Thursday, 7 March 2019

Living in the Manhattan project part 2

Interesting video. Both my husband and I have autoimmune problems. His are much worse than mine.
If what she says in this video is correct then we are all in for a really bad time with our health.

Makes you wonder if life is worth it when being forced down the path of singulairty.
To avoid this takes courage and rejecting technology in our bodies, and on death avoiding going to the light. Those staying here will no longer be human. This is a locked in deal, do not make the mistake of thinking otherwise.

We all have Nano particles in our bodies they have been in there for a few years now. But can these be removed? Please read the bottom link for the answers. The top link explains what is happening to humanity now. So please read the PFD files below. Scroll down to, Can Nano bots be removed.