Saturday 30 March 2019

Ralph Breaks the Internet | Official Trailer 2

This advert was on TV about an hour ago, I  have never seen the advert before, but my god I was stunned at the blatant AI push. This is aimed at our children and grandchildren to lure them into the AI.

This is highly disturbing and people need to take a look at this and think what is the agenda. Too many kids and young people live via the internet as per design. Interfacing with AI and not other human beings and their thoughts being manipulated in to the bargain. There are a lot of parents that will just ignore this, as well as other dangers that are going on at present. Make no mistake about it your kids are a target for evil. If you are worried about 5G then you should also be very worried about this too.

How much more in your face can you get. Now as with cosmic law, the law states that everything must be revealed to us. Well yes they are revealing their intentions to us, but are people are not  paying attention to what is being said. Nah of course not. They are too busy with their head in the TV or the PC. Bingo! Interfacing with technology. That is what the powers that be want. Too easy unless you are vigilant. Remember your silence is an agreement with these individuals and their controllers.

You must utter the word YES or NO! Otherwise it is taken as Yes. I am glad my son is an adult because there is no way in hell I would let him watch this if I was a young parent these days.
Bear in mind Disney are notorious for subliminal messages and have a dark reputation.

Google what Disney get up to with the MIC and mind control, child abuse etc. They are not so nice and sweet. You may be interested to know the abuse of children in Hollywood has been around since the days of Shirley Temple.

You may want to Google what happened to her and many others. Bob Hope, now there is an evil person and CIA handler to boot.( I have not read the book, Thanks for the Memories" by Cathy O'Brien, but I do intend to read it). Hollywood is an evil vipers nest and they have a massive involvement in AI.

Givers must set boundaries

Sweet little photo that I did years ago. A tiny crystal vase on my table and little flowers from my garden. just so sweet. 💖

Video 134: Q&A Session #24

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments. You can also follow Wes on Facebook now.

Wes is right on the money about suffering and the awakened souls. However an awakened soul needs to know what is actually going on with the AIF and the soul trap or it will be a total waste of their awakening.

You will notice people say; why do bad things always happen to good people, well that is because they are no longer willing to be controlled by these beings and the controllers want to break them. That also includes children,  much suffering takes place in childhood, which leaves a long lasting effect on a person and can shape the future for that person in either a negative way or the exact opposite.

But one must stay strong and never give in. Evil will never triumph over good and that is a well accepted fact. This is where cosmic law kicks in and these guys know that good will always triumph no matter what. Yes the AIF break and violate cosmic law all the time, because they know the law inside out over millions of years and how to circumvent it.

Humans do not, but if the individual soul is smart and refuses to play along with it they are in a much stronger position. I most certainly would not have anything to do with any beings that do not have good and honest intentions towards me. These AIF beings do not have humanities best intentions at heart, they are predators.

You must not communicate with them at all. And especially on point of death if you are exiting the matrix. Just stay focused and ask your higher self to guide you to safety out side the matrix. Even in the KHAA be very careful. We do not know what to expect out there so one must keep their guard up.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Some cheery stuff

Image result for cat with flowersImage result for cat with flowersImage result for cat with flowers

Enjoy some beautiful kitties to brighten up your day xxx

REVEALED: French soldiers will be allowed to 'OPEN FIRE' if lives are threatened by Yellow Vest rioters this weekend as the military is drafted in to help 5,000 police on the streets of Paris
This is actually quite frightening. Lets hope commonsense prevales . Lives matter and no one has the right to just burn down or destroy that which does not belong to them. This is madness, I would have no part in anything like this shocking behaviour.

Protesting for our human rights and the right to a fair wage etc, is one thing but to do such wicked destruction is not on. It is an act of primitive savagery. You may well laugh when I say humanity is devolving, just take a look around this world and tell me where are the evolved human beings.

As many spiritual people are aware, humanity is moving closed to the second dimensional thought patterns. This is a collective consciousness and a very disturbing  direction to take.

Our consciousness actually moves constantly depending on our emotions. But if they are continuously focused on things like this then that is what will manifest. Let's not go there with our thoughts and intentions, please. This is not the world that you want for your children or the elderly.

