Monday 31 August 2020

People are seeking a leader right now

 People are lost at present and they are looking for answers and the are looking for a leader. Due to the extraordinary situation the world is in at present, many people are extremely vulnerable to suggestion and right  now is a time to be very careful and trust no one. 

But, and this is a big but, with all the anti lock-down protests going on around the world right now, people need to be careful, I feel this is not what people think it is. They need to stop and think, they must question what they want to achieve  and also watch out for whom ever steps out of the shadows to “lead the masses”  in protest to the lock-down. 

This is a well stage-managed situation, it didn't just spring up from no where, think BLM and you may be closer to the mark. Things come into being because they are created for a reason. Divide and conquer, left wing, right wing, same bloody bird. Same game being played on the masses.

These protests must have an individual that kicked all of this off. Who and what are they, is this a deep state creation or communists? What are their true intentions?  Following the pied piper is never a safe or smart thing to do. 

To wait and watch is more prudent right now. This feels like factions at play here, after all life on earth is like a chessboard, dualistic. We don’t have to take a side. So approach with caution, I feel something ill is in the wind. So be warned and be careful. We have no idea what will come out of the shadows, but I feel it is an ill wind. 

Sunday 30 August 2020

The credit card debt trap

Very important reading in this document. Please read it all the way through. You will see the Australian Labour Party are a bunch of ratbags that should never be trusted. The supposed party for the working class is total bs.

Notice the mention of the Lima declaration under the ALP  leadership. But yeah the working class can kiss my ass, is the motto of the ALP.  I tacked this on for some more interesting reading, mostly under the ALP leadership.

Anthony Albanese warns China’s influence is growing and is threatening Australia’s national interest

Australia is well known for having weak men in politics in the past 30 years. They lack backbone, ethics,  morals and strength of character. How can we the people have any respect for weak men to lead us?  Weak men only have one use in politics, to be manipulated and controlled.

China has no respect for us, especially our leaders because they know they are weak. Our leaders have bowed down to pressure at the drop of a hat for many years. Let’s see how Albanese can cope, he has never had to face off  with the big boys yet.  Looks like he is trying hard to get attention here. The public have been well aware of the danger China poses for many years, but suddenly this pipsqueak is saying we are in danger, lol. Do ya think Tony ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Labor always have been pro China and are responsible for many of Australia’s problems dating back to the Whitlam era. But no one will call the Labor party out for it. Just look back to treaties and agreements signed by them going back to the early 1970’s  you will see the damage they have done to our industry.

They can stick their little red book of communism where the sun doesn’t shine. But having said that the Liberals have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years too. Selling off  our assets, our water, farms etc.

Maybe if we had honest, moral and ethical politicians that stood up for Australia we would not be such an embarrassment today. I have watched my beloved adopted country go downhill as I grew up and it saddens me to see it sold off to anyone for 40 bits of silver.

Tony knows damn well Whitlam  ( a well known communist) screwed us over back  in the early 70's, so who is he trying to fool? Trade agreements Tony? What about the ones you commy bastards signed off on in the 70’s calling it free trade? 

Thanks to the federal Labor government, we are in the crap we are in. They set the ball in motion all those years ago. Belt and road pfft,  it wouldn’t be possible without Labor politicians. The last laugh is on Albanese because the party will implode in a few years as I have  predicted in the past. Sort your party out like a good boy Tony, you can’t control your creatures.

I have seen the Australian Labor party’s implosion in the cards a long time ago, but hey just call me Cassandra ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ This is why I will never vote for the ALP, not that we can trust or have any faith in any other party. I hold all politicians in contempt. None of them care about ordinary people and our rights.

Soros DA Diana Becton Requires Officers Consider Whether a Looter “Needed” Stolen Goods Before Charging

WOW, Just wow, This is the communist influence on America. I am a firm believer in the death penalty for criminals such as terrorism and violent crimes. I am also in favour of the death penalty for high treason  and as far as I am concerned this is treason against the American people. It must not be tolerated.

But as I have said in other posts, people have allowed all this stuff to happen. You will have to fight to regain your country and to the death, because you allowed this. I have no time for cowards, snowflakes and lefties, they are the very people that allowed this to happen over many years. They too are the enemy of freedom loving Americans. Now Americans are shit scared to admit they vote republican. What is wrong with this picture? 

