Thursday 29 October 2020

Ladies stop being so bloody selfish

Ladies Please don't put the guilt trip on me. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear! In every email that I send to confirm your reading there is a notice titled PLEASE NOTE, read it. If it is sent to the correct email address it is deemed read OK. I am not here to be a shrink, councillor or anything other than reading your cards. You know that, I know that.

So stop being so bloody selfish and think of others for a change. I have just had a lady hang up on me. After doing a reading a month ago. Now she is unhappy due to her choices, and was supposed to have a follow up consult last night after badgering me the previous night for HELP!. At the appointed time and way out of my working hours, no payment was made. I tried to call her at appointed time. NO answer. But she thinks she can ring me when I am in bed, and that I will magically read for her. ERR NO!
Who else in private or public consultancy allows such absurdity. My world is falling down due to my actions. you must help me. Oh and then you ring me again just now then hang up in my ear, all because I cannot sort your life out.
SELFISH BEYOND WORDS. I am sick to death of women like this. And yes, it is women that are the users and abusers. But hey on my blocked list.

Note: This is a cut and paste from my Facebook page.

I expect people to actually have the decency to read it and take it onboard. A tall order for some, I know but hey, it isn't all about you!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

'Here comes a third wave': Shoppers slammed over wild Kmart scenes

 Absolute idiots that have not learned anything in the 15 weeks. No way could you ever induce me to go in to a Kmart of my own free will, but with the shops open after 15 weeks, yeah, nah!  

No manners , no social distancing and no brains,  as we are seeing the classic signs of   humanity as we move into end of times/consummation of the ages. No it’s not the end of the world, it is a crash and burn of current civilisation and a new emerging society. In short an astrological cycle in which some people just go nuts. 

Monday 26 October 2020

Tarot Card of the month: November 2020, The World


November is going to be an interesting month and I feel the dual aspect of it. As in the Northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. They are opposites in the proper sense of the word. They represent two sides of the planet. 

We also have opposing views or opinions with current world events, and of course we know that is ongoing. 

The world card is the last card in the major arcana and number 21. Add the 2 and the 1 and you have the trinity, 3. The World card is about endings, synergy, balance, and with the element of Air (the blue background) it can represent movement including travel and spirit. 

There are the four cardinal points, four seasons and of course the creatures  on each corner, including the star signs they represent, and the androgyne in the middle, the human being on a spiritual level. Surrounded by a wreath, representing the ouroboros.  The androgyne is suspended in the air holding two wands. So being suspended in the air is meaning between the physical or temporal world and the spirit world.

The wreath encasing the androgyne reminds me of a person locked in a cage or prison. That is humanity locked into the physical world. Anyone that is clued up on the metaphysical and reality knows that humans are in fact locked in to the physical world until they spiritually awaken. 

You will see that there are two red binds at the top and bottom of the wreath, blocking any exit. The androgyne has a white cloth draped over the body but notice the patches of red on the cloth. It is like blood on a bandage. Talk about a psychic wound, humanity does indeed carry a psychic wound. The card also shows elements of "as above, so is below" in the position of the cloth and the two red binds on the wreath.  and the element of magic with the two wands.

November is a month that I feel has elements of trickery, illusion and deception. We are ending one cycle to entre an other cycle. This new cycle will not be any better than the one we have left. My word of caution still stands, do not stick yourself out there to be a target. It is a futile exercise and it's much wiser to learn to understand humanity as spiritual beings and rise above what is going on. You cannot fix this! You are not even permitted to fix this so don't become a target for problems. There will be no one there to back you up.

Looking back at the card, notice the four corners are guarded. Four (prison) guards watching over us, on a metaphysical level, the androgyne is held in check. Unable to escape what is happening and thus does not seem to be able to control events unless it is on a non physical level, by using intellect perhaps or looking to a more spiritual answer. The spiritual one would be what I would pick, as in taking that option one can transcend the physical domain.  The androgyne is looking over their shoulder alluding to the past.

So that again reminds us , the past is over we have to move on. There is a new cycle starting and it is up to the individual to work out which path they will take. I feel in the Northern hemisphere things will be very difficult as they move closer to Christmas. Many people will feel the effects of the current world situation and feel there is no end in sight. Know that it will come, just not as fast as one would like.

In the Southern hemisphere things seem to loosen up a bit but do not get too excited, there are still problems. Much of this is of a financial situation, not having money, unemployed etc. This too is very difficult and the government needs to step up again to help us through this situation. People need to make their voices heard without being violent and destructive. They need to be proactive in a smart way. I do feel that this health crisis will escalate in Australia and New Zealand again in a few more weeks or months. This health issue is not going to go away, it will for ever be with us, but we will learn to live with it and move on.

I think China will back off a little in the next few weeks as it watches the world reaction.  We need to keep an eye on both Russia, China and the US in November as there is as we know more smoke and mirror stuff going on. The US may face yet an other lockdown , but this could also be a political lockdown. The white house is in upheaval I see a gold key. Unlocking something. I feel Trump will have some orders he has to give in regards to public order. Not a good sign, but expected.