Lets hope the thugs hiding in amongst the yellow vests do not put people in grave danger. Paid thugs are always in these demonstrations to cause as much mayhem as possible, but this is a very dangerous path now. People need to stop and think, and not get involved in this. There are peaceful means of changing our circumstances without stooping to this.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Annie Logical: Mark Steele Exposed

I have this as a link in the post , They're about to unleash the final phase. It deserves a stand alone post though because it is vital information and it is a huge article.

Tuesday 26 March 2019

They're About to Unleash Their Final Phase!

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments. Your life is on the line!

If you have been reading Wes Penre and other researchers then you will be aware of exiting the Matrix after death.This is something that needs to be factored in to the issue.

Will we be able to exit the Matrix? Will 5G prevent souls leaving?  We are electromagnetic energy
whether in a physical body or in spirit. We are energy.
 Please read this post from Annie Logical about Mark Steele.

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health - Barrie Trower

Watch in YouTube mode please, read the comments.

Monday 25 March 2019

My service is about you!

When I post things on here, it is not about me. It is for people to benefit for themselves, and taking back their power. I am just an ordinary person, I do not have all the answers, I just share stuff that is food for thought. It is up to the individual to say when they wish to develop spiritually and evolve to the next level.

I do not pretend to be an expert, far from it. Only doing my little bit of service to humanity and the animals.

Never call them Archons
Cameron Day is being polite, I just call them the poop stains of the universe.

 I always tell clients about Cameron's website and it is on the Useful Stuff page on the hand out that I give my clients along with Meta history with John Lamb  Lash Wes Penre and a few others.

Yesterday I had a very switched on man come to see me and he said he has finally found someone that understands what he is talking about. I guess he was meant to come and see me. We had a very long chat about the reality of this world and the clear and present dangers. 

He went home with even more stuff to read about, lol. I know I will see him again.

Image result for archonsImage result for archonsImage result for archons

Vaccine skepticism In Australia now punishable by 10 years in jail

How very Orwellian of these psychopaths. Do you really believe we live in a democracy?  I have never bought in to that fairy tale myself. If you test any major issue you will see that democracy is a very thin illusion that now is actually ruptured.
  I did not trust the source of this article, "Your news wire" because they are a disinfo website so here is one from one of the newspaper websites.  Looks to me that these ratbags are very worried because the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Not just that  why all the secret courts and parents forced to sign an agreement to keep quiet  when they have won the court cases. This is downright evil and the public are just not angry enough. The media of course are colluding with the government, the Pharmaceutical companies and the lawyers in this.

Video 133: Predestiny vs. Freewill

Good video. I have posted a comment on the video about breaking an encryption in out DNA at a soul level. Please watch in YouTube mode and read the comments.

Image may contain: textNo photo description available.

Sunday 24 March 2019

Etheric Implants Are Human Nature

This is quite important reading, anyonecwithcan interest is spiritual matters will find this useful. As we know there is an upsurge of people literally going crazy world wide. One needs to be insulated against this as much as possible.

This etheric implant information will help you clear your own blockages and hopefully give you an understanding as to why some people are behaving the way they are.

Friday 22 March 2019

The health benefits of bone broth  Err , Nup I will skim that crap off the top thanks!

I was having a chat with a lady at a jewellers shop yesterday and the subject turned to health and bone broth. I never thought about the health benefits of bone broth to be honest, but this lady has been very ill with a few health problems and the doctors were no use to her at all, just filling her with medication that made her worse.

The conversation started me thinking and I remember my mum always made soup using the bones of chickens or beef bones. She used the stock to make gravy for stews and we were ever sick. I never saw a doctor as a child, not until I was badly injured in a car accident at 19.

My new doctor was amazed that I had no medical history. I was always a pick eater when I was young, so I would turn my nose up at any soup mum made. She was a really good cook and the soups she made were good traditional vegetable soups with bone broth as the standard stock.

I have been thinking on this from the conversation with this lady yesterday afternoon and I feel I must delve into this for myself. Being a strict vegetarian for at least 10 years, I honestly cannot remember the year that I became a vegie only the day and the month. January 6th.
I may have to bite the bullet as the say and start having bone broth for my health problems.