Thursday 27 August 2020

Australia’s costly wattle logo ditched after unflattering comparisons to the coronavirus

Yay it’s been dumped 

Happy international Dogs day


Happy international dogs day to all the beautiful doggies in the world ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ

A cave in France changes what we thought we knew about Neanderthals

Studies have proven these people were intelligent beings and most likely inter bread with Homo sapien sapiens, (thinking human). This site would have been for spiritual or religious practices. All humanoids have an inbuilt sense of spirit or god within them. 

The trouble is the more “advanced “ humans think they are, the further away from their spiritual side and the separated from spirit they become. What do scientists care about spirituality in ancient history? Most are so far removed from spirit they would never accept these beings had a spiritual side to them. 

Now I am not saying that I know anything about the Neanderthals, but being humanoid of course they have a spiritual side. It is programmed into their DNA just like it is with us, with the god spark or divine essence. 

We also need to know at what point Neanderthals merged with us homo sapien sapiens. Many of us, especially in the Celtic race ,have the short stalky build with the short necks, and reddish hair like the Neanderthals. 


Wednesday 26 August 2020

H.M.S Pinafore | Guy Noble and WASO

I love this guy, no pun intended. I loved listening to his show on ABC Classic FM over many years.
He always made me laugh.  Even better with G and S set to a modern world event ๐Ÿ˜†

Wes Penre: VIDEO 230: Q&A SESSION #56

Some very interesting Q and A's here peeps. 

Tuesday 25 August 2020

When you want to go on a vacation

 This is vacation 2020๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ just position the handle near something to make it look real ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Dead girl 12 wakes while family clean her body for burial

I read this last night, what a heartbreaking thing to happen. She is so young and I can just imagine the trauma this would cause her family. This morning an other such case was in the news, this one in the US with a 20  year old woman. Such unusual situations and within 24  hours of the first story breaking.  

Sunday 23 August 2020

The 1940s House (Complete Series) - Channel 4 (U.K.)

This is a very interesting show. I watched it the first time it was on tv. I can relate to much of this as my parents were born just before WW2. I learned so much from them and my grandparents over the years by actually asking questions.  I always had an interest in what previous generations did in everyday life. So I can truly appreciate this show.

If you are paying attention to what is  currently in the media at present world wide, they are pushing no waste of food. There is a push to conserve everything. I have seen this on Facebook adverts by the government in Australia and on tv.  The government is already starting to tell us to prepare for food shortages coming. We have already had the experience with toilet roll. Remember  the shocking behaviour of  people fighting over toilet roll?

So it is wise to pay attention to what is happening at present and take stock of this. Are you aware of the American farmers having to kill thousands of cattle?  I find  animals being destroyed very distressing. 

You need to know about this, and there are issues going on in Australia at present too. After our bushfires and the devastating loss of animals as well as forests and homes. It may take us a while to get back on our feet. We need to stop being wasteful and have a look at how to make do with less.

This video may be helpful to those that have never had to experience shortages. It is quite an eye opener. If you find this interesting please look at the 1900's house on YouTube too, boy those were tough days without any luxuries.

UPDATE: Some food for thought, people in Europe and other continents had it much worse than this remember. Some  had enemy troops invading their countries and there nations destroyed. Britain was lucky because it is an island. Australia was quite far away form everything. However Darwin was bombed. So there is a vast difference between those in a full on war zone and those that are not. Not to forget being terrified by invading troops, regardless of which side any nation was on. People suffered horribly for all those years, wondering when the nightmare will stop.

You will see videos on YouTube of people suffering from shell shock, shaking uncontrollably because their nerves are shattered. Many people would never be the same again. I had a relative with such a condition. 

Saturday 22 August 2020

Momma just killed a mouse


Sheesh, with all the changes on blogger I finally remembered how to fit the pickies back in to the text without overlap. D'oh! I am crap with technology.

Wednesday 19 August 2020

Konspiracy constipation, I haven't given a crap for a while

I am just so over the whole K on s pir acy thing. I have had all that I can take of the crap. Yes, some of it is very real. But I just do not want to be bothered by it anymore.  I am "k on s pi racy constipated", I do not given a shit about it. I am well and truly over caring anymore. 

I am getting this stuff sent to me by well meaning people, but hey, I have been reading up on this since the 1990's it is not new to me. What you know, I already know.  OK!  Don't preach to me when you didn't want to know in the past when I told you all of this.

