Saturday, 16 March 2019

Card Of The Month : April 2019, Three Of Wands

Lovely bright yellow of the card feels inspiring, it feels like a journey to be undertaken.
 Perhaps a physical journey or a journey of the mind, heart and soul. Going deep within ones self to connect to the higher self.

Looking at the card you will notice the yellow background. Yellow is for spirituality and wisdom. There are mountains way off in the distance, they are no problem to the man in the picture, he knows that he will overcome any obstacles with his sheer willpower.

We see the number three is at the top of the card, but also the man  has 3 wands or staffs/staves beside him. Three symbolises not just the trinity, but magic, intuition, time as in past present and future, similar to one of the meanings of the three of swords, which normally is heartbreak, disappointment and betrayal, i the three of Swords it also means the timing is not right or something will take longer to transpire.  Here in the three of Wands though it is past, present and future.

Notice the man seems to be looking far into the distance, he is deep in thought. He is at a crossroads in his life and needs to make a decision, using common sense with his feet firmly planted on the ground, not given to fantasy. The wand that he is grasping tells us he has good solid knowledge. The green growth on the wands represents expansion of knowledge and ideas.

The man wears a band around his head to represent wisdom. He wears a red cloak over his green tunic. These colour green represents  adventure, growth, youthfulness,  health, nature, sentimentality. It also covers the planets Venus and Earth and the star signs Libra and Taurus, and the numbers 4 and 6. Colours like everything else carry a vibrational frequency.

Red  for the cloak is male mars energy, fired up with energy and drive to get things done, It is protective, vibrant and radiant. So this little guy has energy to burn and on a mission. The number 1 relates to Mars and the colour red, so this person gets noticed as an individual with  power or authority, no shrinking violet.

Surrounded in that yellow, Leo energy he is ready to take on the world and the task at hand.
have no fear Sunny Jim here will take this on like a boss. He is courageous and will achieve what he sets out to do.

So bringing this message down to us mere mortals it means stay alert and watch for opportunities. This is a great card for everyone that has their eye on the ball. Make sure you are ready for the next step in life's journey and don't look back. You have learned some lessons and can now put those lessons into practical use. 

You will be able to rise to the occasion, whether it is a new job, promotion or a new life. Go for it if you have already taken the right steps without cutting corners. Your future is ready.

A word of caution if you are about to sign any agreements, please read it carefully before signing on the dotted line. Especially if it is renting a house, be warned to check everything carefully.

On the whole it is a good month for everyone.