Saturday, 30 March 2019

Video 134: Q&A Session #24

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Wes is right on the money about suffering and the awakened souls. However an awakened soul needs to know what is actually going on with the AIF and the soul trap or it will be a total waste of their awakening.

You will notice people say; why do bad things always happen to good people, well that is because they are no longer willing to be controlled by these beings and the controllers want to break them. That also includes children,  much suffering takes place in childhood, which leaves a long lasting effect on a person and can shape the future for that person in either a negative way or the exact opposite.

But one must stay strong and never give in. Evil will never triumph over good and that is a well accepted fact. This is where cosmic law kicks in and these guys know that good will always triumph no matter what. Yes the AIF break and violate cosmic law all the time, because they know the law inside out over millions of years and how to circumvent it.

Humans do not, but if the individual soul is smart and refuses to play along with it they are in a much stronger position. I most certainly would not have anything to do with any beings that do not have good and honest intentions towards me. These AIF beings do not have humanities best intentions at heart, they are predators.

You must not communicate with them at all. And especially on point of death if you are exiting the matrix. Just stay focused and ask your higher self to guide you to safety out side the matrix. Even in the KHAA be very careful. We do not know what to expect out there so one must keep their guard up.