I also am much more aware on a psychic level, with visions, predictions etc. If you had actually bothered to ask me questions via Facebook or even read the stuff on my blog, you wouldn't be pissing me off right now. You would know that I am fully aware of "everything" and I mean everything.

To dwell on this is not healthy, I am not investing my energy in this a moment longer. Everyone is feeding each others fears and anxieties. Stop and think about that if you will. Who's interest does this serve? It sure isn't ours.

Living in a state of anxiety is not good for us and affects us mentally and physically. But not just that it also affects us on an energetic or psychic level, scattering our energy, thus dropping  our vibrational frequency. The powers that be are all too aware of this, from the beginning of the theosophy movement at least. These leaders are quite au fait with this energy manipulation through their own  secret societies, such as Fr ee    ma  son ry etc.

Those that originally promoted K on sp ir aci es in the first place, benefit from this of course. It is a game for Christ sake! Can't you see we are being played with, by both sides? DIVIDE AND CONQUER, just like a game of chess. This is a world of polarities/ duality. Look at a chess board, is it not dualistic? A wee clue right there from a damn fine game.

More precisely these people are feeding off our  energy or loosh, energy vampires or energy harvesting on a spiritual level. There are also entities that feed from this loosh, and that is what keeps them alive. They need stress, fear etc to live on. But I really don't care anymore. It is not my problem, it's yours humanity! 

News flash, yes, The world heading into  a     n   e    w     w   o  r   l d    o   r  d er.  We were told so many times by the media which is in line with cosmic law, so the spiritual guru's tell us. The masses chose to accept this by doing nothing other than attack the messenger as per instructions by M   S M. The masses have accepted the programming.  Most have not even noticed the trial run exercises world wide.

But, I am just too over this and the whole drama. I do not want this in my life at all. I want peace and quite in my life. This is not conducive to peace and harmony in my life. 

I am fed up with people bombarding me with all the crap about C  D  1 9. I know all about it. I now have had such a gut full and no longer care. Wear a mask or don't wear a mask. I don't give a damn. I know the world economy is collapsing.

Christ, I have predicted the economic collapse and saw this way back in 2005, but as I have said in other posts, when my first child was born in 1989, I had a knowing and vision of the world heading back to suffering like back in WW1 ( economically, lack of food, poverty and war), that feeling is something one cannot forget once experienced. So I have known what has to come since 1989, I was 26 years old then.

I am trying to get through my life without all of this crap.  I don't care anymore, it's information overload. I choose to focus on my spiritual well being as well as caring for my family.

 I choose no  part of what is going on with humanity. I choose my spiritual welfare.

The gaps between words is for a reason I am sure you know why 

Tuesday 18 August 2020

BLM mob beat white man unconscious after making him crash his truck

Sort yourselves out America, you are a bloody disgrace! If you act like animals expect to be treated as such, I don't care who you are or what skin colour you are, this is wrong and you know it is. This is vile and unacceptable moronic behaviour. 

There is no bloody excuse for this, it is pure evil and criminal behaviour, your rights should be stripped from you when you act like this. This is not the actions of civilised human beings. Heads should roll for this and the army brought in to stop this savagery immediately, a hard line needs to be taken. 

I hope this man and woman sue the government and the individuals that committed this atrocity. As for the crowd that let it happen, just wait until it happens to you, and it will. Let’s  see what happens then, I hope everyone looks the other way, you could all have stopped this but chose not to. You are no better that the scum that attacked these innocent people.

As I have said on my blog already, the US will be shunned by the rest of the world for many years due to civil unrest in the US. So be it. We do not want this on our doorstep and the US will take many years to come through this. I lay the blame at the feet of the American people for allowing this to happen. Don’t make excuses, there are none for this disgraceful behaviour. 

Is this how the great under educated act when they don’t get their own way? By allowing communist psychopaths to dictate to you and encourage you into acts of gross savagery and the destruction of your cities and country. Remember no one held a gun to your heads to make you do this, you did it out of free will and your lack of intelligence and no moral compass. 

You will reap what you sew. I will not post further comments on the whole subject. I have said all I want to say and will leave it at that. 

Saturday 15 August 2020

Area where William Tyrell vanished home to eighteen sex offenders

This is common knowledge, the whole of Australia, knew this when this terrible thing happened. The DM are just stirring the pot. Even Goulburn outside Canberra is known for this. The problem is powerful people are always  involved in this sort of stuff.

