Sunday 8 November 2020

EMILYS LIST member Kamala Harris 

You all ok with late term abortions? Obviously you Democrat voters are, along with Kamala Harris. If you did a little research you would have uncovered this vile abomination, like I just did. You don’t get the financial backing from this feminist  Zionist organisation  unless you are ok with late term abortions. Think about that one! Don’t make any excuse for this, there is none. 

Australian women have joined in this vile act of evil too, especially those in politics. I have put the links on my blog to the Australian EMILYS list years ago. As long as these women get what they want, they will do anything to get to the top of the dung heap. 

Why don’t you look up the videos on late term abortions? It will make you sick. The unborn babies are not given pain killers either. Remember a baby can be born at eight months and survive. They are living sentient beings and do feel pain and react to emotional distress in the womb as well as physical pain. I know I have had three pregnancies. Ever heard of foetal distress? Of course a baby at the third trimester feels, thinks and reacts to stimulation. 

What sort of person could perform such a monstrous barbaric act? Forget religion, just focus on the actual act of late term abortions. It is horrendous and most women unfortunate enough to have to go through  late term abortion are distressed by what they and the babies suffer. They should never be put in such a horrible inhuman situation in the first place, nor should it be politicised. 

 It says so much about what sort of woman or human beings will do for power. But hey it’s just business. Have a look through the listing. 

I personally am not anti abortion, I just feel that it should not be done in the third trimester, as I feel the babies are fully developed sentient beings that feel and think. It is up to the individual women  to say what they want, as long as they have all the relevant information, including what can go wrong.  My heart goes out to any woman that has to have a pregnancy terminated. They should not be made to feel guilty or ashamed. None of us have the right to judge them. Every woman’s circumstances are different and they are entitled to privacy and respect. Please read through this for an understanding on the medical information. I have no religious or political interest in this subject only medical and the well-being of the women and unborn babies. Read this report please. Biden on record as anti abortion, Harris gets on his case about it. Yes this is a woman’s choice, it is a human right, to have safe access to a termination, however there needs to be a safe cut off point on medical grounds. I don’t feel the third trimester is safe. So why are they not making more effort to ensure that the termination is done before the end of the second trimester? It all comes down to money, politics and religion, the three evils of this earth.