Thursday 29 October 2020

Ladies stop being so bloody selfish

Ladies Please don't put the guilt trip on me. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear! In every email that I send to confirm your reading there is a notice titled PLEASE NOTE, read it. If it is sent to the correct email address it is deemed read OK. I am not here to be a shrink, councillor or anything other than reading your cards. You know that, I know that.

So stop being so bloody selfish and think of others for a change. I have just had a lady hang up on me. After doing a reading a month ago. Now she is unhappy due to her choices, and was supposed to have a follow up consult last night after badgering me the previous night for HELP!. At the appointed time and way out of my working hours, no payment was made. I tried to call her at appointed time. NO answer. But she thinks she can ring me when I am in bed, and that I will magically read for her. ERR NO!
Who else in private or public consultancy allows such absurdity. My world is falling down due to my actions. you must help me. Oh and then you ring me again just now then hang up in my ear, all because I cannot sort your life out.
SELFISH BEYOND WORDS. I am sick to death of women like this. And yes, it is women that are the users and abusers. But hey on my blocked list.

Note: This is a cut and paste from my Facebook page.

I expect people to actually have the decency to read it and take it onboard. A tall order for some, I know but hey, it isn't all about you!