Friday, 22 March 2019

The health benefits of bone broth  Err , Nup I will skim that crap off the top thanks!

I was having a chat with a lady at a jewellers shop yesterday and the subject turned to health and bone broth. I never thought about the health benefits of bone broth to be honest, but this lady has been very ill with a few health problems and the doctors were no use to her at all, just filling her with medication that made her worse.

The conversation started me thinking and I remember my mum always made soup using the bones of chickens or beef bones. She used the stock to make gravy for stews and we were ever sick. I never saw a doctor as a child, not until I was badly injured in a car accident at 19.

My new doctor was amazed that I had no medical history. I was always a pick eater when I was young, so I would turn my nose up at any soup mum made. She was a really good cook and the soups she made were good traditional vegetable soups with bone broth as the standard stock.

I have been thinking on this from the conversation with this lady yesterday afternoon and I feel I must delve into this for myself. Being a strict vegetarian for at least 10 years, I honestly cannot remember the year that I became a vegie only the day and the month. January 6th.
I may have to bite the bullet as the say and start having bone broth for my health problems.

I am most definitely not going to deny myself the chance to heal. So I can still be mainly vegetarian but use the bone broth as well for medical reasons. They say most of our health problems start in the gut. Hence the need for probiotcs  these days because we are living on processed food which will lead to disease eventually.

Leaky gut is the biggest health issue that if undetected affects the entire immune system and our health spirals downwards. This includes mental health too. The body is a body mind soul complex and must be treated holistically, or you are not going to get to the bottom of your health problems.

There for as well as having your family doctor it is sensible to have a good natural therapist to keep you in balance also.

I have known of my leaky gut since I was about 19, but in later years I got lazy and never followed through with the recommendations, not to mention finical constraints at times. So I hope that I can get my act together now and get on with it. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Like the article in the link says, most supermarket stocks are not made from real bones and carcasses. They offer no health benefits what so ever. Bone broth does freeze too so you can make up little containers and store it in the freezer.  Food for thought, literally, as it supposedly clears brain fog.

Good health and bon appetite!

NOTE: For  the apple cider vinegar it must be made from the whole or mother apple. Look for Braggs apple cider or any organic  apple cider vinegar made from the whole apple. It should be cloudy.

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