Sunday, 3 March 2019

Video 127: What Will Happen to Humans When AI Takes Over Everything?
Read the comments on the Facebook post about this. Please watch the video in YouTube mode and read the comments. Feel free to post a comment on YT.

Personally I sit on the fence in this one, because I feel too much focus on this will or could bring this about. That is why people need to be very careful of the thoughts they hold. like the old saying, "What you think is" or what ever you think you will create. It is all energy in motion after all. No different to when we are in spirit form. Our thoughts create the reality. Do not forget that, it is crucial to understanding reality.

As for the Orion Queen, I feel she is not on our side, she has as much blood on her hands as the rest of them. There is no way she is not aware or not involved she knows the score.