Tuesday 20 October 2020

Goodbye Miss Daisy: Empress Mouse Dolly

 It has been a sad and long journey for us over the past few months watching poor little Daisy get sicker and sicker. We just had that inkling yesterday that something was going to happen. 

We had been taking it in turn to sleep beside her at night over the weekend and praying that she wouldn’t get any worse. Yesterday though, hubby and I had to duck out to the shop to get more cat milk and liquid protein cat food. But when we got home our son said Daisy was wandering about looking for us. Her breathing was very laboured too. 

We could hear and feel her chest was rattling as she started having respiratory problems,  so we rang the vet and said this is it, we are on our way. They are only five minutes away, literally.

Sure enough the vet said yes it’s time. We were so upset at her going so quickly. Funny how after knowing she doesn’t have long to live, one is just never prepared emotionally.

Daisy is a strong little kitty girl, her heart was strong but her tiny little body was so weak and frail. But Daisy put up a fight to the end. I told the vet , that we have always called her our little Boadicea.  As she has always been a strong girl and a fighter for survival.

When I bought Daisy 17 years ago in a pet shop. I didn’t know she was only four weeks old and some evil human took her away from her mother way too soon, just to make a lousy buck. When we took her to our vet we were informed that she was only four weeks old. Daisy had eaten some big kitty food by accident and it caused an intestinal blockage, so I had to feed her watered down kitten milk to help her. The vet said she may not survive, but she did. Two weeks later I had three kittens give to me to find homes for.

Now at this stage we had two dogs and three cats. Daisy being the new baby. But Lo and behold we ended up keeping the ginger boy, that’s our beautiful Garfield. He was just a few weeks older than Daisy.

Now when Daisy first set eyes on Garfield she walked over to him and belter the crap out of him. Poor little Garfield didn’t know what hit him. He never had that from his two sisters.

That set in motion a life long shit stir from Garfield. Every night for years an orange and grey furry knot rolled up and down the hallway and into the family room. Hissing and yowling, we had to keep out of the way or get our ankles scratched in the crossfire, lol.

I can’t believe that both of them are gone now, within 12 months of each other. All of this was going through my mind at the vet yesterday as we were preparing to put our beautiful little girl to sleep. As she slipped away , I saw a white vortex open up  on her body and could see her sort of being sucked out of her body.

Next there was a purple colour over the vortex that was opened on her body and suddenly she shot off and the vortex just disappeared in the blink of an eye. It was so surreal but sad too, my baby  girl was gone.

I held her little body wrapped in one of her soft blankets for a while and then hubby and I left the vet’s office rather tearful. We love and miss our Empress Daisy so much. There will never be an other quite like her. But of course every animal or fur baby is special and wonderful, so full of love and innocence how can one not love every single one of them.

Oh on a final note, we used to joke that Daisy kept a quarter of a brick in her handbag to slug her brother Garfield with if the mood took her. 🤣🤣