Wednesday 18 November 2020

NEWS.COM.AU: World could face hunger pandemic in 2021, world food program warns

COULD, that’s the trigger word. They have been telling us this for the past 12 months at least. This could be fear monger it or it could be real, I do know that next  12 months will not be pleasant for most of us. Months ago we were warned not to waste food. Oddly enough I mentioned this to my husband this morning. This afternoon I see this posted in the news. Of course the cost of food will go up, unemployment will go up, crime will go up, that is a given. We are in this for a few years to come. We will survive as best we can, and help each other. 

Pandemic is a disease outbreak affecting a whole country or the world, not shortage of food or resources, but a pandemic could cause a food shortage or famine but that would be localised really. This is generating fear, over something that these individuals are creating. The current health situation has nothing to do with it really. Sure it affects the world economy but this is deliberately being done. As an example both the UK/Eire, Europe and the US have handled the current situation very badly, partly  due to gross ignorance. 

Things were allowed to get this bad for a reason. That is fairly obvious to the average person. There is no excuse for this fiasco and the loss of lives, lets not forget ill people with health problems requiring hospital treatment that don't have covid, they are being deliberately pushed to the side and left to die. What about all the covid hospitals built in the UK and Australia? I can tell you right now the Canberra one, which cost millions, was never used;  people that could have had medical treatment for other illnesses were left untreated, public patients especially left waiting.

We are also being constantly told there are too many people on the planet to sustain everyone. That is an other lie, there is no need for poverty and sickness and homelessness, they are created by powerful people, and their grubby shareholders. What about powerful people such as the British Queen owning thousands of hectares of land all over the world. How many rich and powerful people own vast amounts of land and property and they do not share this? But they want the common person to give up what they have under agenda 30 of the UN charter (that is by the year 2030). These are the ones dictating to us who will live and who will die, but it is never them that gives up anything.  Notice the middle class are disappearing at present time. That is not just by chance is it? It is a carefully controlled situation.  

Many older people are wise to this and know the score. If you have lived through world wars and depression and unlucky enough to have lived in communist Eastern Europe, then I am pretty sure you smell the BS. Young people need to listen to their grand parents and make note of what they can tell them about life in their day. The reason being  history does repeat and lessons should be learned and learn how to read the warning signs. 

Shortage is being manufactured, just the same as the recession/depression, it is cause and effect, there is no such thing as an accident. Just sit back and watch the show unfold. But don’t say you weren’t warned, the media have made many general comments over the past few years, it is just the masses don’t pay attention. Weeks ago Australia was warned in the news that rice was going to be in short supply. For a start the drought is over but the government is selling our water to China. I wonder how that will turn out 🤣 

Europe has been well known for dumping food since the 1970’s.  Same with the UK and Australia, but in modern times in Australia we have food banks and an organisation called Oz Harvest that picks up day old food from clubs restaurants and shops and distributes it to those in need. People need to be allowed to grow their own fruit and vegetables without governments stopping them like parts of the US. The other problem is the cost of water. This planet cannot run out of water, to say so is utter rubbish and shows those that tell us this don’t know what they are talking about. We are being constantly lied to by the government and businesses because they have a vested interest in doing so.

It is not my place to inform every Tom, Dick and Harry on this , do your own reading and you will find the truth. Avoid the likes of little Greta telling you what to think, she is trained in leftist propaganda. If you believe in the climate change BS then clearly you have not done enough research, nor asked why so many scientists are gagged from speaking. Everything  works in astrological and spiritual cycles in this universe, nothing is new, everything repeats even life forms. 

You do recall the expression, everything old is new again or as above, so is below. Then there is; as is within and so is without, meaning within us and what is external influence, be it spiritual or temporal.  I leave it to you the reader to be informed with both sides of the situation, regardless or what situation you find yourself in or confronted with.

One final thing that most people are unaware of from a spiritual perspective are the non physical beings called archons just love harvesting our emotional energy or Loosh . Archons are the creation of the demiurge or false god. The demiurge is an unintended result of the goddess Sophia's thoughts being manifested into the physical world. The demiurge cannot co create, he can only make copies of the original.

So when he created the archons, he did so in ignorance, or without wisdom. They cannot harm us per say but they do affect our thoughts and if not controlled then affect our actions. They generate negativity in the minds of humans and then harvest the energy that humans create in anger, distress, jealousy and all negative emotions even immoral sexual behaviour. 

Humanity has never learned how to control our emotions and banish the archonic attachments that we were warned of thousands of years ago by the Gnostics or Telestai.  Everything that we do on this earth generates  emotional energy (Loosh) and we need to be more aware of that and how to prevent energy harvesting and psychic attacks. Public events of any sort are a playground for entities harvesting our energies. I recommend people look into this. Being able to control this is paramount to human society surviving, and being mentally stable. Fear is a very powerful tool and can be manipulated so easily.