Sunday 25 October 2020

Science alert: Medieval Church Ruins Found With 'Witch Marks' Removed For a High-Speed Rail

Interesting article, but remember all churches, temples etc going back thousands of years ago we rebuilt on ley lines. Also this part of England is famous for witchcraft. If you do some digging around on the internet you will find plenty information. The black arts have never gone away, they are still around world wide. As for the inscriptions that would be for protection to prevent negative entities causing harm.

As I said churches are built on key lines, it is a standard practice, that ground too, would previously have had a pagan temple, because when Christianity arrived, the church leaders kicked out the pagans and took over the sites, usually destroying the original temple. That happened on a world wide scale. The pagans knew all about ley lines and that is why they built on them, however they were not using them for negative purposes. No, those people worshiped nature. The creators of Christianity were also fully aware of the power of Ley lines, that is pretty obvious. Remember Christianity was anti nature. It is no surprise to anyone with any sniff of knowledge on the subject.