Monday 26 October 2020


This is a very important message to humanity. Talk about a deal with the devil. The sad reality is most people have no interest in waking up, so they feed their own misery, and some propagate that misery in others. 

Wes is absolutely correct when he says "peace on earth is not achievable in a realm of death and darkness". For a start the frequency is locked in a low vibration, it would have to be one hell of  a mass wake up (break out of prison) and every single person on earth right now to awaken fully, that just ain't gonna happen.

Humans themselves are to blame here too, not just the archons, through their acceptance of negative programming, mass ignorance and arrogance, of that which they do not understand, nor do they want to understand. Self perpetuation situation for millions of years. Very few people can be actually bothered to break the god spell. They are comfortable with it.

Now from a spirit point of view, the "as above, so is below" adage, is very true. When we in our world think of our loved ones in spirit as dead, they also see us that way. I have seen this so many times from people in spirit, and also have it confirmed again by people that have readings from me that are also able to tune in to loved ones in spirit. There are many references in books on the subject that say this is the realm of the dead, here in our physical world. We are supposedly the ones that are dead. Interesting concept is it not?

The Rider Waite Tarot card the Tower, is very similar to the Gnostic message. It is a revealing card removing all mystery and showing us the true facts. Awakening us to possibility, but the human has to do the work to achieve this. 

 Note: In the comments section below Wes’ post he makes this comment. Think about this, if you are genuinely interested keep following up on the comments people make and the answers given. 

Our minds are unstoppable if we are convinced enough that it’s unstoppable. We create our own obstacles and barriers. Yes, obstacles and barriers are obviously part of our lives, but our ability to overcome them depends on how secure we are that we CAN. Soon enough, we’re going to post an article about the Grid from another perspective/dimension. Nothing of the “old” info regarding the Grid is invalid, though, IMO…it will just be an addition, and I think it might answer your question.

We can’t make Heaven on Earth because if we could and if we did, this reality would vanish. This is what the Gnostic texts teach us, as well. That’s actually what we’re here to do. The parts of this reality we DON’T like, in general, are the parts that are shrouded in Darkness and Ignorance (amnesia). We have Light and we have Darkness–both outside of us and inside of us. If we take the Darkness away, which can only be done if we conquer it inside of us (Heaven on Earth), what will be left is Light, and that would absorb this realm of Darkness and dissolve it because the Earth, located in the Kenoma, is based on and created in Darkness (subconscious mind). “Heaven on Earth” can’t be accomplished on our Earth because the Heaven we basically want is not in the Kenoma (under Yaldabaoth’s ‘reign’). Heaven is first created inside of us, and then it can be projected outside of us…it’s an INNER journey. How can we create Heaven on Earth if each human has his/her own darkness inside his/her mind? When so, everything remains as it is now.

5D is a New Age concept based on who-knows-what. 5th Heaven? I don’t know. Everybody has the right to go wherever they want, of course–wherever they are spiritually ready to enter, but I’m basing my information on leaving the Matrix/Kenoma altogether. 5D (whatever that is), based on what I’ve read about it, is still within the Kenoma. What you are suggesting in general in your post is basically also what the Gnostic texts say. Ascension, according to the texts, is to ‘ascend’ ‘beyond’ the 7 Heavens, i.e. the Heavens of the Archons. The consummation of each other’s energy has to do with lacking in personal boundaries, which comes from Ignorance/amnesia, which is a characteristic of this low density reality. As I see it, you are still correct in your thinking–the only thing I personally look at differently is the Heaven on Earth concept and 5D. Helping “Gaia” (Sophia) to “ascend” is exactly what we’re here for, though, according to Gnosticism–it’s done by gaining inner Knowledge/Gnosis. 

This is why self-reflection, so-called “shadow work,” is necessary. If we can’t confront our own minds because of fear (which is common), how can we change anything outside our mind? After all, we are creators and “think things up” into existence. What we see around us is OUR creation–good and bad. Yes, we have Yaldabaoth and we have Archons, etc., but they can’t do anything to us unless WE create the reality we are living in–they can’t. Therefore, it’s up to us, with or without Archons. It doesn’t mean it’s our “fault,” it’s just the nature of how it works. 

For example, if we would just sit and blame Yaldabaoth for everything in this world, nothing would change, except more power to “him.” We strengthen his power by acknowledging that he has power over us. If we instead realize that we have the power within us as creators, Yaldabaoth will have no power over us at all. I’m digressing a little, but that’s ok LOL. This is worth repeating for everybody who reads this, IMO.