Monday 26 October 2020

Tarot Card of the month: November 2020, The World


November is going to be an interesting month and I feel the dual aspect of it. As in the Northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. They are opposites in the proper sense of the word. They represent two sides of the planet. 

We also have opposing views or opinions with current world events, and of course we know that is ongoing. 

The world card is the last card in the major arcana and number 21. Add the 2 and the 1 and you have the trinity, 3. The World card is about endings, synergy, balance, and with the element of Air (the blue background) it can represent movement including travel and spirit. 

There are the four cardinal points, four seasons and of course the creatures  on each corner, including the star signs they represent, and the androgyne in the middle, the human being on a spiritual level. Surrounded by a wreath, representing the ouroboros.  The androgyne is suspended in the air holding two wands. So being suspended in the air is meaning between the physical or temporal world and the spirit world.

The wreath encasing the androgyne reminds me of a person locked in a cage or prison. That is humanity locked into the physical world. Anyone that is clued up on the metaphysical and reality knows that humans are in fact locked in to the physical world until they spiritually awaken. 

You will see that there are two red binds at the top and bottom of the wreath, blocking any exit. The androgyne has a white cloth draped over the body but notice the patches of red on the cloth. It is like blood on a bandage. Talk about a psychic wound, humanity does indeed carry a psychic wound. The card also shows elements of "as above, so is below" in the position of the cloth and the two red binds on the wreath.  and the element of magic with the two wands.

November is a month that I feel has elements of trickery, illusion and deception. We are ending one cycle to entre an other cycle. This new cycle will not be any better than the one we have left. My word of caution still stands, do not stick yourself out there to be a target. It is a futile exercise and it's much wiser to learn to understand humanity as spiritual beings and rise above what is going on. You cannot fix this! You are not even permitted to fix this so don't become a target for problems. There will be no one there to back you up.

Looking back at the card, notice the four corners are guarded. Four (prison) guards watching over us, on a metaphysical level, the androgyne is held in check. Unable to escape what is happening and thus does not seem to be able to control events unless it is on a non physical level, by using intellect perhaps or looking to a more spiritual answer. The spiritual one would be what I would pick, as in taking that option one can transcend the physical domain.  The androgyne is looking over their shoulder alluding to the past.

So that again reminds us , the past is over we have to move on. There is a new cycle starting and it is up to the individual to work out which path they will take. I feel in the Northern hemisphere things will be very difficult as they move closer to Christmas. Many people will feel the effects of the current world situation and feel there is no end in sight. Know that it will come, just not as fast as one would like.

In the Southern hemisphere things seem to loosen up a bit but do not get too excited, there are still problems. Much of this is of a financial situation, not having money, unemployed etc. This too is very difficult and the government needs to step up again to help us through this situation. People need to make their voices heard without being violent and destructive. They need to be proactive in a smart way. I do feel that this health crisis will escalate in Australia and New Zealand again in a few more weeks or months. This health issue is not going to go away, it will for ever be with us, but we will learn to live with it and move on.

I think China will back off a little in the next few weeks as it watches the world reaction.  We need to keep an eye on both Russia, China and the US in November as there is as we know more smoke and mirror stuff going on. The US may face yet an other lockdown , but this could also be a political lockdown. The white house is in upheaval I see a gold key. Unlocking something. I feel Trump will have some orders he has to give in regards to public order. Not a good sign, but expected.

Thankfully Australia is a bit more laid back come summer, as we have been through a bad year with bushfires as well as this health crisis and job losses. Australians just like to get out in the sun. 

Unfortunately our Northern brothers and sisters are driven indoors and have very little sun. So that makes for depressing times. I would recommend vitamin D to help with the long cold winter and boost the immune system, including zinc and vitamin c. To help with infections or colds.