Wednesday 21 October 2020

'What is the point?': vast majority of older Australians don't lodge aged care complaints

This angers me so much and knowing full well,  many people in care do not have very nutritious food and are often kept sedated to make things easier for the staff to manage. What quality of life is that? I have met many aged care workers over the years doing readings, and I find it heart breaking when on the odd occasion, I have notice abuse in the cards. Not by my clients, but people they work with, some of these clients were afraid to complain about things they saw because it would cost them their jobs. And this is also covering homes for disabled people being assaulted and abused. 

Older people were brought up not to complain, don’t forget that these current old people were children lived through the Great Depression and world war 2, so they had to put up with hardship. They shouldn’t have to put up with this in old age, after working all their lives, including military service. However many of them in care have to sell their homes to get into care, and rightfully expect good care ( others have to depend on government run homes, the sort you dread your loved ones going into). That is thousand of dollars of hard earned money that bought their homes. They paid their taxes and worked very hard to provide for their families. Hoping to be able to leave an inheritance for their loved ones, and this is how they are rewarded. 

Don’t think this is going to change either, it is a big industry generating millions of dollars a year. No way do the nursing home industry want to lose their cash cows. Many homes operate with minimal staff, but right now during this pandemic it is a skeleton staff, so the staff are stretch to the max trying to do their jobs. Not exactly a win win situation.  

Please bear in mind though many people that work as care givers love doing their jobs. It is a very difficult job and has a high burnout rate too. It can be a heart breaking and unthanked job. My parents in law were in a really good nursing home and were well cared for. I am very grateful for that and  my father is in a good nursing home and one of the best, that is covid free all year, due to good health protocols.