Thankfully Australia is a bit more laid back come summer, as we have been through a bad year with bushfires as well as this health crisis and job losses. Australians just like to get out in the sun. 

Unfortunately our Northern brothers and sisters are driven indoors and have very little sun. So that makes for depressing times. I would recommend vitamin D to help with the long cold winter and boost the immune system, including zinc and vitamin c. To help with infections or colds. 



Thailand holiday

 Oops πŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

MRS BROWN: Life is like toilet paper



This is a very important message to humanity. Talk about a deal with the devil. The sad reality is most people have no interest in waking up, so they feed their own misery, and some propagate that misery in others. 

Wes is absolutely correct when he says "peace on earth is not achievable in a realm of death and darkness". For a start the frequency is locked in a low vibration, it would have to be one hell of  a mass wake up (break out of prison) and every single person on earth right now to awaken fully, that just ain't gonna happen.

Humans themselves are to blame here too, not just the archons, through their acceptance of negative programming, mass ignorance and arrogance, of that which they do not understand, nor do they want to understand. Self perpetuation situation for millions of years. Very few people can be actually bothered to break the god spell. They are comfortable with it.

Now from a spirit point of view, the "as above, so is below" adage, is very true. When we in our world think of our loved ones in spirit as dead, they also see us that way. I have seen this so many times from people in spirit, and also have it confirmed again by people that have readings from me that are also able to tune in to loved ones in spirit. There are many references in books on the subject that say this is the realm of the dead, here in our physical world. We are supposedly the ones that are dead. Interesting concept is it not?

The Rider Waite Tarot card the Tower, is very similar to the Gnostic message. It is a revealing card removing all mystery and showing us the true facts. Awakening us to possibility, but the human has to do the work to achieve this. 

 Note: In the comments section below Wes’ post he makes this comment. Think about this, if you are genuinely interested keep following up on the comments people make and the answers given. 

Our minds are unstoppable if we are convinced enough that it’s unstoppable. We create our own obstacles and barriers. Yes, obstacles and barriers are obviously part of our lives, but our ability to overcome them depends on how secure we are that we CAN. Soon enough, we’re going to post an article about the Grid from another perspective/dimension. Nothing of the “old” info regarding the Grid is invalid, though, IMO…it will just be an addition, and I think it might answer your question.

We can’t make Heaven on Earth because if we could and if we did, this reality would vanish. This is what the Gnostic texts teach us, as well. That’s actually what we’re here to do. The parts of this reality we DON’T like, in general, are the parts that are shrouded in Darkness and Ignorance (amnesia). We have Light and we have Darkness–both outside of us and inside of us. If we take the Darkness away, which can only be done if we conquer it inside of us (Heaven on Earth), what will be left is Light, and that would absorb this realm of Darkness and dissolve it because the Earth, located in the Kenoma, is based on and created in Darkness (subconscious mind). “Heaven on Earth” can’t be accomplished on our Earth because the Heaven we basically want is not in the Kenoma (under Yaldabaoth’s ‘reign’). Heaven is first created inside of us, and then it can be projected outside of us…it’s an INNER journey. How can we create Heaven on Earth if each human has his/her own darkness inside his/her mind? When so, everything remains as it is now.

5D is a New Age concept based on who-knows-what. 5th Heaven? I don’t know. Everybody has the right to go wherever they want, of course–wherever they are spiritually ready to enter, but I’m basing my information on leaving the Matrix/Kenoma altogether. 5D (whatever that is), based on what I’ve read about it, is still within the Kenoma. What you are suggesting in general in your post is basically also what the Gnostic texts say. Ascension, according to the texts, is to ‘ascend’ ‘beyond’ the 7 Heavens, i.e. the Heavens of the Archons. The consummation of each other’s energy has to do with lacking in personal boundaries, which comes from Ignorance/amnesia, which is a characteristic of this low density reality. As I see it, you are still correct in your thinking–the only thing I personally look at differently is the Heaven on Earth concept and 5D. Helping “Gaia” (Sophia) to “ascend” is exactly what we’re here for, though, according to Gnosticism–it’s done by gaining inner Knowledge/Gnosis. 

This is why self-reflection, so-called “shadow work,” is necessary. If we can’t confront our own minds because of fear (which is common), how can we change anything outside our mind? After all, we are creators and “think things up” into existence. What we see around us is OUR creation–good and bad. Yes, we have Yaldabaoth and we have Archons, etc., but they can’t do anything to us unless WE create the reality we are living in–they can’t. Therefore, it’s up to us, with or without Archons. It doesn’t mean it’s our “fault,” it’s just the nature of how it works. 

For example, if we would just sit and blame Yaldabaoth for everything in this world, nothing would change, except more power to “him.” We strengthen his power by acknowledging that he has power over us. If we instead realize that we have the power within us as creators, Yaldabaoth will have no power over us at all. I’m digressing a little, but that’s ok LOL. This is worth repeating for everybody who reads this, IMO.