I feel this former policeman was way too close to the truth and was prevented from going further. Yes he did things that were unorthodox but sometimes this may be necessary to catch the criminals.   

UPDATE November 2020. Notice pedo’s yet again linked to Kendal. What’s wrong with this picture?  No way on earth can the police ever eradicate this filth. Too many in powerful jobs protecting the ones higher up the dung heap, world wide too.

Greta Thunberg loosing relevance in the wake of global pandemic

Not a fan of this Andrew Bolt, but as part of my world predictions this year I am sharing this on Greta Thunberg , I said would go to ground. She is irrelevant now  and is proven wrong by the weather .

Can’t people see every thing goes in cycles on this planet ? It is not rocket science for heavens sake it is common sense and science. Having said that, I have mentioned on my blog that a good astrologer can tell you this, by plotting the charts and studying their trusty ephemeris, which is an important book that astrologers use. 

I often share Milton Black predictions on my blog, because he is one of the best astrologers in the world. He has even stated he saw a break in the drought in Australia this year and he was spot on. This is not easy work, it is a life long study. Unlike reading the Tarot cards. But you still need to have a feel for either of these skills, one simply just doesn’t wake up one morning and decide to do this work. It is a calling and it is not for the faint hearted, it has a heavy responsibility.

UPDATE: Greta back to school, thank Christ for that๐Ÿ˜‚

Friday 14 August 2020

Melbourne residents asked to stand on their front porch and scream

Talk about monkey see, monkey do. It just shows how stupid people are. Can't they see they are being manipulated with all the stupid clapping etc, and now this? 

Stop and think of people suffering from PTSD, mental health issues and trauma from war zones, that could be living near by. This stupidity can set off some very distressing situations for these people. Then who the hell is to blame. People with Asperger's are very sensitive to noise too, add barking dogs in to the mix as well and it becomes a nightmare for those unfortunate enough to be suffering from any of the above conditions. This has to be the most stupid idea yet, they manipulate the masses not to mention this is possibly harmful.

People were not so stupid during the two world wars to carry on like idiots. They just got on with life, suck it up and shut up. We don't want to hear idiots screaming their heads off thanks. What about how frightening this is for children too? Try getting them off to sleep and idiots do this. 

Whom ever came up this this brain dead idea needs a good talking to. This is totally unacceptable behaviour and should not be encouraged.


Thursday 13 August 2020

Nap and a vision

 I had a rather interesting experience this afternoon, I lay on my bed for a nap as I didn’t sleep well last night due to Ruby, our dog being sick through the night.

So after my last reading I thought I would try and get a little nap. Not something I can normally do, as my mind is way to active during the day.

But as I closed my eyes, I saw myself lying on a bed with a bright magenta coloured ethereal  cover over me. The funny thing is it reminded me of the tarot card the 4 of swords. Which is about resting, contemplating, recovery and choosing the right time to act. Also being in a fair and balanced mindset.

The magenta colour is very spiritual and is about body, mind and spirit. Also letting me know there is some protection around me. I need that at present too.

It took me by surprise as it has felt like the spirit world has not been there for me for a long time. When I ask for help there has often been silence especially when very serious things have happened in my family. When ever I have prayed for others though, boom the help is given. 

I have never been a selfish person , it is not in my nature, but my family have gone through a living hell over the past seven to ten years. That protection that I prayed for was not there.

I have no idea why, but we have survived, just. So today experiencing this vision has given me some hope and faith that had left me years ago, but I just had to keep going. There was no other choice.

At present my husband is ill and waiting for surgery, and thanks to this rotten virus, it is going to be an even longer wait. It is very hard seeing you spouse in chronic pain and can’t do anything to help.

I just want the universe to cut him some slack for once, after 33 years of serious health issues, it becomes soul destroying and one just loses all hope. So hopefully this vision is the long awaited answer to our prayers. We are not the sort of people that ask for anything in life other that to just have a normal life.

So I hope something good comes our way. Healing would be great.

Tarot card of the month, September 2020: Page of Cups


Emotions, Love, Intimacy

Here I am early again with the Tarot card of the month. For some reason I have been itching to do this card for a few days. I think I know why, there is going to be a burst of activity in September.

As I pick up the card,  I hear the word naivety. This is young people throwing caution to the wind. Foolishly yet again, I see irresponsible behaviour in the spot light again. Rebellious youth, which feels like the east coast of Australia, in places such as Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland (Brisbane or the Gold Coast). this is because the weather is warming up again. The authorities will have their hands full again. Queensland police will be kept busy again. This is young people defying public orders.

