Thursday 27 June 2013

Good Bye Julia! Is Kevin Rudd back for an other turn in the hot seat?

Well now that Julia Gillard is no longer the Australian Prime Minister, we are in for an interesting set of events. I have no idea why she was still held in this position by the powers that be, for so long.  I do feel she was set up to fail though. I am surprised that Kevin Rudd is our Prime Minister again. It may only be for a very short time. Only time will tell.

I do not trust Bill Shorten one bit, I still feel that something is being planned
I don't rule him out for the PM job in the end. Even if Rudd wins the next election, how long will it be before he is ousted again?

Not a follower of politics myself, I have no preference for  the Australian Labor Party leadership. I do not want to see Tony Abbott as the PM either. The Liberals still follow the same masters as the ALP. No matter who wins the elections, Australians will still be in the same situation that they have been in for the past 13 years, like all western nations.

The elections are merely illusion for the masses. All elections are false, the people do not control who leads the nation. People are now becoming aware of that, by looking at the repeated patterns in the USA and the UK. The powers that be, don't care if we know this either. They know that no one will challenge them.

This is where I step back from the dark world of politics, as I say it is not my bag. I do wish Julia Gillard all the very best in her new life. I still stand by what I have said about her future. I look forward to her tell all book.
I do hope that she finds true happiness, love and  peace in her future.
She needs a good holiday to shake off the grime of politics and focus on her future.

Peace and  Love to all

 Julia's rose

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Neanderthal is there a connection between the Celts?

Could there be a connection between the Neanderthals and the ancient Celts of Britain? I was wondering about that yesterday.
Over the past hundred years or so the scientists have pondered is there a link between us humans of today and the Neanderthals. I feel that there is much more to the Neanderthals than meets the eye. They were not the knuckle dragging beings that the scientists led us to believe. New evidence keeps coming to light to add more to their story. No doubt we will never know the full story, for one reason or an other.

Here is what I was thinking about yesterday, Neanderthals were a short stocky build and reddish hair, as are some of us Celts. Neanderthals have a long toe next to the big toe, and so do some of us Celts. I also have that long toe next to my big toe. Mind you I do have long toes. I often joke about being able to peel a banana with them. My fingers are short though.

I have the short stocky build of the Celt from my part of Scotland. My ancestors as far as I know are all 100% pure Celt, going back hundreds of years. I am not sure about the blood groups of most of my family, I do know that there are some of us with the O rh Negative blood group and my father's side have that. Many Celts and Basque people have the O rh Neg blood. I suspect that it came from the Neanderthals. But I honestly couldn't say 100%, not being a scientist. Just a hunch only.

Yesterday I just looked up this website attached to my post and found it very interesting. I have also added the main page index for others to browse through if they are interested. There is so much more info out there, but this seems a good starting point to start joining the dots.

But why have these Neanderthals been given such bad press?
Also why has there been a constant drive by the Vatican and company to destroy the Celts? It has been their mission from the very start to destroy them and take their land. As we speak the Irish people have started the push to be rid of the Vatican. Very interesting times that we are living in now. With the answers clearly lying in our ancient past. It makes for a good Agatha Christie novel doesn't it.

Any how I hope that you find this interesting and enjoy reading up on the past. It is full of surprises. Happy reading!

Update: May 20,2017 LOL, I was scrolling through my old posts looking for something and came across this post. I have learned much more about the O negative blood and Celts in the time from this post to date. The Celtic race are the remains of ancient Atlantis. The O neg blood  is the royal  blood and by that not just the British royal family, the blood line of the Annunaki royals. It does not originate of earth, science has already brought this information out.

There is a lot of valuable information on the alternate history websites and as I keep saying the researchers that I mention in posts all have valid confirmation as to the origins of the blood group O rh neg.

A basic blood test will only give you your blood group but the real gold is withheld from the general public. For instance if you have a parent that is A positive and one parent is O neg  any of the children can have the o neg traits in their blood. I sure as hell do as y mum was A pos, my dad is O neg, his mum is O neg. The psychic blood line. This blood cannot be cloned either. Do your research and you will find this to be the case. Do not expect a doctor, a nurse or a pathologist to either know this or admit this. It is not in their interest to tell you this if they are aware. This is about maintaining control and keeping our true human history hidden. But hey it's a bit bloody late for that, the cat is already out the bag. One would have to do a massive redaction of every single book on the subject and erase every document on the internet. I don't see that happening. Not that redaction isn't happening with other important information. (This link is in other posts in my blog too, however I want to add it to this to show a comparison)

Ancient DNA Reveals That Some Neanderthals Were Redheads, October 26, 2007

Hmmm found this link, just a tad late. I would also read what Wes Penre has to say about this in his first level of learning.

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Alien abduction Dream

I had this dream a few days ago, but only just getting the time to blog about it. It was one of those dreams that I knew was profound as it was happening.

In this dream I was in my car with my husband driving the car. We took a wrong turn on a country road, as one does. Suddenly we felt something was wrong, really wrong. it wasn't just that we had gotten lost some where. This was eerie, kind of hard to pin point in what way it was though.

I don't recall us being abducted, but I clearly recall 2 implants being implanted into our left hands. The first implant was at the base of the middle finger and the second one was in the palm of the hand.

Next thing was, we were put back in our car with a warm blanket over us.
I thought that we naked, but as I looked again we were clothed.  The funny thing is watching this all as a third person. That always happens in my dreams.

I had a feeling of having an OMG moment. As in I was suddenly aware that we had just been abducted by aliens and had implants fitted. I knew that something was very wrong. I also was aware that we were taken against our will's. When we regained our faculties, we drove off, up to the New South Wales north coast. We seemed to be trying to avoid some one or some thing. We did didn't want to be caught.

At one stage I was out side of the car walking along a country road. I hid in a ditch to avoid being seen by whom ever it was that was looking for us.
The environment seemed calm and sleepy, just like the countryside is.

Next I was back in the car again, and driving to a quiet country property.
The area was lush and green, very fertile. I could see miles and miles of lush green fields. It felt so nice and I wanted to stay there.

We came across a house with a young family living there. We told the people what had happened, and didn't want to put them in danger. We told them that it might be safer for them to go into hiding.

Suddenly I noticed an aircraft landing near by. It looked like a normal aeroplain, with a white body and green and yellow at the tail. I knew that it was masking the real aircraft, (which they confirmed  with me to avoid detection) under  the image that I could see. Fear was surging through me and I felt frightened, of what was to come. I shouted to my husband and the young family to watch out there were aliens coming after us.

Within seconds they had smashed the door down, they stood for a few seconds in the doorway. I could see that there were 5 of them, one was a woman with light short hair. They all wore some sort of black overalls.
Next thing one of the men was removing the implants from my hand.
He told me not to worry, it turned out these people were following hot on the tail of the aliens that abducted us.

They seemed to be some sort of  alien freedom fighters. After making sure we were ok they left. When they were leaving I ran after them and asked if they were Annunakai. They said no, but they might bring them next time.

Note: The Annunakai are not friendly ET's, no matter what you might hear or read about these creeps, they are evil. Their original home planet was Sirius. From that they moved on to Nibiru (planet X to us).

Copyright Alex Fulford June 2013