After reading the article, please read the comments. 

Sunday 25 October 2020

Science alert: Medieval Church Ruins Found With 'Witch Marks' Removed For a High-Speed Rail

Interesting article, but remember all churches, temples etc going back thousands of years ago we rebuilt on ley lines. Also this part of England is famous for witchcraft. If you do some digging around on the internet you will find plenty information. The black arts have never gone away, they are still around world wide. As for the inscriptions that would be for protection to prevent negative entities causing harm.

As I said churches are built on key lines, it is a standard practice, that ground too, would previously have had a pagan temple, because when Christianity arrived, the church leaders kicked out the pagans and took over the sites, usually destroying the original temple. That happened on a world wide scale. The pagans knew all about ley lines and that is why they built on them, however they were not using them for negative purposes. No, those people worshiped nature. The creators of Christianity were also fully aware of the power of Ley lines, that is pretty obvious. Remember Christianity was anti nature. It is no surprise to anyone with any sniff of knowledge on the subject. 

Saturday 24 October 2020

Why Manchester United's Marcus Rashford is becoming a thorn in the British Government's side

How wonderful is this man for stepping up to help needy children and families. Much respect to him and those that step up to assist. One of my predictions for 2021 was celebrities stepping up to help those in need. 

No spark!


Peacock strut

I took this photo yesterday on my phone at a garden centre. This particular garden centre has a few peacocks wandering around. They are a much loved attraction and people come from far and wide to see them. The Canberra suburb of a Narrabundah, which is not far from here has some peacocks living there wild. They originally escaped from a private owner, but no one is exactly sure who that was. The reason being, both the National Zoo and Aquarium have some and so does the garden centre in the suburb of Pialligo near the airport.

So they set up home in Narrabundah many years ago and have become a popular attraction in the area. It is fantastic to get up close to this particular peacock at Willow Tree nursery in Pialligo. The cute little chap was turning on the charm as I took a few photos. Then he started to strut off along the car park and turned around to look at me, as if to say follow me. Naturally I followed and got a short video and some photos. He was a very obliging little chap. 


Friday 23 October 2020

Not in his image by John Lamb Lash

I just bought this book and can’t put it down. It is a very handy resource tool and reference tool for me now. I actually wish that I bought it sooner. This book mentions the Zaddikim, they are a need to know about, violent  cult from Canaan (part of modern Palestine), that spread their way into Europe two thousand years ago, when reading up on Christianity and Salvationist beliefs, it helps one understand how it all came about. 

You can download the book on PDF, but I recommend buying the book. I had to order the book from England as my bookstore was out of copies. JLL also discusses the archons in this book, that’s the nasty energetic beings that I call the shit stains of the universe 🀣🀣  He calls them failed abortions, which is actually close to the fact. Because they were not meant to be, it was an mistake by Sophia that created them. 

Understanding the message JLL puts out here is important, as we are drawing closer to the consummation of the ages. Individuals need to sort out their spiritual goal plan of heading back to the pleroma.

You can find more information on his website which is on the hand out booklet that I gave to everybody that came to me for a reading from 2006 up until January 2020. However that information is also on my blog. You can read about archons on John’s website too. They can be overcome but that takes practice as he says. Think of them like a dangerous and destructive virus or a software virus, these entities don’t always fall away from us at physical death by the way. They can still be attached to a person when they go into the spirit world (which by the way is not our home that is the Pleroma). The reason being it that is their home turf as it is created by the Demiurge. Wetiko is the Native American name for them. They are in short a non organic life form but created by accident.

Anyway I hope some people out there will read the book, even if you borrow it from a public library, it is worth the read.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Wes Penre: VIDEO 234: Q&A SESSION #60

Have a look through the comments people have left after listening to the short video.
Personally I am very cautious. But I know that there is no way in hell I will go into that damn light/ soul trap. I am very wary of the 8th and 9th levels of astral. Still one has options and one can go anywhere within reason.

'What is the point?': vast majority of older Australians don't lodge aged care complaints

This angers me so much and knowing full well,  many people in care do not have very nutritious food and are often kept sedated to make things easier for the staff to manage. What quality of life is that? I have met many aged care workers over the years doing readings, and I find it heart breaking when on the odd occasion, I have notice abuse in the cards. Not by my clients, but people they work with, some of these clients were afraid to complain about things they saw because it would cost them their jobs. And this is also covering homes for disabled people being assaulted and abused. 

Older people were brought up not to complain, don’t forget that these current old people were children lived through the Great Depression and world war 2, so they had to put up with hardship. They shouldn’t have to put up with this in old age, after working all their lives, including military service. However many of them in care have to sell their homes to get into care, and rightfully expect good care ( others have to depend on government run homes, the sort you dread your loved ones going into). That is thousand of dollars of hard earned money that bought their homes. They paid their taxes and worked very hard to provide for their families. Hoping to be able to leave an inheritance for their loved ones, and this is how they are rewarded. 