I am most definitely not going to deny myself the chance to heal. So I can still be mainly vegetarian but use the bone broth as well for medical reasons. They say most of our health problems start in the gut. Hence the need for probiotcs  these days because we are living on processed food which will lead to disease eventually.

Leaky gut is the biggest health issue that if undetected affects the entire immune system and our health spirals downwards. This includes mental health too. The body is a body mind soul complex and must be treated holistically, or you are not going to get to the bottom of your health problems.

There for as well as having your family doctor it is sensible to have a good natural therapist to keep you in balance also.

I have known of my leaky gut since I was about 19, but in later years I got lazy and never followed through with the recommendations, not to mention finical constraints at times. So I hope that I can get my act together now and get on with it. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Like the article in the link says, most supermarket stocks are not made from real bones and carcasses. They offer no health benefits what so ever. Bone broth does freeze too so you can make up little containers and store it in the freezer.  Food for thought, literally, as it supposedly clears brain fog.

Good health and bon appetite!

NOTE: For  the apple cider vinegar it must be made from the whole or mother apple. Look for Braggs apple cider or any organic  apple cider vinegar made from the whole apple. It should be cloudy.

Image result for bone broth soup

Thursday 21 March 2019

Video 131: Personal Responsibility—The Loaded but Perhaps Most Important...

Bang on the money with this one.

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments too.

Now apart from what Wes is saying here, our name at birth and when we change our name through marriage or whatever reason we have a name change the numerology seriously affects us.

I had my numerology done recently and it came as a shock, not just my birth name but my married name signify a life of never ending suffering. The letters in my given name, my maiden name and my married name all contain letters that make for a life of suffering, pain, loss and sacrifice.

Particularly having the letters I, R, T in my name. I need to listen to the recording again because it said something about the letter F and the letter E also. So far it is every 6 to 8 weeks and something happens. Like I have said in other posts I do not have an easy life.

The numerologist told me he picked his children's names without the letter I to make their lives go more harmoniously. So people really need to be careful when naming children. If you are thinking of having a family it may be worth while having a numerologist help you pick a suitable name to minimize the negative effects on the child's life.

In my family, like most Scottish families, names are recycled on and on and on. It it a nuisance when doing genealogy research I can tell you. The vibrational frequency of the given name and surname at birth will keep repeating right through the family until someone works out how to stop this happening.

I wish I knew 30 odd years ago what I know now about naming children. Parents may pressure you in to keeping family names going so if you are trying to make a wise choice stand your ground, but respectfully explain to your loved ones why you are not going with a particular name.

All names need to be worked out for a good numerology match for a ease of suffering through the life of the person. The date of birth will also effect the person when you take the name and date of birth into consideration  Trying to remember all of this and the personal responsibility is a good idea to help life go smoothly for our loved ones in the future.

Saturday 16 March 2019

Video 130: THE BIG PICTURE SERIES PART 1|| How Perception Creates Realit...

With the shift in consciousness it opens up many possibilities.  Chose wisely when picking your reality that you want to have. Remember you can also say no to reincarnation, you can choose to exit the Matrix. You could Choose to live in the new Earth under the control of a demiurge (En-Ki).

It is not my place to tell you what to choose, but I intend to exit the Matrix. I would love a spiritual sanctuary for animals that have suffered and give them a place to heal from trauma and a home to feel safe and loved. Far away from any harm or any evil.That is where I want to be.

Card Of The Month : April 2019, Three Of Wands

Lovely bright yellow of the card feels inspiring, it feels like a journey to be undertaken.
 Perhaps a physical journey or a journey of the mind, heart and soul. Going deep within ones self to connect to the higher self.

Looking at the card you will notice the yellow background. Yellow is for spirituality and wisdom. There are mountains way off in the distance, they are no problem to the man in the picture, he knows that he will overcome any obstacles with his sheer willpower.

