Thursday 15 October 2020

Miss Daisy is very ill

 Our beloved little Russian Blue kitty,Daisy has just been diagnosed with cancer. She has been sneezing blood for a few months. Finally after having her at the vet two weeks ago for rhinoscopy, the results came back yesterday as we had feared. A nasty carcinoma in her nose, which has eaten away at the bone in her nose.

She is refusing to eat for the past few days and being a tiny cat there is not much of her. Somehow I feel she won’t be with us much longer. As she is only having water, kitten milk or a kitty melting soup and only the liquid from the soup. 

So at present it is palliative care every day with pain relief and TLC. Daisy, or the Empress Mouse Dolly as we lovingly call her, is 17 years old and has had a very good life with lots of love.

We just can’t bear to be without her. This time last year we lost her brother Garfield so I guess it is just part of life. But it is still painful knowing that her time with us is very limited.

Her poor sister Ruby, won’t understand what is happening and that one day she will be the only fur baby left. I do not expect Daisy to be with us by Christmas sadly.

The nose bleeds are still happening even though she had the carcinoma removed, she sneezes violently all day with discharge of mucus and blood.  Gosh it is heart breaking watching this happening to our dear little girl.

UPDATE: Daisy took a bad turn and we had to rush her to the vet this afternoon. She has been put to sleep.
RIP our beautiful little Empress Mouse Dolly 19 October 2020.