Don’t think this is going to change either, it is a big industry generating millions of dollars a year. No way do the nursing home industry want to lose their cash cows. Many homes operate with minimal staff, but right now during this pandemic it is a skeleton staff, so the staff are stretch to the max trying to do their jobs. Not exactly a win win situation.  

Please bear in mind though many people that work as care givers love doing their jobs. It is a very difficult job and has a high burnout rate too. It can be a heart breaking and unthanked job. My parents in law were in a really good nursing home and were well cared for. I am very grateful for that and  my father is in a good nursing home and one of the best, that is covid free all year, due to good health protocols. 

Tuesday 20 October 2020

Goodbye Miss Daisy: Empress Mouse Dolly

 It has been a sad and long journey for us over the past few months watching poor little Daisy get sicker and sicker. We just had that inkling yesterday that something was going to happen. 

We had been taking it in turn to sleep beside her at night over the weekend and praying that she wouldn’t get any worse. Yesterday though, hubby and I had to duck out to the shop to get more cat milk and liquid protein cat food. But when we got home our son said Daisy was wandering about looking for us. Her breathing was very laboured too. 

We could hear and feel her chest was rattling as she started having respiratory problems,  so we rang the vet and said this is it, we are on our way. They are only five minutes away, literally.

Sure enough the vet said yes it’s time. We were so upset at her going so quickly. Funny how after knowing she doesn’t have long to live, one is just never prepared emotionally.

Daisy is a strong little kitty girl, her heart was strong but her tiny little body was so weak and frail. But Daisy put up a fight to the end. I told the vet , that we have always called her our little Boadicea.  As she has always been a strong girl and a fighter for survival.

When I bought Daisy 17 years ago in a pet shop. I didn’t know she was only four weeks old and some evil human took her away from her mother way too soon, just to make a lousy buck. When we took her to our vet we were informed that she was only four weeks old. Daisy had eaten some big kitty food by accident and it caused an intestinal blockage, so I had to feed her watered down kitten milk to help her. The vet said she may not survive, but she did. Two weeks later I had three kittens give to me to find homes for.

Now at this stage we had two dogs and three cats. Daisy being the new baby. But Lo and behold we ended up keeping the ginger boy, that’s our beautiful Garfield. He was just a few weeks older than Daisy.

Now when Daisy first set eyes on Garfield she walked over to him and belter the crap out of him. Poor little Garfield didn’t know what hit him. He never had that from his two sisters.

That set in motion a life long shit stir from Garfield. Every night for years an orange and grey furry knot rolled up and down the hallway and into the family room. Hissing and yowling, we had to keep out of the way or get our ankles scratched in the crossfire, lol.

I can’t believe that both of them are gone now, within 12 months of each other. All of this was going through my mind at the vet yesterday as we were preparing to put our beautiful little girl to sleep. As she slipped away , I saw a white vortex open up  on her body and could see her sort of being sucked out of her body.

Next there was a purple colour over the vortex that was opened on her body and suddenly she shot off and the vortex just disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was so surreal but sad too, my baby  girl was gone.

I held her little body wrapped in one of her soft blankets for a while and then hubby and I left the vet’s office rather tearful. We love and miss our Empress Daisy so much. There will never be an other quite like her. But of course every animal or fur baby is special and wonderful, so full of love and innocence how can one not love every single one of them.

Oh on a final note, we used to joke that Daisy kept a quarter of a brick in her handbag to slug her brother Garfield with if the mood took her. 🀣🀣 

Thursday 15 October 2020

Miss Daisy is very ill

 Our beloved little Russian Blue kitty,Daisy has just been diagnosed with cancer. She has been sneezing blood for a few months. Finally after having her at the vet two weeks ago for rhinoscopy, the results came back yesterday as we had feared. A nasty carcinoma in her nose, which has eaten away at the bone in her nose.

She is refusing to eat for the past few days and being a tiny cat there is not much of her. Somehow I feel she won’t be with us much longer. As she is only having water, kitten milk or a kitty melting soup and only the liquid from the soup. 

So at present it is palliative care every day with pain relief and TLC. Daisy, or the Empress Mouse Dolly as we lovingly call her, is 17 years old and has had a very good life with lots of love.

We just can’t bear to be without her. This time last year we lost her brother Garfield so I guess it is just part of life. But it is still painful knowing that her time with us is very limited.

Her poor sister Ruby, won’t understand what is happening and that one day she will be the only fur baby left. I do not expect Daisy to be with us by Christmas sadly.

The nose bleeds are still happening even though she had the carcinoma removed, she sneezes violently all day with discharge of mucus and blood.  Gosh it is heart breaking watching this happening to our dear little girl.

UPDATE: Daisy took a bad turn and we had to rush her to the vet this afternoon. She has been put to sleep.
RIP our beautiful little Empress Mouse Dolly 19 October 2020.

