my experience

Last October I had an encounter with shadow people. It was about 10pm on a Monday night, and I was reading in bed with my dog Ruby next to me. The house was peaceful and quiet. My husband had just gone out to pick up our son from the local club. Suddenly Ruby started growling and going frantic at the window. I suddenly felt a sickening feeling in my gut  followed instantly by a wave of terror. Now the outside awnings were down and the Holland blinds were down, but I could clairvoyantly see what was frightening us. It was two huge shadow people with glowing red eyes.
They were pacing back and forth at the window. Then walked the full length of the front of my house. Telepathically I shouted to them get away from me, and I put gold light around myself and the house. Gold light is the highest spiritual protection to keep away negative entities. One can also burn white sage too, to assist, but at 10pm I wasn't going to bother with that.

By holding my firm intention and Gold lighting I was ok. These entities come from the dark side and do not have a soul. Their purpose is to frighten, terrorise and drain your energy and life force from you. Predator beings of which there are many different types. Personally I prefer not to have any dealings with these beings. Interestingly enough my next door neighbour had a similar experience around the same time, but during the day.

She had been at a friends house for a barbecue and came home to drop off a plate. When she went into the house there was a horrible frightening feeling in the house and from the side of here eye she saw two shadow people in the room. She panicked and fled from the house. Her husband would not believe her when she told him. What are the chances of that happening in two houses around the same time? Her house is a very negative house. In the 20 years that I have been in my house, there have been several couples in that house and all have split up or divorced. When I told her that, she confided in me that her marriage is in trouble too. That is so sad to hear. I taught her how to clear the energy in the house and I hope that she can live there happily from now on. This neighbour also saw the spirit of a woman in her house around the same time that she saw the shadow people.

I don't know what the woman was doing there and as far as I know nothing bad has ever happened in the house, apart from domestic issues and two break ins. I would like to advise my readers on the importance of energy clearing houses and work places. Humans do leave energy where ever we go, in the form of our feelings and thoughts. So please be mindful when moving into a new home or work space. You can use a white sage smudge stick and or Gold light the house/work place to life the energy. I would suggest that cleansing be done every few weeks or months just to keep the vibes clean. Because of my work I Gold light myself and the house every day.

When using a smudge stick do remember to smudge the windows and doors of the house or building. They are the eyes and ears of the building after all. You may want to use the pentagram sign or the cross of light or what ever symbol resonates with you. Just remember that it is the intention behind the actions that makes it powerful.

Copyright Alex Fulford Clairvoyant-Medium July 2015