Thursday, 21 March 2019

Video 131: Personal Responsibility—The Loaded but Perhaps Most Important...

Bang on the money with this one.

Please watch this in YouTube mode and read the comments too.

Now apart from what Wes is saying here, our name at birth and when we change our name through marriage or whatever reason we have a name change the numerology seriously affects us.

I had my numerology done recently and it came as a shock, not just my birth name but my married name signify a life of never ending suffering. The letters in my given name, my maiden name and my married name all contain letters that make for a life of suffering, pain, loss and sacrifice.

Particularly having the letters I, R, T in my name. I need to listen to the recording again because it said something about the letter F and the letter E also. So far it is every 6 to 8 weeks and something happens. Like I have said in other posts I do not have an easy life.

The numerologist told me he picked his children's names without the letter I to make their lives go more harmoniously. So people really need to be careful when naming children. If you are thinking of having a family it may be worth while having a numerologist help you pick a suitable name to minimize the negative effects on the child's life.

In my family, like most Scottish families, names are recycled on and on and on. It it a nuisance when doing genealogy research I can tell you. The vibrational frequency of the given name and surname at birth will keep repeating right through the family until someone works out how to stop this happening.

I wish I knew 30 odd years ago what I know now about naming children. Parents may pressure you in to keeping family names going so if you are trying to make a wise choice stand your ground, but respectfully explain to your loved ones why you are not going with a particular name.

All names need to be worked out for a good numerology match for a ease of suffering through the life of the person. The date of birth will also effect the person when you take the name and date of birth into consideration  Trying to remember all of this and the personal responsibility is a good idea to help life go smoothly for our loved ones in the future.