Wednesday 14 October 2020

The Sovereignty thing, yeah nah!

We are seeing many people getting caught up in the whole sovereignty thing at present, some members of the media have called it out as communist crap. I decided to google this and, yes I agree there is a strong communist element to this, and people are being manipulated. These people naively many not even think this has any communistic connection, they perhaps are thinking they are being honest, they may think this is an excuse to cause a stir, they often mistakenly, think the law of the land does not apply to them. Oh yes it does, you have been deceived I am sorry to say. 

I started looking into this last night, and one website with an interesting article is the Stanford Encyclopaedia of philosophy. 

It’s a long read but I feel it’s important and reminds us to be careful of what the spin doctors are peddling. Hey I too have fallen for some of this on a spiritual level, though I don’t for a minute accept the BS these people believe, and this year has been a big wake up for me. Until I read this Stanford article, I only believe in my own form of human spiritual sovereignty,  as in protecting oneself in the afterlife. But if it is man made, then it is toxic. 

 I keep my beliefs simple and as flexible as possible, so as not to be trapped in a belief system that is not spiritually positive and beneficial to my soul and spirit. It is up to the individual what they choose to accept and believe, but just try to be flexible in your beliefs and it may save you from a whole world of pain, and remember out there ideology such as sovereign citizen BS can cost you friends, no if’s or buts.

I personally believe in the sovereignty of a nation. I see that as a positive and protective law or belief in a nation protecting itself from harm and abuse from a foreign foe. Protecting the citizens of the nation is part of what a nation’s laws do in a civilised society.

You do not want to get hoodwinked by this  sovereign citizens nonsense though. Stay right away from the conspiracy crap, it is a divide and conquer trap. Sure there can be small elements of truth to pull you in, but most of it is a commy rant. Who knows, it could even be a deep state agitator from who knows where or  group of powerful individuals that bank roll these cowboys, I honestly don’t know. There sure as hell needs to be a proper investigation into this stuff. I am aware of a vast number of so called truth seekers,  infesting the Internet in the past two years especially. Where do they get their information from? Much of it seems to be taken from other well known conspiracy “experts “. 

However the ramping up of the sovereign citizen movement is dangerous and misleading. For example  I have watched a few YouTube videos of people not showing their drivers license to police, which is the law. You must by law show your ID and or driver’s license to a police officer when asked to do so. These silly people that refuse to show ID are delusional and have been fed disinformation.

Why the hell would you put yourself in such a situation? Who benefits from this? Absolutely not the silly fool that pulls the sovereign citizen card. How much are you out of pocket from legal fees and a police record? Not to mention the expense of having to get a new window for your car after the police are forced to smash it, because you were stupid enough to refuse to show your license or ID. How embarrassing to be in such a preventable situation. 

Most people never even come in contact with police and have no reason to, unless it is a random roadside check for drink drivers etc.  But  with the ones that do, it is usually because they have done something they shouldn’t have, like not having a drivers license, no  current registration for their car etc. That is preventable and their own fault. These individuals are usually selfish people that don’t stop to think of what happens if they are involved in a car accident. How that affects the other party, and loved ones affected by this individual’s poor choices. 

I think the time has come for the authorities to stamp out this stupid and dangerous activity. Things are getting way out of hand, the boundaries of common sense are being blurred and many young people are ignorant of the laws. Leading to arrest for stupidity and not learning what the real laws of their country are. Accountability folks, is part of being an adult and dealing with the choices you make.

Most nations have human rights laws to protect their citizens, so there is absolutely no need for this stupidity. Laws of course vary state to state and county to county. Look up the laws of where you live, you will find they are generally set out to benefit you. Too many people these days mistakenly think US constitutional laws protect them, even though they don’t live in the US. How on earth they come to this conclusion is beyond me, lol. 

Too much time spent in la la land watching cop shows on tv perhaps. Protesters are not usually interested in learning the proper laws unless they are out to challenge them. Thus can sucker people in to following blindly, without knowing all the facts and intentions, which can turn out to be a very costly experience in more than one way.  This is where teenagers can fall into this trap and parents need to be aware of what their children are involved with or taking an interest in. The last thing one needs is your children being indoctrinated with dangerous beliefs. The school of common sense must prevail. 

Scott Morrison doubles down on criticism of Victoria's handling of coronavirus crisis

Notice in the article the comment on this man being allowed to go overseas to Spain and The UK. He recovered from the virus  in April and then allowed to travel overseas, April to August and was covid positive on returning home. πŸ€” Australians were not allowed to by April.

Sunday 4 October 2020

2021 Psychic predictions for the world


NOTE THIS IS TRANSFERRED TO MY NEW BLOG all my predictions and psychic experiences are now categorised on this new blog, so please after reading this  go on to my new blog and scroll down the right hand side past the blog count and you will see the categories.

