Saturday, 16 March 2019

Tarot Card Of The Month: March, The Tower

This is card of the month is  very late I am sorry to say .I have been held up with other things. 
It is the first time that I have ever drawn this card when doing card of the month.

The number of the card is 16. In numerology that adds up to 7 and related to the planet Neptune (illusions, deception, ) Time frame is two years. It is a card of revelations as well as warning of sudden changes, dangers , realization , sudden force, etc. I  try not to treat it as a negative card, it to me is a reality check. So what you assumed was going on may not be correct.

In the colours we see black and white, signifying duality or opposites. Black relates to the planets Pluto and Saturn. The zodiac signs relating to black are Capricorn and Scorpio. The numbers 8 and 0).
Black is for stability, conformity, force, dignity, healing misunderstandings. Notice the clergy always wear black , absorbing energy and promoting conformity.

  White relates to the planets Mercury and  the Moon. The star sign is Virgo. The numbers one and six. The colour white also stands for purity, peace, illumination, higher understanding in a spiritual sense, cleansing. Think of waving a white flag in peace and surrender. Ancient Druids wore white robes all over the world, not just ancient Egypt.

 The red and blue on the two people are male and female. Red is masculine and Mars energy, it relates to the star sign Aries and the number 1.
 Blue is feminine as in the divine feminine and the planet Jupiter. Blue is also a healing colour and the throat chakra and the number 5. The star sign for blue is Sagittarius.

 The tower itself is the ancient tower of Babel. You see the crown falling from the top signifying a loss of power or authority. Like the old saying the higher they are the further they fall. But on a very deep level this also reminds us of humanity's fall from supposed grace ,down in to the third dimension cut off from spirit and original source. That also means cut off from the higher-self. 

The colour yellow in place of gold for the crown and the lightening and flames represents the Sun the star sign Leo, and the numbers one and three. Now those numbers are very important as you know the trinity and the god force. One is supreme. Yellow is intellect, creativity, protective, communication, confidence and visionary, which includes the psychic inner vision.

Yellow is for a person or a situation that stands out. It also relates to the solar chakra, however the solar chakra is not a high vibrational energy, more trans-formative going from the lower energy up to the higher energy.

Notice the two little flames coming out of the windows , they look like little birds to me. It makes me think of the Rooks leaving the Tower of London and the prophecy about that.

So having said all that, March is about revelations (communication) of all sorts. Finding out the answers to things in our lives, including listening to our intuition and acting on it. I feel the media is important this month also, communication is vital as it is keeping us aware of what is going on around us.

Not all is as it seems, so we must take a closer look and examine what is being presented to us.  This goes for our every day lives as well as what we are seeing and hearing around us including the media. Remember deceptions never stay hidden, all will be revealed. I have already noticed this month certain common things popping up in the media like coded messages to those in the know and always around the time of tragedies occurring, it is no coincidence but the work of the hidden hand of darkness.  Two particular things at certain times are brought into our awareness by those that see all. 
Regular as clock work these two issues are trotted out to keep us focused on dark energy. 

Hence the tower card is quite appropriate. The ides of March is on the 15th to 17th, funnily enough. We certainly have had shocking news yesterday with the tragedy in New Zealand and my heart goes out to all of those poor souls.

Lets hope the rest of the month fairs much better for everyone.  I am now going to go right in to the card of the month for April. I thought I should get that out of the way so that I do not forget or have unforeseen events prevent me getting it done.

I do love sharing the the symbology of the tarot cards with everyone. There is a lot more to each card than this of course, but I don't want to write an epic blog post on each card. If anyone is interested there are books on the subject of cartomancy as well as great websites to research.

It is a fantastic little hobby for those that love to read and hunt for information.

'Have a wonderful weekend everyone.