Friday 23 October 2020

Not in his image by John Lamb Lash

I just bought this book and can’t put it down. It is a very handy resource tool and reference tool for me now. I actually wish that I bought it sooner. This book mentions the Zaddikim, they are a need to know about, violent  cult from Canaan (part of modern Palestine), that spread their way into Europe two thousand years ago, when reading up on Christianity and Salvationist beliefs, it helps one understand how it all came about. 

You can download the book on PDF, but I recommend buying the book. I had to order the book from England as my bookstore was out of copies. JLL also discusses the archons in this book, that’s the nasty energetic beings that I call the shit stains of the universe 🤣🤣  He calls them failed abortions, which is actually close to the fact. Because they were not meant to be, it was an mistake by Sophia that created them. 

Understanding the message JLL puts out here is important, as we are drawing closer to the consummation of the ages. Individuals need to sort out their spiritual goal plan of heading back to the pleroma.

You can find more information on his website which is on the hand out booklet that I gave to everybody that came to me for a reading from 2006 up until January 2020. However that information is also on my blog. You can read about archons on John’s website too. They can be overcome but that takes practice as he says. Think of them like a dangerous and destructive virus or a software virus, these entities don’t always fall away from us at physical death by the way. They can still be attached to a person when they go into the spirit world (which by the way is not our home that is the Pleroma). The reason being it that is their home turf as it is created by the Demiurge. Wetiko is the Native American name for them. They are in short a non organic life form but created by accident.

Anyway I hope some people out there will read the book, even if you borrow it from a public library, it is worth the read.