Whoa this looks like a crap year ahead. The world is in a bad shape, as well we know, but this is only it starting to have a financial bite on everyone.

In the UK, I see a security scare in Buckingham Palace. A possible breech of security at the gates. The palace also need to recheck their general security procedures or a major embarrassment is on the cards.

There are more on going struggles with health around the world as expected, especially in the UK. People are fearful and angry. 

I see more health agreements being made and including the USA, Trump will have to stand his ground here.  

I feel there will be false results in a cure for Covid, this can be very dangerous, not all is going well with the research for a cure. I feel there is a lot of deception involved here. Be very wary and do not rush into getting the vaccine or you will be sorry. 

Home life is affected for many people in the UK, the government seems to be encroaching on their privacy due to covid. This raises privacy issues with the public. But remember if you are following the rules you wont have a problem, simples!

UK, USA , Canada: People are feeling the balance of civil liberties and lifestyle is out of kilter. This is leading to more civil unrest and demonstrations.  The government may also underestimate the backlash from the public as they try to get things under control. 

World governments clearly do not have this covid spreading under control. New ideas need to be presented and uniform world wide. 

Wales and England, have more unrest with protestors, this may also include racial tension. As there will be African youths involved in antisocial behaviour. Where are the parents of these youths?

Hardship and homelessness problems over the winter months in the UK.  I see some form of homeless centres, but they are not like the usual ones. The solutions offered are way too slow and ineffective which leads to more deaths over winter. Government being unaccountable yet again.

The cost of heating homes in the UK goes up meaning many cannot afford to heat their homes.  Some will resort to theft/crime to help make ends meet because the government has let them down.

Italy: Sudden political upheaval in parliament, this is due to recent changes. However the politicians seem confused as to what they should be doing and they may need to close parliament briefly to work out the issues. How embarrassing! The situation becomes an absolute shambles 

LONDON: I see a red double decker bus, I would say symbolises London's public transport system. This looks like  cutting services and thus causing industrial action. No winners here.

2021 looks to be yet an other year of uncertainty as summer rolls around in the northern hemisphere, more changes are implemented.

I see an increase of police and military on the streets of Europe. People seem to be on edge and have had enough of the suffering of 2020, as it drags on into 2021. Not an easy time for anyone as hard economic times are starting to affect more and more people.    

Home security will be the most important concern for many people world wide in 2021, and rightly so. Up goes the crime rate along with unemployment.

There is a heavy darkness covering the world in 2021 and people are frightened, the times are getting desperate and this is the vibe that is in the air. Please try to stay calm and do not put yourself in harms way. Take this message onboard for your own safety!

India: More flooding, the cricket though is the thing that will get peoples backs up. I feel there is something going on here, possible cheating, corruption and questionable deals/contracts/agreements.


Canada: I see J Trudeau in the spotlight, it feels like his term in office wont be for much longer. Something is happening and I do not see him staying in office, he will hand over to someone else.

Celebrities' helping the poor, however not all are doing this for true humanitarian purposes. It is good publicity for some.

UPDATE: 4 October 2020

This was written on October 1st but has been in draft, the red bus thing was in the news this morning 😳 I am going to be working on finishing my predictions today or tomorrow at the latest. I am very busy at present so this page will get updated within 24 hours hopefully. Work takes me away from this often so please be patient. 😻

 UPDATE: 8 October 2020 2.15pm

I had an other pot shot at the cards today, not easy. As I have not really been in the mood to do this, but hey it's been a crap year, lol.

Trump is in for more distress next year, he needs to come down hard on the lefties. He is trying to help the US to get back on its feet. However others are making the job difficult. Mr Trump needs to be battle ready in 2021 things are set to ramp up against him and the American way of life. 

I feel the US courts need a shake up as there are political factions that do not hold the country's core values at heart. Trumps selection for the high court as you would have already guessed will be seen as offensive to the democrats, Wah wah, talk about cry babies when they don't get wat they want. How un democratic are these people? This is why the US is screwed.

This is not going to be an easy task because it is deep rooted and many take a generation or two to fix.

It is a good year for car manufacturing in the US and other nations will look to the US for guidance to bring back or introduce car manufacturing. This is the new electric cars.

I see Mr Trump being wild with rage next year. Something or someone is deliberately pushing his buttons. Expect fireworks as he is ready to kick some ass. I feel this is a domestic issue.

Looks like many countries around the world trying to get along better next year. However I feel what is seen to be a truce is nothing but a smoke screen on China's part to avoid further scrutiny.

The western media and some non western media in the spotlight because people have rightfully lost trust in them. Mainly USA/ Canada, UK/ Eire, Europe. People want factual information!

World leaders, especially the European, UK, Ireland and US/Canada are struggling to cope with the public distrust and protests with the current health crisis. The WHO are also in the spotlight as people no longer trust them either, add Bill Gates and his toxic foundation to that list. This does not phase Gates one bit. He will just keep on pushing his agenda. But, here we are seeing more nations distrusting him after his African fiasco. 

