Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Heads up from Alex about appointments

Just a heads up. From time to time I may be pre-occupied with personal issues, my husband is not very well with multiple serious health issues which are getting worse (he has been suffering from serious and chronic health issues for many years).

I do not have a normal nor a very easy life. I now have my own health issues on top of that with chronic pain and fatigue, hence why I no longer do spiritual healing. I work under a hell of a lot of pressure.

You do not get to see my suffering as it is not appropriate when I am consulting with clients, but rest assured I have a very hectic and very stressful life.

So please bear with me and understand if you cannot get in touch with me straight away, other than being in the middle of a consultation, it may well be that there is something serious happening in my private life.

Blessings and thank you,