Sunday 22 November 2020

Tarot card of the month: December 2020, Judgment


Rebirth, Atonement, being noticed, answering a calling, Absolution,
Judgement, Salvation

Planet: the Moon
Number two Duality, Parenthood, Creativity, Imagination, Sensitivity (vibrates to the energy of the Moon) The zero at the end of the number two intensifies the energy.

This card is number 20 of the major arcana, interesting that it came up for the last month of 2020. 

An interesting card for the last month of 2020. Notice the letter G in the hair of Archangel Gabriel( the grim reaper). You could also say that the G is for Gnosticism but that is totally at odds with Salvationism. Salvationists are most definitely not spiritually awakened souls.

The English flag (St Georges Cross)  or is it the Templar flag.

The Archangel Gabriel is calling to the faithful to follow him. The trumpet is to herald in some news  or to summon the dead.  The sky behind Gabriel is blue as is the water in between the people standing in their coffins. Blue represents healing and water represents consciousness. Blue corelated to the heart chakra for healing. 

This is an interesting card for December this year in particular, as this has not been a normal year and life is changing all around us. A new age is here, that could be interpreted as a rebirth. I would normally say this is a good card but feeling the negative energy of it. I am more inclined to say this card depicts loneliness, sorrow  and heart ache. 

People are frustrated after this horrible year from hell. The northern hemisphere people are still experiencing lockdown. These people need to think before they act when the lockdown eases or they will cause more problems. The Southern hemisphere seems to be a lot better off ,at present. The frustration of this year and the adjusting to a new life is frustrating for many people we need to just roll with it.

Loneliness and despair is everywhere, but we must try to find something to keep our spirits up. People have survived much worse than this and have come through by being resilient. Think of those that lived through the first world war and straight into the great depression.  Then those survivors went straight into ww2.

So if you think this is tough just think about those people, they knew real hardship and poverty, with no welfare system. The current people in their late seventies and eighties went through this as children and grew up to  raise families still. Remember most people back then left school at 12 or 14 and had to work in appalling work conditions that are illegal today. Childhood was over and they worked much longer hours than the people of today.  They were not whiney wimps they got on with life.

Think of the men away at war, going through absolute hell, and on the home front women had to do their raising children alone with practically nothing and take on the fathers role for five years if the father was lucky to come home from the war.   

Today we are seeing the impact though of the current health crisis, many people do not have coping skills and are not in control of their emotions. This is not a good sign for humanity. 

Some will be able however to take advantage of the current situation and have a direction change in work. They may be inventive in the way they work as we see people working remotely from home, over the past eight months. 

Hospitality is as we see one of the winners here this month, by restructuring their services. I feel some economic change is attached to this month. That could be to do with retail as more shops move on line to save money. But there is one problem, the supply line is going to change so expect disruptions more often than not.

Christmas will be quieter in some respects, but is that a bad thing? Depending on a family's normal routine it might be a relief, but to others it can be very lonely.  Spare a thought for those on their own and those in nursing homes or homeless over the silly season. These are these ones that must be looked after. The homeless, those with no families, war veterans in crisis etc, oh and the animals in shelters or on the streets.