The people will not go quietly and I see some sort of shake up, which will involve harsher new laws and punishments.  I do not see this virus stopping any time soon, in fact I do feel it will be with us perhaps in to next year.

I do not see much in the way of travel, I also feel that when overseas travel is permitted it will be only in small numbers, and will depend on the destination. I feel many places will be closed of for at least a year or two at this stage as changes are put in place. This is a deliberate thing to stop people travelling.

I do not feel this restricted travel is about the virus really, it is about control. 

As I look at the cup or chalice in the right hand of this youth/ page there is a surprise afoot for us, not sure what it is, but I do not see it as a positive thing. It feels more illusionary. 
The wool being pulled over our eyes, so stay vigilant, this is the government world wide involved, I feel it is more deception afoot.
Pay attention to money and finance in the news also, there seems to be lies or smoke screens around this and we must be vigilant. Try not to get caught up in the conspiracy stuff. Yes there may be a little truth but there is a hell of a lot of lies too.  Read the signs.

I may update this as it is a bit early in the month so tomorrow I may have a bit more time to look into this.
To be honest I am now of the opinion this “virus “ is not going away this year. We just have to keep an eye on the situation and not do anything stupid. 
Yup it has started already 

If you look at the photos you will not see any social distancing. Is it any wonder that millennial's are called the death wish generation. They are selfish and egotistical of all generations. But their great chastisement is still to come. Then they will know what their great grand parents suffered. The time has not arrived yet but it will in a few years time. These people will not know how to survive war.

Fresh twist in case of disabled woman

I have been following this case since it came tonight, it is heart wrenching stuff. How could anyone allow this to happen? I just can’t get my head around this. To me it seems cold and uncaring, I am the sort of person that would worry myself sick if I knew of someone suffering like this. 

Deeply disturbing aged care claims shock royal commission

Wow, just wow, this is unbelievable in a pandemic for such carelessness. It makes me wonder if they want to kill off the elderly.

Wednesday 12 August 2020

Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheehan awarded the Victoria Cross medal

Finally this poor soul is getting the respect he rightfully deserves. He was a very young and brave man. I found it despicable the government and the queen had to be shamed into action so many years after this poor soul’s death.

At least this will give his family some closure and healing. 

RSPCA warns of a rise in abandonment of exotic pets after lockdown

Just renews my utter disgust with humanity, this is heart breaking and anyone with a brain knew this would happen. I could never part with any of my fur babies, it is painful enough when they die. 

Social distance bar fight

Good old Hale and Pace, so apt for the current situation. 

My cat got covered in flour


New Corporate problems


Yeah, I just call it as I see it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Tuesday 11 August 2020

When arranging a Skype reading with Alex

 Hi peeps

Just a heads up, when arranging a Skype reading with me it is best that you send me a friend request on Skype. I am finding all too often there are thousands of people with the same name ๐Ÿ˜ฎ or sometimes the client has a totally different name on Skype. That makes it impossible for me to send you a friend request. 

I usually ask my client via email to send me a friend request as soon as contact is made and provide my Skype address in the email,  but it is also on my email signature, as well as on my website, Facebook page and blog. This is to be more time efficient. ๐Ÿ˜€

Not every one is familiar with how to use Skype, so I like people to download the free app  a day before the reading, and play around with it to get the feel of it. It is a wonderful tool to use, which includes an "ECHO SOUND TEST". This is a tool that lets you practice and even record and play back as well as adjusting the volume to a level that you like. ๐Ÿ˜€ Pretty nifty huh!

One hiccup I have found though is when people download it to a phone then walk about during the consult, the call can be a bit fragmented because the signal can drop in and out. You  really need to sit still or the reception is not too good. That is why it is much better on a pc or similar device.๐Ÿ’ก

The record facility is there so you can download your reading/ conversation to play back later. The Skype app will only hold the recording for 30 days and then deletes it. So you need to download it to your device after the call ends. You also have the choice of voice only or camera to see each other.  To access the record facility just click or tap on the lower right hand side of your screen and the icons will pop up.๐Ÿ˜€

I do not use other platforms other than Skype, as I do not trust the security of other social media platforms such as Zoom, which does not have a good reputation for security.  Any hoo thank you for taking the time to read this.