We see the number three is at the top of the card, but also the man  has 3 wands or staffs/staves beside him. Three symbolises not just the trinity, but magic, intuition, time as in past present and future, similar to one of the meanings of the three of swords, which normally is heartbreak, disappointment and betrayal, i the three of Swords it also means the timing is not right or something will take longer to transpire.  Here in the three of Wands though it is past, present and future.

Notice the man seems to be looking far into the distance, he is deep in thought. He is at a crossroads in his life and needs to make a decision, using common sense with his feet firmly planted on the ground, not given to fantasy. The wand that he is grasping tells us he has good solid knowledge. The green growth on the wands represents expansion of knowledge and ideas.

The man wears a band around his head to represent wisdom. He wears a red cloak over his green tunic. These colour green represents  adventure, growth, youthfulness,  health, nature, sentimentality. It also covers the planets Venus and Earth and the star signs Libra and Taurus, and the numbers 4 and 6. Colours like everything else carry a vibrational frequency.

Red  for the cloak is male mars energy, fired up with energy and drive to get things done, It is protective, vibrant and radiant. So this little guy has energy to burn and on a mission. The number 1 relates to Mars and the colour red, so this person gets noticed as an individual with  power or authority, no shrinking violet.

Surrounded in that yellow, Leo energy he is ready to take on the world and the task at hand.
have no fear Sunny Jim here will take this on like a boss. He is courageous and will achieve what he sets out to do.

So bringing this message down to us mere mortals it means stay alert and watch for opportunities. This is a great card for everyone that has their eye on the ball. Make sure you are ready for the next step in life's journey and don't look back. You have learned some lessons and can now put those lessons into practical use. 

You will be able to rise to the occasion, whether it is a new job, promotion or a new life. Go for it if you have already taken the right steps without cutting corners. Your future is ready.

A word of caution if you are about to sign any agreements, please read it carefully before signing on the dotted line. Especially if it is renting a house, be warned to check everything carefully.

On the whole it is a good month for everyone.



Tarot Card Of The Month: March, The Tower

This is card of the month is  very late I am sorry to say .I have been held up with other things. 
It is the first time that I have ever drawn this card when doing card of the month.

The number of the card is 16. In numerology that adds up to 7 and related to the planet Neptune (illusions, deception, ) Time frame is two years. It is a card of revelations as well as warning of sudden changes, dangers , realization , sudden force, etc. I  try not to treat it as a negative card, it to me is a reality check. So what you assumed was going on may not be correct.

In the colours we see black and white, signifying duality or opposites. Black relates to the planets Pluto and Saturn. The zodiac signs relating to black are Capricorn and Scorpio. The numbers 8 and 0).
Black is for stability, conformity, force, dignity, healing misunderstandings. Notice the clergy always wear black , absorbing energy and promoting conformity.

  White relates to the planets Mercury and  the Moon. The star sign is Virgo. The numbers one and six. The colour white also stands for purity, peace, illumination, higher understanding in a spiritual sense, cleansing. Think of waving a white flag in peace and surrender. Ancient Druids wore white robes all over the world, not just ancient Egypt.

 The red and blue on the two people are male and female. Red is masculine and Mars energy, it relates to the star sign Aries and the number 1.
 Blue is feminine as in the divine feminine and the planet Jupiter. Blue is also a healing colour and the throat chakra and the number 5. The star sign for blue is Sagittarius.

 The tower itself is the ancient tower of Babel. You see the crown falling from the top signifying a loss of power or authority. Like the old saying the higher they are the further they fall. But on a very deep level this also reminds us of humanity's fall from supposed grace ,down in to the third dimension cut off from spirit and original source. That also means cut off from the higher-self. 

The colour yellow in place of gold for the crown and the lightening and flames represents the Sun the star sign Leo, and the numbers one and three. Now those numbers are very important as you know the trinity and the god force. One is supreme. Yellow is intellect, creativity, protective, communication, confidence and visionary, which includes the psychic inner vision.

Yellow is for a person or a situation that stands out. It also relates to the solar chakra, however the solar chakra is not a high vibrational energy, more trans-formative going from the lower energy up to the higher energy.

Notice the two little flames coming out of the windows , they look like little birds to me. It makes me think of the Rooks leaving the Tower of London and the prophecy about that.