Expect the WHO to step up its game  in the face of public opposition. Things will turn very ugly and we will see the military and police being deployed to the streets world wide more often to combat unrest. People cannot cope with more lockdowns and the governments need to heed the warnings.

Boris Johnson must take care as his popularity is on the wane.  He will struggle for popularity and control next year up to summer time. His actions may come back to bite him.

With the Brexit situation, this seems like people getting a raw deal. The people of Ulster (Northern Ireland) are terrified of a return to the dark days. They want this situation fixed. I do not see a satisfactory outcome from this. This is all about money and not human lives sadly.

I see soccer back in the news again, however there is ongoing financial downturn that needs to be looked at. This will be due to not enough people going to the matches or they are not permitted to attend the matches being played. This will affect the income for the players. 

As we all expected it is a year of confusion for everyone and economic downturn including sporting and public events. But we all knew this was happening, we just have to live with it.

I still feel an air of deception world wide and it will be hard work controlling world events, and world leaders will resort to drastic measures to keep control.

Stay right away from protests if you know what is good for you. It is going to turn nasty.


Copyright  Alex Fulford  1st to 8th October 2020

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Update Covid vaccines

UPDATE:   June 23, 2021

UPDATE: President Trump wild with rage prediction    Trump raging 

UPDATE: Indian cricket players in trouble over possible covid breech

UPDATE: Cost of heating in the UK up

UPDATE UK homeless rate 70000 

UPDATE: Italy 

UPDATE: Europe, police/ military on the streets due to lockdown protests 

UPDATE: Riots in Netherlands over lockdown 20/11/21

UPDATE: Northern Ireland Brexit, Good Friday agreement in danger 

 Brexit violence in Northern Ireland April 2021

Update 4 June 2021: More blood clots 

UPDATE; Justin Trudeau calls snap election for September

UPDATE: Canada 29/8/2021
UPDATE: Italy, July 2022 prime minister resigns, coalition falls apart. 

2021 psychic predictions for Australia

NOTE:  If you have arrived here via my website please be aware that all psychic predictions are now transferred to my new blog.

Australia sees the birth of a new iconic brand of swimwear this year. It is something of a modern take on the rash tops and bottoms of the 90's. There is something special about this garment, but it is set to take Australia by storm. It is designed with skin cancer in mind and covering more of the body.

This swimwear has something natural about it, I don't know if it is the fabric or what it is. Perhaps enhancing our outdoor lifestyle. 

Did you know over one thousand people die of melanoma every year in Australia? You can even get it in obscure places like between your toes. 

Australia is definitely becoming more independent next year, this however is a gradual change as we distance ourselves from China economically.  We will become more focused on our economy and home grown business from now on.

I see a surge in cafe's as people go out more and buy a cup of tea or coffee, which injects money into the local economy. Good on you!  This helps business stay afloat and provides work. 

Crowd control on the beaches using mounted police as people are in a rush to get back to normal. Er, there isn't going to be a normal folks. 

I see people pushing forward after this year's (2020) ongoing disasters with bushfires and then Covid hitting. People just want to get out in the fresh air. However I feel there will be tensions rising with the crowds. Watch out for angry people becoming aggressive or violent. Keep your distance from angry people. Also child safety is a major thing this coming summer, keep a watchful eye on your children in regards to attempted abductions.

July seems to be the month of legal action and court cases. The voice of the people demands to be heard. Gee I can just imagine the " I know my rights"  brigade banging the war drums. 

I again urge people to keep their distance with this crowd. 

Centrelink: I feel Scott Morrison's government may have to lift the rate of benefits again, as not to do so is going to invite more crime and violence. People need a liveable welfare payment so they can eat healthy, and pay bills such as utilities and rent. So it is wise of the government to do so.

Update: I feel age pensioners will still be suffering here, I do not see enough help for them and these people have paid tax from when they left school. How unfair is this? I feel there will also be some harsher welfare restrictions in 2021. This will raise anger in many people.

New business opportunities for Australian business. I get the feeling of a "go it alone"  as many will try to avoid doing trade with China with the current climate. Some businesses will actually be able to do this successfully where others still depend on off shore manufacturing. We will get by, but remember this is a slow process and cannot be done overnight. So please be patient.

Textiles seems to be an issue next year too, it feels like restrictions and in some cases being unable to get hold of fabric or goods.

 The death of a famous tv personality is going to take Australians by shock. I feel this could be Brian Henderson, as this was the face that I saw looking at the cards. A large chunk of Australian tv history is gone with this sad passing.

NOTE: I am posting this in instalments just now, as one of my world predictions (Red London buses) just hit the news this morning, so watch this space for updates within the next 24 hours. I am really busy at present and need to finish this ASAP.

Ok, I am back 4 October 2020 

First and foremost, people need to stop over spending. I see children suffering with lack of food, clothes and basic needs. Their parents are being careless in spending and end up in debt. This is preventable in many cases. This has a flow on effect to the charities who will be further stretched to the limit as there will not be enough to go around. 

