Monday 30 November 2020

Wes Penre: Gnostic Musings 12 the divine mind part 4

At last the long awaited part 4. Please read the comments below Wes's article, they may take a little time to update due to time differences where the comments are coming from world wide.

I actually have a lot of lucid dreams and I have had dreams where I have woken up but it is still running in my mind. Even getting up and going to the toilet at 7 am and then going back to bed and the dream sequence was still running. 

I always look up dreams to see their meaning but more often than not there is no suitable meaning. The other thing is just getting into bed at night and I start to see things. Two nights ago I was shown a black spiders web, These webs are supposedly part of the divine feminine. But given this is a controlled and dual reality. I am starting to wonder if this divine feminine is still part of the matrix control system, and the reason I think that is that nothing from the outside can supposedly entre the 4% universe of the demiurge, but I could be wrong. No one is able to come back to tell us anything from outside the demiurge construct.  I can tell you I do not look at spiritual things the same way I used to do  five or even ten years ago.  I am constantly being more cautious and sceptical with everything spiritual, because this world is a world or planet of lies and deception. There is nothing spiritually pure here as far as I am concerned. 

Those of us on a truly spiritual path must be vigilant with staying the course and being aware and cautious of what we believe, lest we be pulled down an other rabbit hole and leading us to a dead end. It ain't easy by any means and it should not be so.  This is our spiritual birth right after all, where in an ideal world nothing would be hidden from us.