So having said all that, March is about revelations (communication) of all sorts. Finding out the answers to things in our lives, including listening to our intuition and acting on it. I feel the media is important this month also, communication is vital as it is keeping us aware of what is going on around us.

Not all is as it seems, so we must take a closer look and examine what is being presented to us.  This goes for our every day lives as well as what we are seeing and hearing around us including the media. Remember deceptions never stay hidden, all will be revealed. I have already noticed this month certain common things popping up in the media like coded messages to those in the know and always around the time of tragedies occurring, it is no coincidence but the work of the hidden hand of darkness.  Two particular things at certain times are brought into our awareness by those that see all. 
Regular as clock work these two issues are trotted out to keep us focused on dark energy. 

Hence the tower card is quite appropriate. The ides of March is on the 15th to 17th, funnily enough. We certainly have had shocking news yesterday with the tragedy in New Zealand and my heart goes out to all of those poor souls.

Lets hope the rest of the month fairs much better for everyone.  I am now going to go right in to the card of the month for April. I thought I should get that out of the way so that I do not forget or have unforeseen events prevent me getting it done.

I do love sharing the the symbology of the tarot cards with everyone. There is a lot more to each card than this of course, but I don't want to write an epic blog post on each card. If anyone is interested there are books on the subject of cartomancy as well as great websites to research.

It is a fantastic little hobby for those that love to read and hunt for information.

'Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Tuesday 12 March 2019

Heads up from Alex about appointments

Just a heads up. From time to time I may be pre-occupied with personal issues, my husband is not very well with multiple serious health issues which are getting worse (he has been suffering from serious and chronic health issues for many years).

I do not have a normal nor a very easy life. I now have my own health issues on top of that with chronic pain and fatigue, hence why I no longer do spiritual healing. I work under a hell of a lot of pressure.

You do not get to see my suffering as it is not appropriate when I am consulting with clients, but rest assured I have a very hectic and very stressful life.

So please bear with me and understand if you cannot get in touch with me straight away, other than being in the middle of a consultation, it may well be that there is something serious happening in my private life.

Blessings and thank you,


Thursday 7 March 2019

Living in the Manhattan project part 2

Interesting video. Both my husband and I have autoimmune problems. His are much worse than mine.
If what she says in this video is correct then we are all in for a really bad time with our health.

Makes you wonder if life is worth it when being forced down the path of singulairty.
To avoid this takes courage and rejecting technology in our bodies, and on death avoiding going to the light. Those staying here will no longer be human. This is a locked in deal, do not make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

We all have Nano particles in our bodies they have been in there for a few years now. But can these be removed? Please read the bottom link for the answers. The top link explains what is happening to humanity now. So please read the PFD files below. Scroll down to, Can Nano bots be removed.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

How to pay Karmic Debt by Wes Penre

I cannot stand that flashing karma symbol. Designed to get into your head.

I have said Karma is an artificial construct in other posts. I refuse to accept this Karma trap. I will sure as hell not be agreeing to anything nor go into the light. What she is saying is correct, however I do not accept the Orion empire either. It is reptilian, the Orion Queen is a reptilian.

Use caution when learning all of this stuff. Do not make a firm decision when you are in spirit until your full memories return. You do not speak to anything when you exit the matrix, you do not have to take on a physical body either. It is a trap made by EnKi.

So what are you really saying here Levi Strauss?

Advertising a 'product" and casually slip in a message too. I won't be buying your "products" ever.

Cheesed Challenge sees babies slapped with cheese

Good heavens, some people just should not breed. Who the hell thinks up this stuff and then the idiots copy them. Respect your children and don't do this to them. They are not there to be humiliated or ridiculed.

The mother of the boy who was first 'cheesed' spoke out online. Picture: Twitter

It is also inappropriate to have your child all over social media. Your child cannot give consent to either of these.  This is not at all funny, it is abuse, humiliating the poor child.

These Internet moronic games are thought up by social engineers usually, and then they watch how many idiots pick it up. It shows just how dumbed down society is and it is getting worse by the day.