Monday 10 August 2020

Freedomplatform : Judge Jeanine , stop trying to steal our freedom: How the lft are trying to destroy America's liberty

I must state I am not a fan of this show, I am quite sceptical of the show in general. However just listening to this woman, she hits the nail right on the head. Hearing what she says , all  I can say is, omg. I told you so, I have mentioned bad times are coming to the US for years. Sadly few people have bothered to read my posts on this. Please listen to this video to the end.

I also mentioned on A1R Psychic Radio in 2015, something bad was going to happen in the US, (civil unrest/ war). I saw the military in the streets in the US. Not one person wanted to ask me anything about this. That speaks volumes to me about the arrogance and ignorance of people, even the radio station people just ignored this, WHY?  They heard every word that I said, they could have emailed me to ask more about this but didn’t, people just don’t want to know the truth. I am not the only psychic that has seen this coming either. 

America will be on it’s  own for many years, if they cannot get a grip on this  upheaval, and I saw that in a vision many years ago, around 2005.  The public let this happen because they allowed evil into the political system, the price to pay for this is very high.

The masses only have themselves to blame for their ignorance and arrogance. Ignore the warning signs and pay the price. The American public have subjected their children to a living hell because they let this evil get control of the country, then so be it.

Democrat, communist, socialist, its all the same shit just different shovel. After WW2 the US government fought very hard to keep the communists out of the US or at least prevent them from taking over. Well that was just an epic fail, they just create all these "ist/ism" political factions, but it is still all the same intention. To destroy America and destroy the people.  

The shocking and disgusting events witnessed world wide as Trump won the elections, was infantile and animalistic mentality of the democrat voters.  That event set in motion the change in the American psyche, devolving it into despicable and very immature individuals. This led to a spiritual decline that will stay within the American collective psyche for many years to come.

 The spiritual light has been deliberately dimmed within every American and they must strive to bring back their spiritual power within or they will be destroyed by their own hands, that is exactly what the evil ones want to happen. Do not give in to evil or you are lost forever.

If Trump should be re elected in November 2020, expect the same  infantile reaction from those that seek to destroy the American way of life. Trump could lose even more control of the nation, because the democrats and their  affiliates are hell bent on bringing the US down to its knees. But here is the kicker......they need the public to do the dirty work and fight each other.

Game over if this happens you will be under a dictatorship by the next elections if Trump is prevented cleaning up the country and doing a political purge that is so badly needed.  If you think the BLM situation was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

How are you going to protect your children and families when things get worse?  Who is going to fix this great evil and what will the price be on human lives? 

The public have the solution in their own hands, only they can decide to act in a moral and just way. The minute things escalate it will be very difficult to put the genie back in the bottle. 

One thing to keep in mind with a dictatorship like communism, they use a psychological dipper system to keep droning on with their mantra or agenda. They do not stop. No they keep upping the ante to break the people down and then take control. That is exactly what you have with lefties. This is a common technique used for thousands of years. Learn to watch the language and the actions. it is all there.  


UPDATE: This is what I am talking about, here we are in August now and these morons are still doing this. This is un-American, gutter level mentality. I feel it is high time the police and the military lay the boot in to this scum. You do not have control of your society America! You have animals and morons ruling the streets because you look the other way, you will reap what you sew. Not something to be proud of, this is a national embarrassment.

Thursday 6 August 2020

Bill Gates Thinks There are Too Many Africans/Calls for Population Control

This article is from October 2018. Think about that two years before this virus was released.
Who the hell made him god over peoples lives and in a foreign country how dare he. This guy is a monster and a eugenicist to boot.

Our world is changing and not for the better as we can see from events in this year alone. The groundwork was already in the pipeline.  

Sunday 2 August 2020

Victoria state of disaster Melbourne curfew introduced Coronavirus stage 4 lockdown introduced

Took their bloody time on doing this. People just won’t do as they are told and now look what happens. Think of all those that were doing the right thing and all the old people that have been made ill, not to forget people with compromised immune systems.

Too many border jumpers and false declarations on border passes. These are selfish people and need to be punished with the full force of the law. 

I don’t give a damn if you think this is a hoax, people are dying due to selfish egotistical morons. They should be incarcerated and no parole. Parole is for snowflakes, man up and take the punishment. You morons have no consideration for the elderly or the ill, you feel it is your right to move around the community infecting others. As far as I am concerned, you are low life criminals and do not deserve any rights because you do not give a damn about the rights of others.