This will be no walk in the park for the charities or the public, in fact it will cause a lot of stress and heartache, so stop and think, before trying to keep up with the Jones's. A person can lose their job in a heartbeat.

Major credit card debts next year, when will people learn?

I do feel the government is a tad too optimistic and naΓ―ve  for  a financial recovery next year. I would say more like a ball park number like three years roughly. 

Cinemas are opening again, however there may be limited choice in movies at the start due to films going straight to Netflix this year, rest assured they will catch up. But something will be different with films and the viewing experience not just limiting the seating. There is something else being implemented along with this.

I see some rescue packages implemented by the Australian government for more businesses, but remember this money has to be paid back to the banks, as the government has to borrow the money so that means a longer recovery from the depression.

I see Australian military stepping up again, this may be reservists helping out again. This is a two pronged initiative by the government. It is helping out in areas where there is some shortages and also it is a public morale booster. This may even assist in crop picking, road works etc, but this will be rolled out in key areas. Good on you service people, that step up to help out. Much respect to all of you πŸ˜ƒ

Summer 2021 in many cases will be old fashioned stay at home and play in the garden, with a few trips out to the park, the beach or places of interest. You would be surprised at how much fun a kid can have in the back yard. Older kids though need more stimulating things to do, but need to get out and about as the government permits. Boy that's a tough one to keep teenagers entertained on a budget. Good luck parents, you need to be inventive, even the museum or out door activities.

Motor racing will be back, but it may be modified for spectators. I think sports like cricket and football will stay very limited for a little while next year too. Perhaps a small crowd staggered through the seats and a police presence which will be more vigilant than usual.

Security needs tightening around the prime minister, I do feel there is a slight security breach. He will be ok though.

I see a nostalgic event with Australian tv next year, I see the channel 9 logo and see Bert Newton connected to this. This has a nice nostalgic feel to it. Perhaps reruns of old Bert Newton shows or such like.

One other thing I feel will happen next year is help for unemployed youths. This could be opening up TAFE's to vocational training to get the youths trained up in skills a this area has been ignored for so long and, substituting the Australian youth with cheap overseas labour higher.  

That is no way to build a strong nation and having to depend on overseas workers for cheapness. To me this is a national disgrace. It says the government holds no value of our young people and the nation. I recall Labor doing this in the early 1980's, chucking the youths of Australia on the scrap heap. 

Copyright,  Alex Fulford October 4, 2020

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Update: Not sure if this counts but it is iconic, natural theme and skin protection , May Gibbs collection

This is an iconic Australian brand and fits the predictions, you can see this by their Facebook posts.

Let’s hope that they’re around for a long time to come 😻😻

UPDATE: Australia going it alone.


UPDATE: Crowd control at the beach Drones checking the crowds 

UPDATE: Cinema with a difference , I didn’t expect this, lol

UPDATE: Centrelink payments increase for unemployed. 19/01/2021 

There has been a lot of confusion over the rate increase. The government is conveniently stalling the issue because they know damn well that people need more money to survive. One thing that I thought of is, are they stalling as they are thinking of universal basic income will eventually be in place? I don’t know, but clearly they know the rate of payment must go up. It has been held back for decades causing unnecessary suffering. This is just a political game they are playing and with people’s lives. If that isn’t abuse then I don’t know what is!  There is an increase, they just won’t say how much yet. March is when we find out. Well this is the current situation after the post last night. $50 pf, bloody tight bastards. That should be a week extra so people can eat and pay bills.

UPDATE : Child abduction 

UPDATE : Child abduction 

This makes me so angry, he is only a baby. Age given as 4 years old ( conflicts with information from 7news below) Thankfully the child is back with mummy. Age conflicts with above article  ( time of 9.20 pm March 15) age given as 2. and in the company of a male stranger. 

UPDATE Chloe Smith found

UPDATE : ADF help with vaccine roll out , good on them 😻

Australian military help out in floods 

Australian military help in storm cleanup in Victoria 18/6/2021

UPDATE military help with harvesting 

Update: Bert Newton 

Update: Brian Henderson dies

UPDATE: Nostalgia for channel nine, Hey Hey it’s Saturday 

Update: Scott Morrison security issues 

May 2021

October 2021

Saturday 3 October 2020

The 'disgraceful' tweet a Labor health minister sent to Donald and Melania Trump as the president was rushed to hospital with coronavirus - and now he's refusing to back down

Wow, How bloody immature is this minister for health. This puts Australia in a rather embarrassing position internationally. Not a comment from the Queensland premier either, in regards to this offensive behaviour. That is downright rude and obnoxious, clearly not the people that should hold public office.

Friday 2 October 2020

Ray Peat: water

This is a very interesting article and quite important information. I tick many of the boxes in this with very painful legs, high blood pressure etc.

I had tagged the article on my computer sometime ago and just noticed it tonight and thought it is important information to share.