No self respect, no respect for others including the persons own children, no boundaries, unfit and ineffective parenting is a sign of society imploding. Society collapse does not necessarily mean a world war. It can be the decline of moral standards and ethics, intelligence, acceptable behaviours etc. We are slap bang in the middle of societal collapse and the masses cannot see this. Because they are so dumbed down with their heads in a phone or computer screen.

Not actually living in the "real world", instead they are interfacing with AI. There are also the angry trolls and keyboard warriors that just exist to upset and abuse people. This is very dangerous to mental health and will produce angry dysfunctional people.

Many people now avoid saying anything on line these days because they do not want to be abused and bullied. A great way to train the masses in submission, dis-empower and taking away freedom of speech. If every time a person makes a comment on line they get abused they will eventually either not communicate or they will start abusing others. Monkey see monkey do.

This is not a healthy thing and most people have no idea how much  their lives are controlled in this way. Life is evolving around screens and less actual face to face interaction.  Have a look at this, this is not exactly new technology, just more sophisticated. The posts usually have a comments part at the bottom.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Over 30,000 Scientists Declare Climate Change A Hoax

Gee, do ya friggin think?? What took you all so bloody long?  Does it take that long to actually grow a pair?  I worked that out by myself many years ago. Pffft!

Just fling in political correctness, 5G, Transgender BS (the political BS, not real genuine cases) ISIS funded originally by the CIA  and Yellow Vests into the mix of controlled opposition and be friggin done with it.

EMF Radiation

Monday 4 March 2019

This is the Energy the Aliens Want to Collect and store for their own use

Those of you who already read up on this stuff will already be fully aware of this.
Sexual energy being the most powerful because it is creative energy to create life.
Female genital mutilation is for this reason too and not really for any other purpose.

A rather brutal way to cut off the energy that connects to the all that is. The average person has no idea about this. Just think about the ancient temple prostitutes that were used for their energy, they had to be intact shall we say or the connection would be impossible.

Those that practice Tantra would obviously know this, but what they don't know is they are also being used for energy harvesting because they are not aware that it happens.

Many years ago I was told by a psychic to practice Tantra, to be honest I was repulsed by the thought of it and I know why these days. Not just that these beings actually watch you in the act, how do I know...I can see the bastards that's how I know. I have to put up with these beings 24/7 even though I object and tell them to bugger off and leave me alone, pointing out they are violating my privacy and they are also violating cosmic law. These entities just do not care.

Watch in YouTube mode and look at the comments.

Sunday 3 March 2019

‘A dangerous precedent’: 75-year seal put on child abuse testimony

Bet ya can't name all the pedos of royal blood! Too friggin many I can tell you. It is a rich and powerful man's commodity, always was and always will be. They all worship Satan don't be naive to think otherwise.

Video 127: What Will Happen to Humans When AI Takes Over Everything?
Read the comments on the Facebook post about this. Please watch the video in YouTube mode and read the comments. Feel free to post a comment on YT.

Personally I sit on the fence in this one, because I feel too much focus on this will or could bring this about. That is why people need to be very careful of the thoughts they hold. like the old saying, "What you think is" or what ever you think you will create. It is all energy in motion after all. No different to when we are in spirit form. Our thoughts create the reality. Do not forget that, it is crucial to understanding reality.

As for the Orion Queen, I feel she is not on our side, she has as much blood on her hands as the rest of them. There is no way she is not aware or not involved she knows the score.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children’s Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans
WTF? Sick minds run amok is all I can say about this. Who in their right mind would allow this?
What sort of adult would allow their children to participate in this and what sort of parent would buy the products?

If you cannot see the dark agenda in this then you should not be outdoors without a responsible adult.
it screams out satanism and child abuse. Pizzagate anyone?

 Notice the square on the floor, apart from the disturbing image of these children. Saturn is being hidden in plain sight, hall mark  of dark Freemasons.

Something is Terribly Wrong With The Children's Clothing Line Caroline Bosmans The all seeing eye

Again the Saturn cube. Other pictures use a tumble dryer to replicate the cube. These kids are not just traumatized look at their eyes, there is a darkness in there.