Sunday 4 October 2020

2021 psychic predictions for Australia

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Australia sees the birth of a new iconic brand of swimwear this year. It is something of a modern take on the rash tops and bottoms of the 90's. There is something special about this garment, but it is set to take Australia by storm. It is designed with skin cancer in mind and covering more of the body.

This swimwear has something natural about it, I don't know if it is the fabric or what it is. Perhaps enhancing our outdoor lifestyle. 

Did you know over one thousand people die of melanoma every year in Australia? You can even get it in obscure places like between your toes. 

Australia is definitely becoming more independent next year, this however is a gradual change as we distance ourselves from China economically.  We will become more focused on our economy and home grown business from now on.

I see a surge in cafe's as people go out more and buy a cup of tea or coffee, which injects money into the local economy. Good on you!  This helps business stay afloat and provides work. 

Crowd control on the beaches using mounted police as people are in a rush to get back to normal. Er, there isn't going to be a normal folks. 

I see people pushing forward after this year's (2020) ongoing disasters with bushfires and then Covid hitting. People just want to get out in the fresh air. However I feel there will be tensions rising with the crowds. Watch out for angry people becoming aggressive or violent. Keep your distance from angry people. Also child safety is a major thing this coming summer, keep a watchful eye on your children in regards to attempted abductions.

July seems to be the month of legal action and court cases. The voice of the people demands to be heard. Gee I can just imagine the " I know my rights"  brigade banging the war drums. 

I again urge people to keep their distance with this crowd. 

Centrelink: I feel Scott Morrison's government may have to lift the rate of benefits again, as not to do so is going to invite more crime and violence. People need a liveable welfare payment so they can eat healthy, and pay bills such as utilities and rent. So it is wise of the government to do so.

Update: I feel age pensioners will still be suffering here, I do not see enough help for them and these people have paid tax from when they left school. How unfair is this? I feel there will also be some harsher welfare restrictions in 2021. This will raise anger in many people.

New business opportunities for Australian business. I get the feeling of a "go it alone"  as many will try to avoid doing trade with China with the current climate. Some businesses will actually be able to do this successfully where others still depend on off shore manufacturing. We will get by, but remember this is a slow process and cannot be done overnight. So please be patient.

Textiles seems to be an issue next year too, it feels like restrictions and in some cases being unable to get hold of fabric or goods.

 The death of a famous tv personality is going to take Australians by shock. I feel this could be Brian Henderson, as this was the face that I saw looking at the cards. A large chunk of Australian tv history is gone with this sad passing.

NOTE: I am posting this in instalments just now, as one of my world predictions (Red London buses) just hit the news this morning, so watch this space for updates within the next 24 hours. I am really busy at present and need to finish this ASAP.

Ok, I am back 4 October 2020 

First and foremost, people need to stop over spending. I see children suffering with lack of food, clothes and basic needs. Their parents are being careless in spending and end up in debt. This is preventable in many cases. This has a flow on effect to the charities who will be further stretched to the limit as there will not be enough to go around. 

This will be no walk in the park for the charities or the public, in fact it will cause a lot of stress and heartache, so stop and think, before trying to keep up with the Jones's. A person can lose their job in a heartbeat.

Major credit card debts next year, when will people learn?

I do feel the government is a tad too optimistic and naïve  for  a financial recovery next year. I would say more like a ball park number like three years roughly. 

Cinemas are opening again, however there may be limited choice in movies at the start due to films going straight to Netflix this year, rest assured they will catch up. But something will be different with films and the viewing experience not just limiting the seating. There is something else being implemented along with this.

I see some rescue packages implemented by the Australian government for more businesses, but remember this money has to be paid back to the banks, as the government has to borrow the money so that means a longer recovery from the depression.

I see Australian military stepping up again, this may be reservists helping out again. This is a two pronged initiative by the government. It is helping out in areas where there is some shortages and also it is a public morale booster. This may even assist in crop picking, road works etc, but this will be rolled out in key areas. Good on you service people, that step up to help out. Much respect to all of you 😃

Summer 2021 in many cases will be old fashioned stay at home and play in the garden, with a few trips out to the park, the beach or places of interest. You would be surprised at how much fun a kid can have in the back yard. Older kids though need more stimulating things to do, but need to get out and about as the government permits. Boy that's a tough one to keep teenagers entertained on a budget. Good luck parents, you need to be inventive, even the museum or out door activities.

Motor racing will be back, but it may be modified for spectators. I think sports like cricket and football will stay very limited for a little while next year too. Perhaps a small crowd staggered through the seats and a police presence which will be more vigilant than usual.

Security needs tightening around the prime minister, I do feel there is a slight security breach. He will be ok though.

I see a nostalgic event with Australian tv next year, I see the channel 9 logo and see Bert Newton connected to this. This has a nice nostalgic feel to it. Perhaps reruns of old Bert Newton shows or such like.

One other thing I feel will happen next year is help for unemployed youths. This could be opening up TAFE's to vocational training to get the youths trained up in skills a this area has been ignored for so long and, substituting the Australian youth with cheap overseas labour higher.  

That is no way to build a strong nation and having to depend on overseas workers for cheapness. To me this is a national disgrace. It says the government holds no value of our young people and the nation. I recall Labor doing this in the early 1980's, chucking the youths of Australia on the scrap heap. 

Copyright,  Alex Fulford October 4, 2020

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Update: Not sure if this counts but it is iconic, natural theme and skin protection , May Gibbs collection

This is an iconic Australian brand and fits the predictions, you can see this by their Facebook posts.

Let’s hope that they’re around for a long time to come 😻😻

UPDATE: Australia going it alone.


UPDATE: Crowd control at the beach Drones checking the crowds 

UPDATE: Cinema with a difference , I didn’t expect this, lol

UPDATE: Centrelink payments increase for unemployed. 19/01/2021 

There has been a lot of confusion over the rate increase. The government is conveniently stalling the issue because they know damn well that people need more money to survive. One thing that I thought of is, are they stalling as they are thinking of universal basic income will eventually be in place? I don’t know, but clearly they know the rate of payment must go up. It has been held back for decades causing unnecessary suffering. This is just a political game they are playing and with people’s lives. If that isn’t abuse then I don’t know what is!  There is an increase, they just won’t say how much yet. March is when we find out. Well this is the current situation after the post last night. $50 pf, bloody tight bastards. That should be a week extra so people can eat and pay bills.

UPDATE : Child abduction 

UPDATE : Child abduction 

This makes me so angry, he is only a baby. Age given as 4 years old ( conflicts with information from 7news below) Thankfully the child is back with mummy. Age conflicts with above article  ( time of 9.20 pm March 15) age given as 2. and in the company of a male stranger. 

UPDATE Chloe Smith found

UPDATE : ADF help with vaccine roll out , good on them 😻

Australian military help out in floods 

Australian military help in storm cleanup in Victoria 18/6/2021

UPDATE military help with harvesting 

Update: Bert Newton 

Update: Brian Henderson dies

UPDATE: Nostalgia for channel nine, Hey Hey it’s Saturday 

Update: Scott Morrison security issues 

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