Wednesday 26 February 2014

Oh to be young again!....Er, NO!

I came across this old photo of me back in 1983, holy cow what was I thinking, lol.
The hair do OMG. How times change. It would be nice to be a little more youthful, but still have my wisdom. It is funny how our taste and perception changes as we age. The 1980's were good. A much simpler time for many of us. That is when good music ended, in MHO anyway.

20 years from now we will old dig out old photos of the early 2010's and laugh. Such is the cycle of life. Just enjoy the moment and have no regrets, live simple, love a lot and laugh a lot.

This photo is posted in memory for a very dear friend that has passed away. This is how I looked when he last saw me. I miss him very much. But I know that he is around me in spirit and is happy that I posted this picture. Rest in peace until we meet again.

Monday 24 February 2014

DR Turi: Dogs know your feelings

Yup, We live in the days of idiocracy folks. Dr Louis Turi fully understands what is happening to humanity. Devolution is underway in the present time. Tv is one of the most useful and hypnotic tools out there to make this happen.

Spend more time with animals, and you will learn more. Like Dr Turi, my  husband and I just worship our lovely fur babies. They are happy healthy little souls. Or should I say big souls in little bodies. 15 years ago I had a miscarriage  and as it was happening, my Jack Russell, Sparky stayed by my side until I went to hospital. He just knew some thing was wrong with mummy. I had a very strong psychic link with both of my dogs. Ruby is developing a strong link with mummy now.
Of course that cats already have that, as cats are very intuitive. They also tell me when to come home if I am too long at the shops or visiting a friend. I don't like being away from my fur babies either.
We have a very strong bond.

Sunday 16 February 2014

Mini Dachsunds Love Bath Time

This is way too sweet not to share. My last Jack Russell, Sparky just loved the bath. I had to keep the door shut while I ran the bath for my kids. They would open the door and then shout, Mum, Sparky is in the bath again!

He was a real fun loving water baby. We have pictures of him in the bath and some of him sharing the bath with our kids. Dogs are such a wonderful part of family life.

The Hutchison Effect, The Mahabharata, and Acoustic Levitation

This sure answers many of the questions on the pyramids and other giant structures world wide. We did have very advanced races helping us  thousands of years ago. The truth is hidden from us, but it is being returned to us now by our own thoughts and hard work. There is nothing new in the universe, every thing  goes in cycles, as that is the true nature of all things. 

Tuesday 11 February 2014

Natural News Blogs Clean your Body's Drains: How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System » Natural News Blogs

Natural News Blogs Clean your Body's Drains: How to Detoxify your Lymphatic System » Natural News Blogs

I thought people might be interested in this. Our Lymph glands are very important and must be in tip top condition. How ever what this article does not say is how to do this. I suggest visiting a natural therapist that has qualifications to do lymphatic drainage such as lymphatic massage, or even has a machine that does this. Non invasive therapy is always the best way to go.

Sunday 9 February 2014

Wes Penre UPDATE: Paper 12 of 4th level

If you have a kindle it is well worth transferring this stuff on to it. So you can read it any where any time.

Organic Gardening Is the Answer to Many of Our Problems

Organic Gardening Is the Answer to Many of Our Problems

Nothing compares to growing your own crops. The sheer joy and pleasure one derives form it is,
beyond compare. I love having my hands in the dirt. I need to in my garden every day to feel grounded.

Friday 7 February 2014

Paddington Bear, Singing in the rain

Here is a heart warming  sing song with Paddington Bear. I grew up reading the books and watching the show. My children loved Paddington too. Yes, I do have a Paddington Bear of my own, just in case you are wondering. I love Teddy bears.

Monday 3 February 2014

WES PENRE UPDATE: paper 11 The Rigel war and thoth the rigelian

You can just skip my blog, and follow Wes on Facebook  on his website direct if you like.
I just want to let people know that he is up to page 11.

Remember if you are new to his work you MUST start at the beginning and then read the updates ir you wont understand where he is coming from.

NOTE: I just noticed my last post was paper 6 so you need to jump onto his website for the other stuff. Sorry about that.